Tuesday, 26 April 2016

How To Up Your Beauty And Style Game This Spring

Hi Everyone

Spring is here! The weather is slightly warmer, it’s brighter, and the rainy days are few and far between. Hooray! Spring means everybody is in an overall better mood, so what better time up your beauty and style game? If you want to look on point this spring, these tips can help you:

Invest In Some Fresh Makeup

Spring is the perfect time to invest in some fresh makeup. Why not treat yourself to an amazing foundation that’s sheer but has great coverage? Highlighters are amazing too, and great at giving you a lovely dewy glow for spring time. To look your best in spring, you want to look really healthy and fresh.

Start Incorporating Pastel Colours

Start incorporating pastel colours into your life, whether you’re doing this on your nails, eyes, or clothes. Spring is all about pastel colours. You’re not limited to them of course, but nothing says spring like baby blue and pretty pink shades.

Try Out Floral Patterns

Another sort of spring ‘cliche’, but it still works so why change it? There are all kinds of cute floral patterns you can invest in this Spring, so take a look and see what works for you. There are floral cute modest dresses for those who want to look extra girly too.


Make Your Eyes Pop

Spring is the perfect time to put down the heavy eyeliner and make your eyes pop with a gorgeous bright colour instead. Why not use an electric blue or purple to really stand out from the crowd? You can use a white shadow on your lid first to make sure the colour pops properly.

Go Bold With Brows

Going bold with your brows is a must if you’re keeping the rest of your makeup quite understated. You can make them look thicker with a good brow brush and powder, just make sure you don’t go OTT. Only use what you have naturally, rather than creating a whole new brow on top of your old one.

Go For Pink/Red On Your Lips

Pinky red lipstick is the shade to be seen in this spring. This shade looks amazing with a fresh, dewy face and bold brows as mentioned earlier. Make sure your lips are moisturised before applying your shade so they look kissable and soft!

Halter Necks And Cold Shoulders

You’ll spot a lot of different shapes and styles during spring time. However, something that looks like it’s going to be really popular, is halter neck and cold shoulder style tops and dresses. They’ll add interest to your outfits and show off skin without making you freezing cold.

Try out these tips this spring and you’ll look on point. Spring is the perfect time to drop your old winter wardrobe and makeup habits to create a totally new and exciting look for yourself. Remember, you don’t need to follow the crowd. Feel free to put your own spin on spring makeup and fashion trends to really stand out. Bye for now!


Thursday, 21 April 2016

Why I love MyProtein

Hi everyone, 

How are you all ? 

You all know I'm back to training for my holiday in the alps mountain biking so its back on my protein, I belive that out of all the diets I have done protein is by far the safest and healthiest way to lose weight whist looking and feeling great. 
We have all done diet where we want to kill everyone around us because we are so hungry we feel the world is to blame. 

 Enter into my life the world of protein! I feel the benefits when I'm training of having a high protein diet I feel I can train harder and more important to me I am not snacking as I am full and satisfied. 

 My lastest Haul comes from Myprotein.com

What I got 

Diet whey protein in Latte £34.99 for 3kg

I love love love this shake I do my normal add it to unsweetened almond milk and either banana or avocado in my nutrininji and wiz it up and this creates a thick and tasty shake. I love the flavour nice creamy and very latte. This also has green tea extract which I know helped me lose my weight when I was 7 and a half stone years ago. This is so good at maintaining my glucose levels and this alone keeps me from snacking and over eating. I use this as my breakfast most morning and If I need a quick lunch. I can say this is so tasty I cant wait to order more. I got the 3kg pack and this is going strong and will last me so long. You add two large scoops I some times use just one. Two scoops is just 212 calories so perfect with my banana and almond milk for breakfast.

Next up
Protein brownies £11.99 for a box of 12

My husband when crazy for these and he had the majority of them. They kept been stolen!
These tasted like a very naughty treat at 287 calories they where a bit calorie heavy but they really curbed any hunger pangs and great for throwing in your kit bag. My hubby heated his in the microwave a few times. Very chocolatey without the nasty after taste some protein treats can have,

 Protein chox in cookie and cream £18.99 for 12 bars

Oh MY GOSH where has this been all my life! Heaven in a protein formed bar! These are to die for melt in the mouth chewy heaven and at 230 calories not so bad! The perfect protein boost and snack on the go. I couldn't ask for more I have a huge sweet tooth and this really helped me keep this under control while keeping to my plan.

Top on sale at £9.99 This is a large and to be honest very very big on me. I should have got a small. 
But its good quality and would be a nice fit if it was in my size. the range of clothing is awesome and really well prices to which is great to see as I struggle to find good clothes at good prices. 

Have you tried Myprotein? 

There is a huge chance I will putting in another big order and 
there is 50% off there diet and weight gain products 
just add weight50 at the checkout and its free delivery over £50

MissLJBeauty xoxo

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Losing Weight? Here Are Some Things I Recommend You Do Each Week

Hey guys, 
so, we’d all love to lose some weight right? I guess as women, that’s one of the things we pretty much all have in common. The problem is knowing the best ways to lose weight, and figuring out how to stay on the straight and narrow! Believe me; I know first-hand how difficult this last part can be. That’s why I’m going to share some advice with you that I think will really help with this.

Starting the process of losing weight brings so many emotions. You’ll be excited, nervous, overwhelmed and maybe a bit depressed! What I’ve done is come up with a list of processes I think you need to do each week. They will help you to focus on losing the weight, and will make the hard times feel less hard. I’m not saying you have to use all (or any) of these, but they worked well for me! Good luck!
Weigh Yourself
I know a lot of people say you shouldn’t do this, but I think it’s important. I like to know the progress I’m making. For the first few weeks you won’t really notice much change, and then you will! I can’t tell you how good it feels to step onto those scales and see your first noticeable bit of weight loss. Keeping track of your weight shows you how much progress you’re making. And, it means you can give yourself a telling off if you haven't been pushing yourself!
Keep a Diary
On a similar level to weighing yourself, I would suggest keeping a diary. I know this makes you flash back to being 14 again, but stay with me! A diary is an excellent tool for helping you chart your weight loss journey. You can record your progress, and detail what you did each week. It also gives you an outlet to rant about the feelings and worries you might have. Take it from someone who knows - this is a tried and tested formula. I found it highly therapeutic and cathartic during my weight loss experience.
Online Forums
I also don’t think you should overlook the importance of sharing your story. There are thousands of women all over the world who are trying to lose weight right at this exact moment. Many of them will be having similar experiences to you and me. So, get online and check out fitness forums where you can interact with other like-minded people. It’s so important to have morale support when you’re trying to lose weight. And I think there’s something about the company of strangers that really helps make the process better.
Plan Your Meals
I know it sounds horrendous, but you are going to have to be careful about what you eat. Losing weight is difficult and you need to be very disciplined. So it’s important that you do what you can to plan your meals out well in advance. At the start of each week, I suggest you decide what you’re going to have for your meals each day. You could even take my approach and prepare all your meals for the week on Sunday. Or, you might at least want to flick through some recipe books to find the best healthy eating meals you might like to experiment with.
Try Something New
One of the big problems I found with losing weight and keeping fit was the monotony. It can be very dull doing the same things over and over again. A lot of people find it relaxing and stimulating, but I'm definitely not one of them. I need to be engaged and stimulated while I lose weight because it takes my mind off it. And that’s why I found that the best approach to take is to try something new. Each week I like to mix things up a bit and do something I haven’t done in a while, or ever! Sometimes I’ll play sport, other times I might go to a new class at the gym. Sometimes even just running a different route can have a big impact. Make sure you come up with something new to amuse yourself.
Reward Yourself
I am a firm believer in rewarding myself if I feel like I’ve earned it. Now, this is something I’m going to suggest you try. Don’t go over the top with it out it will lose its impact. But, if you’ve had a particularly tough week, or you’ve done really well, reward yourself. Go on a shopping spree, get your nails done, or have a spa day. Something that will really allow you to pamper yourself as a reward for your hard work. Just try to avoid rewarding yourself with things like chocolate and cake. It might sound amazing, but it’s going to put those pesky calories back on, and we don’t want that! It’s important to rewards yourself for that confidence boost, but you have to be sensible about the rewards.

Do a Bit More Each Time
Something I tried out myself and found highly effective was trying to do a little bit more each time. So, each week try to do a little bit more than you did the previous week. This could be something as simple as exercising for an extra five minutes, or doing an extra lap on your run. You will be surprised by how much of an effect this can have. And, because it becomes a gradual thing you don’t even realise you’re doing it. It’s a great way to move your regime up a gear and make sure you’re exerting yourself enough.
So, as you can see ladies, I’m just full of great advice! But seriously, though, losing weight is a very difficult thing to do. It requires plenty of time, effort and discipline. But, it is possible to do in a decent timeframe as long as you apply yourself. If you can take note of the points I’ve made on here, and use them to your advantage, you should be fine. Good luck, happy exercising, and I hope it goes great!

MissLJBeauty xoxo

A Guide To When You'll Want To Get Your Summer Holiday Beauty Treatments Done By

Hi Everyone,

Do you have a summer holiday coming up, but aren’t sure when to book in for your various beauty treatments? From piercings to manicures to waxes, this guide will help.

One month before
Belly button piercing
If you have a belly button piercing done leading up to your holiday, you’ll need to give it ample time to heal. After all, it is an open wound for a little while. This makes it prone to infection. Experts say you should give it at least three weeks, so make that four just to be on the safe side! Once this point has passed, you’ll be good to showcase your latest addition on the beach or by the pool. However, it is advised that you cover it up with tape while in water. This protects it from getting pulled in any way.
Also, be sure to Build up a collection of different rings and piercings via an Online body jewellery shop. Pick one that can deliver straight to your door before you leave for holiday time!
Three to four days before
Fake tan
Even if you’re heading to a sunny destination, you may not want to begin the holiday with pasty skin! If this is the case, apply your fake tan a few days before you fly. Why a few days in advance, not the day before? Firstly, if you have a disaster with it, it gives you a few days to rectify it. You will still have the time and amenities to get it to fade. Secondly, applying it in advance gives it a bit more time to settle into your skin. With some tans, the best comes after your first shower. At this point, it becomes natural looking- not overly orange or brown!

Bikini wax
Make sure you get your wax after you apply fake tan, not before. Why a few days before, you ask again? Because it allows for any redness to go down. And, while they are rare, bruising and soreness can also occur. It also gives you the chance to get over this before you leave for holiday. You don’t want to spend the first couple of days mumbling ‘ouch’! It is also never a good idea to expose freshly waxed skin in this area to sunscreens, or direct sunlight, or chlorine.

One to two days before
The best time to get a manicure? At the airport! The last thing you want to do it get it chipped while carrying heavy bags to the check-in desk! Check in advance if the airport you are flying from has a nail salon and then book yourself in.

Leg Wax
As your legs are a far less sensitive part of your body than you bikini area, it is safe to get your legs wax just a day or two in advance of your holiday.

Eyelash extensions
Eyelash extensions are becoming a holiday must-have for more and more women these days. However, they do only last between two and four weeks. It is for this reason that you’ll want to get yours put in as close to your holiday as possible.


MissLJBeauty xoxo

Monday, 18 April 2016

Bright white teeth with Minty coco

Hi everyone, 

So I've been doing the mintycoco.com Oral detox. Let's face it you know I love detoxes so when I got the chance of a oral detox I had to say Hell yes! Check out my youtube above,
So what you do is you swirl this oil round your mouth for about 10-15 minutes. I use mine in the shower to make sure I use it for as long as I need to. I have to say if I used it at night I found my teeth felt clean the next morning and I felt like I had already cleaned my teeth. My morning breath was defo reduced too.

As I said in the video the first time is a bit of a shock. This passes really quickly though and you get used to it I always did mine before bed in the shower. What I really love Is that this is an all natural way of whitening your teeth and also preventing bad breath. We all know I love coconut oil and This is the main and best ingredient in this oil.
My front two teeth have a covering long story there and they are pretty white but my canines and a bit stained and this really whiten them up. 

Oil pulling is a ancient technique originating in the far and middle east. Why i used this product. 
Its full of antioxidant and lauric acid which is so good for your mint and body. coconut oil is amazing natural moisturizer so will help improve gum and skin. Its softens plaque to help you when your brushing perfect! And the most important its a stain remover. you know the doctor has asked me to up my caffeine so I do worry this will affect my teeth,  

So what you are wondering would i recommend this! Hell yes I would. I like to have nice white teeth and this is natural I do worry I will affect my teeth with all the chemicals in whitening products but this one is one i don't have to worry about. 

MissLJBeauty xoxo 

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

The Beauty Trends Splashed All Over Social Media By Celebrities

Hi Everyone
How are you?
Thanks to social media sites like Instagram, we now get to see all the most loved beauty secrets of our fave celebrities. This gives us the chance to learn new tips and tricks for improving our makeup application. The best thing about celebrity beauty is that we get to learn the tips that the pros have taught them.
With that in mind, I thought that today, I would share some of the best beauty trends shared by celebrities. After lots of research and the latest celebrity news, I’ve compiled a comprehensive list of all the best beauty tips to take note of. For everything that you need to know, keep reading.
Want to learn to contour like Kim Kardashian? Then you need to know her secret for contouring success - cream contouring products. When it comes to contouring, a lot of us choose to use powder for contouring but for a flawless finish, cream products are recommended. There are plenty of cream contouring kits, one of the best of which is the Anastasia Beverly Hills Pro Series Contour Cream Kit.
Ask any celebrity how they prevent their makeup from running off their face while on stage and they’ll let you in on a little secret - hairspray. To set your makeup in place with a firmer hold than using makeup setting spray, hairspray works wonders. Just make sure not to breathe it in and to keep your eyes firmly shut.
For beautifully curly lashes like Selena Gomez, the best trick is oh so simple. Before using your eyelash curlers, gently heat them on your straightening iron. This will warm up the metal of your lash curlers, making it easier to achieve a more beautiful curl.
To lengthen your lashes and get them as long as those of Khloe Kardashian, all you need is a little petroleum jelly. Apply the jelly to your eyelashes before bed, sleep with it on, and then in the morning remove it. Repeat this for a few days and you should see a difference in the length of your lashes.
Want whiter, shinier teeth? The celebrity trend right now for achieving a bright, beautiful smile is the use of charcoal toothpaste. There are a few different brands on the market, but the best ones are those with the highest charcoal content in them. The product that all the celebs currently swear by is the Beverly Hills formula. So if you’re going to invest in a charcoal toothpaste, this would be the one to go for.
The last celebrity beauty trick that’s recently taken social media by storm is chroming. Technically this is a form of strobing - aka highlighting, only with the use of nude lipsticks. The effect is very similar; the only difference is the tool that’s being used to achieve the look.

As you can see, there are lots of beauty and makeup trends that celebrities swear by. While you may not be a fan of all of these, they’re more than worth trying out. Beauty is about trying out new things, so don't be afraid to give some of the ideas above, a try.
Hope you liked this one.
MissLJBeauty xoxo

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

The Healthiest Ways To Give Up Your Smoking Addiction

Hi Everyone, 

How are you all? 

You would think that any way you can give up smoking is healthy, but that isn’t true. In fact, there are tips that are not worth the paper there are written on because they are bad for your body. Take going cold turkey as an example. No addict should ever lock themselves in their bedroom and wait it out as the shock is too harmful. It is an eye opener, but it is one that you need to understand if you are looking to quit. If you need inspiration, here are a handful of healthy examples that you can follow.

Quit Gradually

The trick is to lower the amount of cigarettes you smoke a day gradually. Smokers think this isn’t a good method because they assume they need to do something drastic from the start. When you make drastic decisions, though, they tend to be the wrong ones. So, if you smoke ten a day, try and cut it down to eight or nine a day. It is only a small increase, but it will be a hard task to achieve at first. After a while, you can cut it down to zero and banish your smoking habit for good.

Replace The Addiction

Forget about whatever you have heard about quitting techniques. Okay, vaping might not be one-hundred percent healthy. But, did you think that was the case? The truth is that it is healthier than the alternative. When you vape, you don’t get all the harmful chemicals and toxins that you get when you smoke a cigarette. If you could ask your body's vital organs how they feel about that, they would be ecstatic. Smoking vape eliquid is a great way to replace your addiction with a healthier option until you can quit for good. As long as your end goal is to quit, there is nothing wrong with an e-cigarette.

Adrenaline Rush

Talking about replacing your addiction, you also want to replace the feeling you get when you inhale. It might not be an adrenaline rush, but it is a rush that you want again and again. The only way to get this rush is to replace it with another rush, one that is greater and more powerful. Although drugs do have a powerful effect, there are alternatives. The best one is taking part in extreme sports. It is amazing what jumping off a bridge attached to a length of bungee cord will do for your addiction. Instead of wanting to smoke, you will want to feel that rush over and over. You might turn into an adrenaline junkie, but that is better than smoking twenty a week.


Hypnosis isn’t what you see in the movies. It is a scientific method that professionals can use to help deconstruct your addiction. Once you are under, they will begin to modify your behavior so that you find smoking less appealing. And, it doesn’t happen all at once. It could take five sessions before you start to feel a difference. The important thing to remember is that it is an effective and healthy technique.