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Losing Weight? Here Are Some Things I Recommend You Do Each Week

Hey guys, 
so, we’d all love to lose some weight right? I guess as women, that’s one of the things we pretty much all have in common. The problem is knowing the best ways to lose weight, and figuring out how to stay on the straight and narrow! Believe me; I know first-hand how difficult this last part can be. That’s why I’m going to share some advice with you that I think will really help with this.

Starting the process of losing weight brings so many emotions. You’ll be excited, nervous, overwhelmed and maybe a bit depressed! What I’ve done is come up with a list of processes I think you need to do each week. They will help you to focus on losing the weight, and will make the hard times feel less hard. I’m not saying you have to use all (or any) of these, but they worked well for me! Good luck!

Weigh Yourself
I know a lot of people say you shouldn’t do this, but I think it’s important. I like to know the progress I’m making. For the first few weeks you won’t really notice much change, and then you will! I can’t tell you how good it feels to step onto those scales and see your first noticeable bit of weight loss. Keeping track of your weight shows you how much progress you’re making. And, it means you can give yourself a telling off if you haven't been pushing yourself!

Keep a Diary
On a similar level to weighing yourself, I would suggest keeping a diary. I know this makes you flash back to being 14 again, but stay with me! A diary is an excellent tool for helping you chart your weight loss journey. You can record your progress, and detail what you did each week. It also gives you an outlet to rant about the feelings and worries you might have. Take it from someone who knows - this is a tried and tested formula. I found it highly therapeutic and cathartic during my weight loss experience.
Online Forums
I also don’t think you should overlook the importance of sharing your story. There are thousands of women all over the world who are trying to lose weight right at this exact moment. Many of them will be having similar experiences to you and me. So, get online and check out fitness forums where you can interact with other like-minded people. It’s so important to have morale support when you’re trying to lose weight. And I think there’s something about the company of strangers that really helps make the process better.
Plan Your Meals
I know it sounds horrendous, but you are going to have to be careful about what you eat. Losing weight is difficult and you need to be very disciplined. So it’s important that you do what you can to plan your meals out well in advance. At the start of each week, I suggest you decide what you’re going to have for your meals each day. You could even take my approach and prepare all your meals for the week on Sunday. Or, you might at least want to flick through some recipe books to find the best healthy eating meals you might like to experiment with.
Try Something New
One of the big problems I found with losing weight and keeping fit was the monotony. It can be very dull doing the same things over and over again. A lot of people find it relaxing and stimulating, but I'm definitely not one of them. I need to be engaged and stimulated while I lose weight because it takes my mind off it. And that’s why I found that the best approach to take is to try something new. Each week I like to mix things up a bit and do something I haven’t done in a while, or ever! Sometimes I’ll play sport, other times I might go to a new class at the gym. Sometimes even just running a different route can have a big impact. Make sure you come up with something new to amuse yourself.

Reward Yourself
I am a firm believer in rewarding myself if I feel like I’ve earned it. Now, this is something I’m going to suggest you try. Don’t go over the top with it out it will lose its impact. But, if you’ve had a particularly tough week, or you’ve done really well, reward yourself. Go on a shopping spree, get your nails done, or have a spa day. Something that will really allow you to pamper yourself as a reward for your hard work. Just try to avoid rewarding yourself with things like chocolate and cake. It might sound amazing, but it’s going to put those pesky calories back on, and we don’t want that! It’s important to rewards yourself for that confidence boost, but you have to be sensible about the rewards.

Do a Bit More Each Time
Something I tried out myself and found highly effective was trying to do a little bit more each time. So, each week try to do a little bit more than you did the previous week. This could be something as simple as exercising for an extra five minutes, or doing an extra lap on your run. You will be surprised by how much of an effect this can have. And, because it becomes a gradual thing you don’t even realise you’re doing it. It’s a great way to move your regime up a gear and make sure you’re exerting yourself enough.
So, as you can see ladies, I’m just full of great advice! But seriously, though, losing weight is a very difficult thing to do. It requires plenty of time, effort and discipline. But, it is possible to do in a decent timeframe as long as you apply yourself. If you can take note of the points I’ve made on here, and use them to your advantage, you should be fine. Good luck, happy exercising, and I hope it goes great!

MissLJBeauty xoxo