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When To Get Your Summer Beauty Treatments

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Do you have a summer holiday coming up, but aren’t sure when to book in for your various beauty treatments? From piercings to manicures to waxes, this guide will help.

One month before
Belly button piercing
If you have a belly button piercing done leading up to your holiday, you’ll need to give it ample time to heal. After all, it is an open wound for a little while. This makes it prone to infection. Experts say you should give it at least three weeks, so make that four just to be on the safe side! Once this point has passed, you’ll be good to showcase your latest addition on the beach or by the pool. However, it is advised that you cover it up with tape while in water. This protects it from getting pulled in any way.
Also, be sure to Build up a collection of different rings and piercings via an Online body jewellery shop. Pick one that can deliver straight to your door before you leave for holiday time!
Three to four days before
Fake tan
Even if you’re heading to a sunny destination, you may not want to begin the holiday with pasty skin! If this is the case, apply your fake tan a few days before you fly. Why a few days in advance, not the day before? Firstly, if you have a disaster with it, it gives you a few days to rectify it. You will still have the time and amenities to get it to fade. Secondly, applying it in advance gives it a bit more time to settle into your skin. With some tans, the best comes after your first shower. At this point, it becomes natural looking- not overly orange or brown!

Bikini wax
Make sure you get your wax after you apply fake tan, not before. Why a few days before, you ask again? Because it allows for any redness to go down. And, while they are rare, bruising and soreness can also occur. It also gives you the chance to get over this before you leave for holiday. You don’t want to spend the first couple of days mumbling ‘ouch’! It is also never a good idea to expose freshly waxed skin in this area to sunscreens, or direct sunlight, or chlorine.

One to two days before
The best time to get a manicure? At the airport! The last thing you want to do it get it chipped while carrying heavy bags to the check-in desk! Check in advance if the airport you are flying from has a nail salon and then book yourself in.

Leg Wax
As your legs are a far less sensitive part of your body than you bikini area, it is safe to get your legs wax just a day or two in advance of your holiday.

Eyelash extensions
Eyelash extensions are becoming a holiday must-have for more and more women these days. However, they do only last between two and four weeks. It is for this reason that you’ll want to get yours put in as close to your holiday as possible.

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