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Stop Smoking Healthly

You would think that any way you can give up smoking is healthy, but that isn’t true. In fact, there are tips that are not worth the paper there are written on because they are bad for your body. Take going cold turkey as an example. No addict should ever lock themselves in their bedroom and wait it out as the shock is too harmful. It is an eye-opener, but it is one that you need to understand if you are looking to quit. If you need inspiration, here are a handful of healthy examples that you can follow.

Quit Gradually

The trick is to lower the number of cigarettes you smoke a day gradually. Smokers think this isn’t a good method because they assume they need to do something drastic from the start. When you make drastic decisions, though, they tend to be the wrong ones. So, if you smoke ten a day, try and cut it down to eight or nine a day. It is only a small increase, but it will be a hard task to achieve at first. After a while, you can cut it down to zero and banish your smoking habit for good.

Replace The Addiction

Forget about whatever you have heard about quitting techniques. Okay, vaping might not be one-hundred per cent healthy. But, did you think that was the case? The truth is that it is healthier than the alternative. When you vape, you don’t get all the harmful chemicals and toxins that you get when you smoke a cigarette. If you could ask your body's vital organs how they feel about that, they would be ecstatic. Smoking vape eliquid is a great way to replace your addiction with a healthier option until you can quit for good. As long as your end goal is to quit, there is nothing wrong with an e-cigarette.

Adrenaline Rush

Talking about replacing your addiction, you also want to replace the feeling you get when you inhale. It might not be an adrenaline rush, but it is a rush that you want again and again. The only way to get this rush is to replace it with another rush, one that is greater and more powerful. Although drugs do have a powerful effect, there are alternatives. The best one is taking part in extreme sports. It is amazing what jumping off a bridge attached to a length of bungee cord will do for your addiction. Instead of wanting to smoke, you will want to feel that rush over and over. You might turn into an adrenaline junkie, but that is better than smoking twenty a week.


Hypnosis isn’t what you see in the movies. It is a scientific method that professionals can use to help deconstruct your addiction. Once you are under, they will begin to modify your behaviour so that you find smoking less appealing. And, it doesn’t happen all at once. It could take five sessions before you start to feel a difference. The important thing to remember is that it is an effective and healthy technique.


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