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AEOS Skin care

Hi Everyone, 

How are you all today? 

Some times cute and great product cross my desk and I have to share them with you. 
Enter AEOS
This is Active Energised Organic Skincare, their motto is they want us all to have great skin with the kindest organic product possible. All product are naturally derived form organic sources. 

 Lets get to the products

gentle cleansing lotion
A great gentle cleansing lotion I think this is the best one in the box. Rich but not over powering with a very subtle scent. 

gentle exfoliant
Loved this exfoliant it has the perfect amount of scrubbys with out being to weak. I love a really good scrub and this is good but I would want something heavery in my everyday skin care. 

energising conditioner.
Just a good product Nice scent again with all these they have a very earthly herbal smell. Hydrating with a good amount of product. 

Enriched moisturiser
Great feeling clean. the fragrance  is very soothing but not over powering. I found this a little heavy for during the day but great for over night. 

beauty body shower
Love this so handy little size. It has a great latter nice smell herb but not over powering. 

beauty body lotion
Amazing leaves the skin silky smooth and refreshed really seems to last 48 hours. 

 Dew facial wash
I love this removes all my make up and leaves me feeling clean and hydrated as well as grime free. 

refreshing hydration mist
I Have to say this is a must have summer item for me this spray is hydrating and refreshing. 
I love the way it sprays on the skin and instantly absorbs. Heaven on a hot day
cleansing oil
This is a great oil. I liked it but its not my favriote product in the line . Maybe it will grow on me but It is a bit slimely for me if you know what i mean.

dew facial wash
I have this in my travel bag and really is a life saver I used this after biking and my skin felt fresh clean and renewed with out feeling dried out! 

So far I really have enjoyed this line of product and would defo recommend you try them. 
MissLJBeauty xoxo