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How To Up Your Beauty And Style Game This Spring

Hi Everyone

Spring is here! The weather is slightly warmer, it’s brighter, and the rainy days are few and far between. Hooray! Spring means everybody is in an overall better mood, so what better time up your beauty and style game? If you want to look on point this spring, these tips can help you:

Invest In Some Fresh Makeup

Spring is the perfect time to invest in some fresh makeup. Why not treat yourself to an amazing foundation that’s sheer but has great coverage? Highlighters are amazing too, and great at giving you a lovely dewy glow for spring time. To look your best in spring, you want to look really healthy and fresh.

Start Incorporating Pastel Colours

Start incorporating pastel colours into your life, whether you’re doing this on your nails, eyes, or clothes. Spring is all about pastel colours. You’re not limited to them of course, but nothing says spring like baby blue and pretty pink shades.

Try Out Floral Patterns

Another sort of spring ‘cliche’, but it still works so why change it? There are all kinds of cute floral patterns you can invest in this Spring, so take a look and see what works for you. There are floral cute modest dresses for those who want to look extra girly too.


Make Your Eyes Pop
Spring is the perfect time to put down the heavy eyeliner and make your eyes pop with a gorgeous bright colour instead. Why not use an electric blue or purple to really stand out from the crowd? You can use a white shadow on your lid first to make sure the colour pops properly.

Go Bold With Brows

Going bold with your brows is a must if you’re keeping the rest of your makeup quite understated. You can make them look thicker with a good brow brush and powder, just make sure you don’t go OTT. Only use what you have naturally, rather than creating a whole new brow on top of your old one.

Go For Pink/Red On Your Lips

Pinky red lipstick is the shade to be seen in this spring. This shade looks amazing with a fresh, dewy face and bold brows as mentioned earlier. Make sure your lips are moisturised before applying your shade so they look kissable and soft!

Halter Necks And Cold Shoulders

You’ll spot a lot of different shapes and styles during spring time. However, something that looks like it’s going to be really popular, is halter neck and cold shoulder style tops and dresses. They’ll add interest to your outfits and show off skin without making you freezing cold.

Try out these tips this spring and you’ll look on point. Spring is the perfect time to drop your old winter wardrobe and makeup habits to create a totally new and exciting look for yourself. Remember, you don’t need to follow the crowd. Feel free to put your own spin on spring makeup and fashion trends to really stand out. Bye for now!