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Why I love MyProtein

Hi everyone, 

How are you all ? 

You all know I'm back to training for my holiday in the alps mountain biking so its back on my protein, I belive that out of all the diets I have done protein is by far the safest and healthiest way to lose weight whist looking and feeling great. 
We have all done diet where we want to kill everyone around us because we are so hungry we feel the world is to blame. 

 Enter into my life the world of protein! I feel the benefits when I'm training of having a high protein diet I feel I can train harder and more important to me I am not snacking as I am full and satisfied. 

 My lastest Haul comes from Myprotein.com

What I got 

Diet whey protein in Latte £34.99 for 3kg

I love love love this shake I do my normal add it to unsweetened almond milk and either banana or avocado in my nutrininji and wiz it up and this creates a thick and tasty shake. I love the flavour nice creamy and very latte. This also has green tea extract which I know helped me lose my weight when I was 7 and a half stone years ago. This is so good at maintaining my glucose levels and this alone keeps me from snacking and over eating. I use this as my breakfast most morning and If I need a quick lunch. I can say this is so tasty I cant wait to order more. I got the 3kg pack and this is going strong and will last me so long. You add two large scoops I some times use just one. Two scoops is just 212 calories so perfect with my banana and almond milk for breakfast.

Next up
Protein brownies £11.99 for a box of 12

My husband when crazy for these and he had the majority of them. They kept been stolen!
These tasted like a very naughty treat at 287 calories they where a bit calorie heavy but they really curbed any hunger pangs and great for throwing in your kit bag. My hubby heated his in the microwave a few times. Very chocolatey without the nasty after taste some protein treats can have,

 Protein chox in cookie and cream £18.99 for 12 bars

Oh MY GOSH where has this been all my life! Heaven in a protein formed bar! These are to die for melt in the mouth chewy heaven and at 230 calories not so bad! The perfect protein boost and snack on the go. I couldn't ask for more I have a huge sweet tooth and this really helped me keep this under control while keeping to my plan.

Top on sale at £9.99 This is a large and to be honest very very big on me. I should have got a small. 
But its good quality and would be a nice fit if it was in my size. the range of clothing is awesome and really well prices to which is great to see as I struggle to find good clothes at good prices. 

Have you tried Myprotein? 

There is a huge chance I will putting in another big order and 
there is 50% off there diet and weight gain products 
just add weight50 at the checkout and its free delivery over £50

MissLJBeauty xoxo