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Wednesday, 30 August 2017

How to Manage High Blood Pressure Through Diet

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How to Manage High Blood Pressure Through Diet

Been to your doctor lately? Did they take your blood pressure and give you that warning "You need to think about lowering your blood pressure levels or go onto medication."? Given that high blood pressure is a precursor to serious conditions such as heart attacks, strokes, and kidney disease it's an excellent idea to heed your doctor's warning and start actively doing something about it.
If avoiding medication is your natural inclination then there are natural approaches you can take to bring about a decrease in your blood pressure, these most notably being around diet and exercise. Whether used in isolation or in combination here are several tried and true techniques you can use. They don't require expensive or unusual food, gym memberships or other financial outlays. With a little effort, you should be able to incorporate these into your daily routine for little or no cost at all.


You don’t need fad foods or abstention from food groups to improve your diet and boost your circulatory system. A varied diet with a good range of vegetables, fruits, meats and dairy foods is neither difficult nor expensive to maintain and ensures you receive a good cross-section of essential vitamins and minerals.
Foods high in potassium have a demonstrated ability to help in the maintenance of healthy blood pressure levels. Including potatoes, tomatoes, bananas, peas, beans and dried fruits on a regular basis in your diet will keep up your potassium levels.
You don't even need to give up alcohol. Drinking alcohol on a regular basis (particularly red wine) has been shown to assist with regulating blood pressure. Mind you, this refers to light alcohol consumption (approximately one standard drink a day).


Too many of us lead sedentary lives due to the type of jobs we have. A major risk for high blood pressure is sitting behind a computer most of the day with little opportunity for regular exercise.

One of the best and cheapest ways to lower your blood pressure is simply by walking. As little as twenty minutes a day for five days a week can be enough to improve the way your heart pumps blood throughout your body. Keep in mind that you should be aiming for a fairly brisk walking pace rather than a gentle amble to get the most benefit.
Start your walking program by including a short walk during your lunch break. Extend your walks when you can on weekends, walk to the shops occasionally; take the dog out for an evening walk. If you start doing these types of activities on a regular basis, they will soon become a healthy habit.

See Your Doctor Regularly

If your doctor has already pointed out to you that dropping your high blood pressure is important, you should visit the surgery on a regular basis to monitor how successful your approach has been. If your best effort doesn't seem to be working it may be an indication of a more serious underlying problem, and it's always better to be safe than sorry in these situations. Even if in the long-run you end up having to take blood pressure lowering medication, your approach to diet and exercise can lower the level of medication required.

Tuesday, 22 August 2017

4 Vegan Diet Dangers (And How To Avoid Them)

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If you are looking to lose weight and lead a healthy lifestyle, you will know about veganism. In a nutshell, being a vegan means omitting foods which come from animals from your diet. That means meats are out, but so are everyday products such as cheese, milk and cream. The result is an average weight loss of 5 additional pounds compared to a traditional diet. However, it isn’t all smooth sailing when you make the switch because there are dangers. Here’s what you need to know. 
Making The Switch Is Hard
Going from a regular meat eater to a vegan diet is not a simple switch. If you have consumed certain foods for a long time, you can’t just snap your fingers and make them go away. Anyone who tries tends to end up quitting and going back to their regular diet, which doesn’t help them lose weight. The key is to make the change a gradual process. To begin with, try cutting out meat but maintaining dairy products. That way, you can get used to the culture shock without going cold turkey. 
And Expensive
One thing nutritionists and dieticians don’t tell you about is the cost. On average, thebillfold.com points out that a vegan spends more than £100 a month on food. The truth is that eating well means spending money, which is an issue for regular working people. The solution is to cut the cost, and you can do it with DontPayFull.com and their range of discount codes. Or, it isn’t uncommon to find vegans scouring the shelves at a range of supermarkets for the best deals. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but a vegan diet is more expensive than a traditional one. However, how much so is down to you. 
You Don’t Get The Same Nutrients
Although it seems like a cop-out when people say veganism is unhealthy, they have a point. As theguardian.com shows, veganism isn't always a sustainable alternative because of evolution. Over the years, humans have evolved to need meat in their diet, and taking it away results in a lack of nutrients. If you insist on going down the vegan path, it's essential to replace the lost protein and supplements. Foods like lentils and beans have lots of protein, while you can get iron and vitamins from tablets. 
Concentration Is Key
For the most part, people don’t look at labels when they shop. Instead, they pick up the cheapest item and throw it in the trolley. You can’t afford to be as liberal because the ingredients are essential to your new lifestyle. As such, it is important to start reading the information on food before checking out at the tills. If you see anything which doesn’t fit into your lifestyle, don’t buy it. Also, do your research so that you know what ingredients are good and which ones are bad. 
There are pros and cons to being a vegan. Now that you know the cons try and avoid them at all costs.

Monday, 21 August 2017

Life update- money problems

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How are you all? 

It's time to do a life update. What have I been up to lately? Well If I'm honest. I have been a bit quiet because it been work, biking and not much more. The summers for me is always busy as I have a seasonal job. 

This month has been quite stressful. There is a habit in the blogging world to sprinkle sugar on your life and I don't know about you but I sit and look at instagram and think why is my life so dull? Where's my unlimited funds?  Why is it I am looking at one big money problem after another whilst others sun themselves on holidays or buy the newest cars? 

This month I chipped my front tooth again. Yes again! Enough is enough its veneers time. Sigh, So far I am sitting here with the tempory teeth before my new ones are fitted in just over a weeks time. 
and I am £900 down. I am not a vain person or so I thought? But I have a real issue with these tempory teeth they look awful. So bye-bye paycheck hello new front teeth. I won't be smiling until my new ones are fitted that s for sure. 

Then to add insult to injury, my car broke down. I was driving home from a friends house and breaking was a bit funny and shuddering. This is all I need before payday. I freaked out! I needed
to look into Quick loans. I need my car to get me to and from work. What was I going to do?
I know some people would never look into such a thing, As there has been so much negative press about lenders. But I needed cash fast and I don't like asking people to borrow money. So I did a lot of research and got a quick loan with CashLady to tidy me over to payday and pay my car bill. 

This really got me thinking why do people tend to hide that fact that life is not always easy? No one has a perfect life. Problems happen to everyone. whether you are a millionaire or a poor person. How many of you reading this live paycheck to paycheck? I know I do!

Yes I have nice things and Yes I like holidays but I work hard for what I have and I like to think I am honest with you all about life's Ups and downs. 

Sometimes I really feel life is out to get me! Then something wonderful will happen. Life's for living and I know we all tend to worry too much. I for one am trying to not let negativity bring me down. 
I have a wonderful hubby and I am blessed in so many ways. 


Surprising Health Benefits of Foods We Take for Granted

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How are you all? 

There are lots of food items that we know have health benefits associated with them. Unfortunately, a lot of them are not particularly appealing. However, you’re in luck because there are many surprising foods that are actually great for our health. They have specific benefits that make them useful in a variety of ways. You might be surprised by some of the things you discover when you read more about these food items below.


One of the only foods out there that contains vitamin D is the humble mushroom. Usually, we get most of our vitamin D from the sun when it hits our skin. But you will definitely never be short of the vitamin if you have plenty of mushrooms in your diet. Mushrooms are healthy anyway, so the fact that they can act as a source of vitamin D in your diet is just another reason to try to eat more of them. And the great thing about them is that they’re very easy to add to other meals. They can accompany anything from lasagnas to stir fries.


Maple Syrup

It’s pretty unusual to find a food product that’s so sweet that also has lots of healthy properties too. But that’s the case with maple syrup. It contains phytochemicals, which help your body to prevent certain diseases. It’s also true that it has an antioxidant compound that can help to find cancer cells. Of course, the good things about maple syrup don’t necessarily mean that you should consume a lot of it. It should be used carefully because it’s still a form of sugar, and consuming too much of it will be bad for your body.

Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate is another thing that can be good for your body if you consume it in moderation. If you eat too much of it, the benefits will be outweighed by the risks and dangers. It has an impact on your metabolism, which means it can stop you from craving junk foods that are no good for you in between meals. It can also counteract some of the impact stress has on your metabolic rate, which is a good thing if stress is something that you experience and suffer from a lot.


If you eat more peppers, you will be at a lower risk of developing Parkinson’s disease later in life. This is a pretty big deal, and studies have shown that the impact can be pretty dramatic. You have to consume peppers two to four times each week if you want the food to have an impact on your health in the long-term. It could result in a 30% lower chance of suffering from this problem in the future. Even if you’re not a big fan of peppers, there are lots of great recipes out there that allow you to sneak them into your diet.



Honey is great for your body, and it’s one of those things that definitely shouldn’t be dismissed. Yes, it’s another sweetener, so you should be careful about how much of it you actually consume because it’s not good for you in high quantities. It can treat all kinds of infections and help to get you back to full health. It used to be used on wounds too. Go to homeremedyshop.com to learn about some of the things it can do. Many people use it to treat sore throats and problems of that nature too.


You might not be the biggest cauliflower fan in the world, and who is? But your mother was right to tell you to eat it all up with you were a kid. There are a few important health benefits associated with cauliflower. It’s a type of cruciferous vegetable, and there is a compound found in these vegetables called isothiocyanate. This is so beneficial to humans because it has anticancer properties. It’s been found that it fights cancer activity in a few studies. Onions and garlic contain similar properties, so get more of these foods into your diet.


Probiotics are really good for you, and they’re also packed into yogurt. This is a form of good bacteria that’s great for your body, particularly your gut and digestive system. On top of all that, it can also be great at protecting and strengthening your bone health. Yogurt is filled with calcium, which is very good for you. If you do decide to try to get more calcium into your diet, you should be careful to select yogurts that are not filled with too much sugar. This is a trap that many people fall into without realising how bad for them it can be.


Coffee is linked to memory health; it’s one of those things that sounds surprising. But if you’re a coffee lover who relies on the drink to get you through the day, you have another excuse for that extra cup of coffee. Studies have found that it can halt mental decline and even help you to avoid problems like alzheimer’s. So, if you want to keep your mind in great shape as you get older, drinking a bit more coffee might be a good place to start. It doesn’t matter how you drink or which brand you use; it’ll have a positive effect on you.



Another thing that can help with brain health are walnuts. They’re among the most healthy type of nuts out there, and you should try to snack on them rather than turning to processed junk food. If you’re not a fan or walnuts, pistachio nuts are just as good for you. They contain great minerals that can help keep you healthy for longer. Visit mnn.com/food/7-easy-ways-to-add-a-handful-of-nuts-to-your-day if you want to learn how to get more nuts into your diet. It could be one of the best things you ever do for your body.

These foods can all provide us with something that nothing else can, and most of us don’t even realise it. So, make use of these surprising health benefits in the future.


Monday, 14 August 2017

Celebrate The End Of Summer 2017 With This Party Fashion Style Guide

Hi everyone, 

We’re drawing closer to the end of summer, and that means party season is here. In a last attempt to squeeze the most enjoyment out of your summer, and to place a lovely end to your summer festivities, it’s likely that many of your friends or family will want to invite you to parties ranging in size and attendance. For this reason, you’ll need to look your best. Feeling your most confident and comfortable in your clothing will allow you to stay on top form, and stay as the best version of you (which you already are at all times.)

But what should you wear? How do you balance the beautiful trends of this summer with the evocative trends of this upcoming fall? The following style guide will answer these questions and more:

Sundresses Are Still In Style

Sundresses are always a beautiful staples of any modern woman’s wardrobe, but it might feel as though during fall you’re better off wearing thicker, less airy clothing. We’d argue the opposite. Temperatures usually don’t drop until early October at the soonest, and even then you can make use of layers to keep yourself warm and have the opportunity to accessorize.

You’ll be covering yourself up in thick layers for the next half a year, so making sure you can show off your summer figure in a vast selection of sundress styles will keep you look relevant and beautiful for longer this summer. Not only that, but due to how practical to wear and varied in styles they can be, you can be sure that they’ll apply to any situation you need them for.

You Can Slowly Introduce Your Autumnal Wardrobe

During this long transition from summer to fall, the weather is likely to be very unpredictable. Some days could give light rain, while others might feel you’re still in the peak of July. Luckily, this affords you the option of testing out a few items from your summer and fall wardrobes and seeing if they go together.

You never know, some autumnal staples you wore last year might now be applied perfectly to an item you’ve picked up this summer to create a beautiful and fierce new look. For example, eveningwear shoes that are bold and shiny are in trend for 2017, and combined with a modern, angular and light coat; you can bring together the positives of both seasons while eschewing the negatives. Mix and match your summer and fall wear to keep your look crisp and fresh, and turn the heads and at least curiosity of other party guests in attendance. You never know who’s head you might turn with your strong, bold and well thought out look.

Accessories Needn’t Be So Bold

When party time comes around, it’s often very tempting for us to accessorize to the max, in an attempt to complete our outfits properly. It might be that you can’t decide between pieces so decide to wear them all. However, in this late summer party season, we’d argue that using muted accessories will work best, and can actually complete your outfit to look more subtle and appealing than ever.

Summer is still here but is coming to an end, and so reflecting the shifting seasons with the color pallette of your accessories could work well. For example, instead of wearing bright gold accessories such as bracelets, rings or watches, why not opt for rose gold options, which seem much more ‘relaxed’ and less attracted to the eye. What’s best is that these colors work great with both summer and autumnal colors, so there is a complete overlap and freedom in how you choose to place your outfit together.

Layers Aren’t Always Necessary

Because it’s the end of the summer, it might feel tempting to stock up on thick amounts of layers in an attempt to keep an outfit comfortable. The truth is though that the temperature rarely drops until October, and with global warming a reality for many of us, it might stay just as warm until then. Layering up and hiding your frame isn’t necessary when you still have so much to flaunt. If needs be, bringing a light cardigan or dress shirt can help make an outfit seem rustic and whole - while keeping the freedom of wearing light and beautiful summer clothing a reality. This way, you won’t have to worry about carrying heavy clothing to a party, but you’ll also be able to make the most of your summer wardrobe, and successful show off the tips you have brought together from this guide.

We wish you an adventurous and fun party season!


Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Health and safety why care ?

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How are you all today? 

I don't know about you but health and safety at work is very important in my Workplace. I wanted to do my top tips for staying fit and healthy at work. I think it is so easy to make the classic health and safety jokes at work. But how often do we all actually think about it in a real sense?

  1. Know your office. Yes, I know this is a strange one but knowing where simple things like the nearest fire exit and first aid box is crucial. Yes I'm sure the Thursday fire alarm going off because a colleague burnt her toast, is annoying? but what if it was a real fire? Do you know what to do? Where is the nearest fire extinguisher? Can you use that on electrical equipment?
  2. Staying hydrated. It's summer you are super busy and deadlines need to be met, Right? Did you know your brain will not reach its full potential with out being hydrated? Grab a water bottle and top up your levels. 
  3. Do you know how to pick up a heavy box? Remember when you were at school and the teacher would shout bend at the knees. When you were lifting something? This was not just a telling off! Check out how to lift properly at wiki. There was method in their madness 
  4. Get to know your work colleagues. Did you know Debbie in accounts is severely allergic to nuts? and carries an EpiPen?  Put that snickers away! or that Adam from marketing has epilepsy? What would you do if he had a fit and you're the only person around? Some times it's the simple things you need to know about people that can save lives. 
  5. Tidy your desk. Did you know that trips and falls from loose computer wires are the number one reported work injury? Get a cable tidy. On the desk note Never over load a plug socket. Over loaded power, sockets lead to fires and electric shocks. A tidy desk is a happy desk, right? Or a safe desk at least.
  6. How long do you stare at your computer screen for between breaks? Did you know you are meant to have 15 minutes away from the screen for every hour you are sat at your desk? Most offices with good employee benefits will also offer free or discounted eye test! Get them. Our eye are precious and should be protected.
  7. Get Broken office furniture and fittings fixed or replaced. I have witnessed a very bad accident in one of my previous jobs. Emily had been sharing her desk with different people and her seat had a slight crack when she when into work one day. She never really thought much about it. Then one day it broke underneath her and she was taken to A&E with a broken arm and a lot of bruising. She was off work for a while after that. She still says she should have reported it sooner and she wouldn't have been injured. 
  8. Be extra careful on wet and slippery surfaces. I know this is common sense but I have fallen when rushing about on a wet day. 
  9. Respect people. Wow Stacy is being a cow today! Moody brat. Wait a minute have you never had a bad day and felt like being quiet? You have no idea what other people are really going through. Yes, she maybe your best work mate but you will never truly know anyone but yourself. Treat people how you expect to be treated. Ask if she needs to talk? Make her a cup of tea. it's the little things that can help. Health and safety is not just about the physical health of a person. Mental health matters too. There could be a deeper reason your colleague is not putting in 100%.
  10. Get fit. I know I harp on about fitness but a fit body has a fit mind. There is no better way to get rid of stress than a good work out or yoga session. Nothing like punching out a bad day. 

Check out this fun infographic from Accident advice Helpline for more advice and help. 

MissLJBeauty x

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

3 Natural Things That You Shouldn't Be Worried About!

Hi everyone, 

Our body is capable of doing amazing things. Whether it’s fighting off a dangerous infection or having the ability to heal itself, our body definitely knows what it is doing! However, sometimes we see things our ourselves that we don’t like, and we wonder if what we are seeing is normal! Here we will cover the most common 3 things that people see on themselves that are actually natural, and what to do about them!

Stretch Marks

Almost everyone on the planet has stretch marks, and almost all of us hate them! Stretch marks can occur anywhere, on your legs, arm, back, and most predominantly on the stomach for women who have given birth! These are totally normal, and are caused by a rapid growth in the area where the stretch mark is because the skin hasn’t had chance to catch up. Whilst the skin still covers the area, it tears slightly, giving the stretch mark look. These can make you feel very unconfident with your body, but luckily there is something you can do. Companies like Bio-Oil sell a wide range of oils that treat stretch marks as well as scars, slowly fading them over time so you don’t have to worry about them being there anymore!


This is directed mainly at the ladies, but men do have a chance of having cellulite too! Cellulite is incredibly common in women, and can be a cause for discomfort in your body. But don’t worry, cellulite is normal! It is just the accumulation of fat cells that happen to form in a certain way under your skin, giving the classic cellulite look. There is no health risk here as 90% of the women in the world have cellulite, so you’re not alone! If you’re looking to get rid of it, read this cellulite blog for some good home and procedural methods to get rid of it!

Skin Tags
Not everyone will have an encounter with a skin tag, but when you do it can be quite a frightening experience! Skin tags are just an overgrowth of skin, a bundle of excess collagen and blood vessels pushed up and out onto the surface! Having a random bump on your skin can be very concerning, so if you see one don’t worry as they are completely harmless. Skin tags can be removed yourself if they are small enough, companies like CVS sell skin tag removal kits, all you need is someone to do it for you!

So there you have it, if you see a new bump on your skin, some stretch marks on your stomach or some cellulite on your legs, don’t freak out because it’s all harmless! In today’s society we have to worry about our health because it can cost a lot and possibly be life threatening so it means that we are constantly on edge, but by reading this you’ll know what you don’t have to worry about! Your hair is also a window into viewing your health and you need to look after it, you can find some good tips here.


Say Goodbye To Tired Looking Skin in 5 Simple Steps

Hi everyone


Tired of dull looking skin? As skin is the one thing that we can’t cover up, constantly feeling like our skin is not quite up to par can affect our self confidence and how we feel about ourselves. Dull skin is not something that we need to just accept and put up with and there are many things that we can do to combat it, and all from the comfort of our own home. Read below for our top tips on how you can wave goodbye to dull looking skin, once and for all.

Lifestyle Choices

Before we do anything a good place to start, when looking at how we can freshen up our skin, is to look at our lifestyle choices as a way to pinpoint what we may be doing that results in dull looking skin. There are many factors involved in tired looking skin from lack of sleep, one too many nights out on the tiles, smoking, stress and unhealthy food choices. So firstly look at the lifestyle choices you are making in your day to day life and see how you can look after yourself a little better. Both you and your skin will thank you for it.

Nutritional Fuel

One of the best ways we can look after our skin, is not through expensive lotions and potions, but by controlling what we are putting into our bodies. Food should not be something that we use to just fuel ourselves throughout the day it should be something that we see as fueling healthy skin. Treating food as your skin's requirement to health and vitality will go a long way in achieving the vibrant and glowing skin that you are looking for.

The best foods for healthy skin are fresh fruit and vegetables. Berries, avocados and green leaves and skin boosting nuts are all super foods when it comes to promoting great looking skin. Skipping the fried, heavy take aways and focusing your attention on fresh salads and lean and healthy meals will make a big difference when it comes to the radiance of your skin.

Boosting Your Energy

Not only is food key to gorgeous skin, so is our energy levels and what we are doing to keep them at an optimum level. Your skin cells needs energy and being physically active is just what they need to stay healthy. Pushing your heart beat through regular exercise you will enhance the energy levels in your body and you will be opening up your nerves, which will allow better circulation and better nutritional distribution around your body and to your skin.

Regular exercise will mean that all that gorgeous, healthy skin boosting food, will be going exactly where you need it to go and you will notice that in the appearance of your skin, before you notice it anywhere else.

Steaming & Exfoliating

Steaming and exfoliating are two of the most important things that we can be doing in our regular skin care routine. Exfoliating the dead skin cells is important in order to reveal healthier and more useful skin beneath.

Steaming is also really important to open up our pores and give our skin a deep, relaxing cleanse. You can either steam your skin in a bowl at home or you can buy a home facial steaming machine, these will give you the best results for helping to relax and cleanse your skin. These two parts of your beauty regime are the two most important areas for bringing dull skin back to life. Coupled together with the above adjustments to diet, exercise and lifestyle choices you will be saying hello to new, healthy and vibrant skin in no time at all.

Sleep & Rest

Sleep and getting the rest that you need is essential in order for our bodies and our skin to recover from the day to day stresses of life. Running yourself ragged doing overtime and running around after small children can really take a toll when it comes to our overall health and our skin. Therefore make sure you are getting a decent amount of sleep at night, 6-8 hours being the goal and make sure you are disconnected from the things that make you feel stressed, on a regular basis.

If your mind is fresh, your body is fresh and that will be reflected in your skin. It’s not called ‘beauty sleep’ for no reason. So make sure you are investing in quality time to yourself and ensuring that you are sleeping well in the evening to boost the glow in your skin and put that well deserved spring back in your step.


The Keys To A Holiday Slim Down!

Hi everyone, 

The stresses of modern life don't end during our summer holidays, for plenty of women across the globe, it simply piles on the pressure and stress. See, we all want to look good - but when it comes to summer, a season of midriffs and bikinis, we might feel a bit uncomfortable with our current appearance, we might feel pressured to tone up - quickly. We all want to fit into our summer clothes and look good in them, and that can lead to some scary health issues. Attempting to rapidly lose weight is a bad idea.
If you want to slim down into your summer fit, you'll have to do it responsibility. Sometimes, you might not need to slim down at all. Not many of us are comfortable in our own skin, and that is not ok. If your health is suffering from weight or a lack of health, you should consider slimming down, but if you are at a healthy weight, consider toning up rather than dieting. If you do embark on a new exercise regime, please consult a doctor before doing so.

Getting fit is a key part of slimming down for summer - and you might consider some things and fitness regimes. Join the gym and exercise, but do it responsibly. A lot of people are into ratio based interval training, but if you're pushing yourself too hard, you can get hurt. Again, exercise responsible and consult a doctor before you embark on anything that might be considered intensive, for you.

This could mean having to buy some new clothes - for a number of reasons. Wait until you're at the size you're comfortable with, and then shop! Muscles and toning can sometimes mean we need to upgrade our pant size to accommodate our healthy gains, while losing weight and slimming down can lead to baggy clothes.  
You've still got a good few months of Sun left. That means that you want to start getting healthy now - but it doesn't mean rushing. Be smart with your exercise plans and work hard and be dedicated to your diet.  Eating is a huge part of slimming down, but don't stop eating altogether. Eat more good food and less bad food; it's that simple. Consider what you are putting into your mouth. That goes for drinks as well. You want water and skinny tea - not fizzy sodas and fruit juices. Liquids are an important foundation of our health plans and ignoring them can lead to disaster. Match your eating habits with a steady intake of water.

Starving yourself and overworking your exercise efforts can lead to serious health problems that can devastate your body. We are here to care for the body, not simply lose weight as fast as possible. Getting fit and healthy is a long term process, but results can only be achieved quickly if you take things at a pace that is comfortable for you. If you're not fit in time for your summer holiday, that's more than ok - just carry straight on and you'll be ready. Don’t give up at any point, take things steady and build your life around the idea of health. You will not regret it!