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Party Fashion Style Guide

We’re drawing closer to the end of summer, and that means party season is here. In a last attempt to squeeze the most enjoyment out of your summer, and to place a lovely end to your summer festivities, it’s likely that many of your friends or family will want to invite you to parties ranging in size and attendance. For this reason, you’ll need to look your best. Feeling your most confident and comfortable in your clothing will allow you to stay on top form, and stay as the best version of you (which you already are at all times.)

But what should you wear? How do you balance the beautiful trends of this summer with the evocative trends of this upcoming fall? The following style guide will answer these questions and more:

Sundresses Are Still In Style

Sundresses are always a beautiful staples of any modern woman’s wardrobe, but it might feel as though during fall you’re better off wearing thicker, less airy clothing. We’d argue the opposite. Temperatures usually don’t drop until early October at the soonest, and even then you can make use of layers to keep yourself warm and have the opportunity to accessorize.

You’ll be covering yourself up in thick layers for the next half a year, so making sure you can show off your summer figure in a vast selection of sundress styles will keep you look relevant and beautiful for longer this summer. Not only that, but due to how practical to wear and varied in styles they can be, you can be sure that they’ll apply to any situation you need them for.

You Can Slowly Introduce Your Autumnal Wardrobe

During this long transition from summer to fall, the weather is likely to be very unpredictable. Some days could give light rain, while others might feel you’re still in the peak of July. Luckily, this affords you the option of testing out a few items from your summer and fall wardrobes and seeing if they go together.

You never know, some autumnal staples you wore last year might now be applied perfectly to an item you’ve picked up this summer to create a beautiful and fierce new look. For example, eveningwear shoes that are bold and shiny are in trend for 2017, and combined with a modern, angular and light coat; you can bring together the positives of both seasons while eschewing the negatives. Mix and match your summer and fall wear to keep your look crisp and fresh, and turn the heads and at least curiosity of other party guests in attendance. You never know who’s head you might turn with your strong, bold and well thought out look.

Accessories Needn’t Be So Bold

When party time comes around, it’s often very tempting for us to accessorize to the max, in an attempt to complete our outfits properly. It might be that you can’t decide between pieces so decide to wear them all. However, in this late summer party season, we’d argue that using muted accessories will work best, and can actually complete your outfit to look more subtle and appealing than ever.

Summer is still here but is coming to an end, and so reflecting the shifting seasons with the color pallette of your accessories could work well. For example, instead of wearing bright gold accessories such as bracelets, rings or watches, why not opt for rose gold options, which seem much more ‘relaxed’ and less attracted to the eye. What’s best is that these colors work great with both summer and autumnal colors, so there is a complete overlap and freedom in how you choose to place your outfit together.

Layers Aren’t Always Necessary

Because it’s the end of the summer, it might feel tempting to stock up on thick amounts of layers in an attempt to keep an outfit comfortable. The truth is though that the temperature rarely drops until October, and with global warming a reality for many of us, it might stay just as warm until then. Layering up and hiding your frame isn’t necessary when you still have so much to flaunt. If needs be, bringing a light cardigan or dress shirt can help make an outfit seem rustic and whole - while keeping the freedom of wearing light and beautiful summer clothing a reality. This way, you won’t have to worry about carrying heavy clothing to a party, but you’ll also be able to make the most of your summer wardrobe, and successful show off the tips you have brought together from this guide.

We wish you an adventurous and fun party season!