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4 Vegan Diet Dangers (And How To Avoid Them)

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If you are looking to lose weight and lead a healthy lifestyle, you will know about veganism. In a nutshell, being a vegan means omitting foods which come from animals from your diet. That means meats are out, but so are everyday products such as cheese, milk and cream. The result is an average weight loss of 5 additional pounds compared to a traditional diet. However, it isn’t all smooth sailing when you make the switch because there are dangers. Here’s what you need to know. 
Making The Switch Is Hard
Going from a regular meat eater to a vegan diet is not a simple switch. If you have consumed certain foods for a long time, you can’t just snap your fingers and make them go away. Anyone who tries tends to end up quitting and going back to their regular diet, which doesn’t help them lose weight. The key is to make the change a gradual process. To begin with, try cutting out meat but maintaining dairy products. That way, you can get used to the culture shock without going cold turkey. 
And Expensive
One thing nutritionists and dieticians don’t tell you about is the cost. On average, thebillfold.com points out that a vegan spends more than £100 a month on food. The truth is that eating well means spending money, which is an issue for regular working people. The solution is to cut the cost, and you can do it with DontPayFull.com and their range of discount codes. Or, it isn’t uncommon to find vegans scouring the shelves at a range of supermarkets for the best deals. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but a vegan diet is more expensive than a traditional one. However, how much so is down to you. 
You Don’t Get The Same Nutrients
Although it seems like a cop-out when people say veganism is unhealthy, they have a point. As theguardian.com shows, veganism isn't always a sustainable alternative because of evolution. Over the years, humans have evolved to need meat in their diet, and taking it away results in a lack of nutrients. If you insist on going down the vegan path, it's essential to replace the lost protein and supplements. Foods like lentils and beans have lots of protein, while you can get iron and vitamins from tablets. 
Concentration Is Key
For the most part, people don’t look at labels when they shop. Instead, they pick up the cheapest item and throw it in the trolley. You can’t afford to be as liberal because the ingredients are essential to your new lifestyle. As such, it is important to start reading the information on food before checking out at the tills. If you see anything which doesn’t fit into your lifestyle, don’t buy it. Also, do your research so that you know what ingredients are good and which ones are bad. 
There are pros and cons to being a vegan. Now that you know the cons try and avoid them at all costs.

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