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Health and safety why care ?

I don't know about you but health and safety at work are very important in my Workplace. I wanted to do my top tips for staying fit and healthy at work. I think it is so easy to make the classic health and safety jokes at work. But how often do we all actually think about it in a real sense?

1. Know about your office. 

1. Know about your office.
Yes, I know this is a strange one but knowing where simple things like the nearest fire exit and first aid box is crucial. Yes, I'm sure the Thursday fire alarm going off because a colleague burnt her toast, is annoying? But what if it was a real fire? Do you know what to do? Where is the nearest fire extinguisher? Can you use that on electrical equipment? Can you see the fire exit signs clearly or are they hidden? This is not just for you but for visitors to your office. This can save lives. Check out this informative site for more info on those all-important fire-exit signs, as there are many options when it comes to giving your office the appropriate signage.

2. Staying hydrated. 
It's summer you are super busy and deadlines need to be met, Right? Did you know your brain will not reach its full potential without being hydrated? Grab a water bottle and top up your levels.

3. Do you know how to pick up a heavy box? 
Remember when you were at school and the teacher would shout bend at the knees. When you were lifting something? This was not just a telling off! Check out how to lift properly at wiki. There was method in their madness

4. Get to know your work colleagues. 
Did you know Debbie in accounts is severely allergic to nuts? and carries an EpiPen? Put that snickers away! or that Adam from marketing has epilepsy? What would you do if he had a fit and you're the only person around? Sometimes it's the simple things you need to know about people that can save lives.

5. Tidy your desk. 
Did you know that trips and falls from loose computer wires are the number one reported work injury? Get a cable tidy. On the desk note Never overload a plug socket. Overloaded power, sockets lead to fires and electric shocks. A tidy desk is a happy desk, right? Or a safe desk at least.

6. How long do you stare at your computer screen for between breaks? 
Did you know you are meant to have 15 minutes away from the screen for every hour you are sat at your desk? Most offices with good employee benefits will also offer free or discounted eye test! Get them. Our eyes are precious and should be protected.

7. Get Broken office furniture and fittings fixed or replaced. 
I have witnessed a very bad accident in one of my previous jobs. Emily had been sharing her desk with different people and her seat had a slight crack when she when into work one day. She never really thought much about it. Then one day it broke underneath her and she was taken to A&E with a broken arm and a lot of bruising. She was off work for a while after that. She still says she should have reported it sooner and she wouldn't have been injured. You can get great office furniture at Office Monster, So there is really no excuse to have broken office furniture in the workplace.

8. Be extra careful on wet and slippery surfaces
I know this is common sense but I have fallen when rushing about on a wet day.

9. Respect people. 
Wow, Stacy is being a cow today! Moody brat. Wait a minute have you never had a bad day and felt like being quiet? You have no idea what other people are really going through. Yes, she may be your best workmate but you will never truly know anyone but yourself. Treat people how you expect to be treated. Ask if she needs to talk? Make her a cup of tea. it's the little things that can help. Health and safety are not just about the physical health of a person. Mental health matters too. There could be a deeper reason your colleague is not putting in 100%. You can always ask about worker benefits these can include anything from free fitness classes to mental health awareness training so check them out.

10. Get fit. 
I know I harp on about fitness but a fit body has a fit mind. There is no better way to get rid of stress than a good workout or yoga session. Nothing like punching out a bad day.

Check out this fun infographic from Accident advice Helpline for more advice and help.