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Life update- money problems

Hi Everyone, 

How are you all? 

It's time to do a life update. What have I been up to lately? Well If I'm honest. I have been a bit quiet because it been work, biking and not much more. The summers for me is always busy as I have a seasonal job. 

This month has been quite stressful. There is a habit in the blogging world to sprinkle sugar on your life and I don't know about you but I sit and look at instagram and think why is my life so dull? Where's my unlimited funds?  Why is it I am looking at one big money problem after another whilst others sun themselves on holidays or buy the newest cars? 

This month I chipped my front tooth again. Yes again! Enough is enough its veneers time. Sigh, So far I am sitting here with the tempory teeth before my new ones are fitted in just over a weeks time. 
and I am £900 down. I am not a vain person or so I thought? But I have a real issue with these tempory teeth they look awful. So bye-bye paycheck hello new front teeth. I won't be smiling until my new ones are fitted that s for sure. 

Then to add insult to injury, my car broke down. I was driving home from a friends house and breaking was a bit funny and shuddering. This is all I need before payday. I freaked out! I needed
to look into Quick loans. I need my car to get me to and from work. What was I going to do?
I know some people would never look into such a thing, As there has been so much negative press about lenders. But I needed cash fast and I don't like asking people to borrow money. So I did a lot of research and got a quick loan with CashLady to tidy me over to payday and pay my car bill. 

This really got me thinking why do people tend to hide that fact that life is not always easy? No one has a perfect life. Problems happen to everyone. whether you are a millionaire or a poor person. How many of you reading this live paycheck to paycheck? I know I do!

Yes I have nice things and Yes I like holidays but I work hard for what I have and I like to think I am honest with you all about life's Ups and downs. 

Sometimes I really feel life is out to get me! Then something wonderful will happen. Life's for living and I know we all tend to worry too much. I for one am trying to not let negativity bring me down. 
I have a wonderful hubby and I am blessed in so many ways.