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The Keys To A Holiday Slim Down!

Hi everyone, 

The stresses of modern life don't end during our summer holidays, for plenty of women across the globe, it simply piles on the pressure and stress. See, we all want to look good - but when it comes to summer, a season of midriffs and bikinis, we might feel a bit uncomfortable with our current appearance, we might feel pressured to tone up - quickly. We all want to fit into our summer clothes and look good in them, and that can lead to some scary health issues. Attempting to rapidly lose weight is a bad idea.
If you want to slim down into your summer fit, you'll have to do it responsibility. Sometimes, you might not need to slim down at all. Not many of us are comfortable in our own skin, and that is not ok. If your health is suffering from weight or a lack of health, you should consider slimming down, but if you are at a healthy weight, consider toning up rather than dieting. If you do embark on a new exercise regime, please consult a doctor before doing so.

Getting fit is a key part of slimming down for summer - and you might consider some things and fitness regimes. Join the gym and exercise, but do it responsibly. A lot of people are into ratio based interval training, but if you're pushing yourself too hard, you can get hurt. Again, exercise responsible and consult a doctor before you embark on anything that might be considered intensive, for you.

This could mean having to buy some new clothes - for a number of reasons. Wait until you're at the size you're comfortable with, and then shop! Muscles and toning can sometimes mean we need to upgrade our pant size to accommodate our healthy gains, while losing weight and slimming down can lead to baggy clothes.  
You've still got a good few months of Sun left. That means that you want to start getting healthy now - but it doesn't mean rushing. Be smart with your exercise plans and work hard and be dedicated to your diet.  Eating is a huge part of slimming down, but don't stop eating altogether. Eat more good food and less bad food; it's that simple. Consider what you are putting into your mouth. That goes for drinks as well. You want water and skinny tea - not fizzy sodas and fruit juices. Liquids are an important foundation of our health plans and ignoring them can lead to disaster. Match your eating habits with a steady intake of water.

Starving yourself and overworking your exercise efforts can lead to serious health problems that can devastate your body. We are here to care for the body, not simply lose weight as fast as possible. Getting fit and healthy is a long term process, but results can only be achieved quickly if you take things at a pace that is comfortable for you. If you're not fit in time for your summer holiday, that's more than ok - just carry straight on and you'll be ready. Don’t give up at any point, take things steady and build your life around the idea of health. You will not regret it!