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25 facts about me

My dog 

1. I have one pet a dog called Millie she's a springador.
2. I can't stand lies and cheats.
3. I wanted to be a fisherman when I grew up ( mmm I'm female). 
My dad 

4. I love traveling and try to go away as much as possible.
5. I get married next June ;) in a castle! 
6. I'm really not sure I'm in the right job :(

7. I used to be a size 22 and 7 and a half stone heavier! 
8. I have dyslexia and I'm not scared to say it.

9. I can't cook! I'm useless
10. Im a huge people pleaser 

11. I have suffered depression, anxiety and panic attack 
12. I love love love the sun the hotter the better ( if I'm not working) 
13. I hate the rain grrrrr
14. I want to move to Devon or Cornwall. 
15. I love anything sweet! 

16. I can't eat cheese as it makes me sick. (Allergy) 
17. I'm scared of deep water and sharks. 

18. My fiancé and my best mate are the two best people in my world. 
19. I will alway think I'm fat even when I'm not.
20. I was in a very emotionally abusive relationship with my ex for 5 years

21. I don't lie! I'm the annoying person who gets in trouble for being honest! 
22. I struggle to make friends and have a very small group of friends. 
23. I was an actress for years and trained in acting. 
24. I was a good singer but bullying made me lose all confidence in my ability and don't sing anymore. 

25. I'm a fussy eater :( I hate rice & seafood! 

And that's 25 random and honest facts about me ;) I love reading these about other people so please link your blogs for me to read ;) 

MissLJBeauty xoxo 

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