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My fitness update

Hay everyone, 

It's another miserable raining day here. So I thought I'd blog about my fitness program. I joined about 3 weeks ago. This is £12.99 per month with full access to both 
Video workout and a magazine. 

 Now I go through two extremes with fitness. I can be lazy and do minimal or go full out and work out a lot. 

I have used Jillian Micheal workout DVDs before and I loved them but I did them to often and got bored.
That's when I stumbled on results with Lucy. I love Lucy and her figure is something of dreams for me. 
I have battled weight problems in the past and lost 7 & a half stone size 22 but this was years ago. 

Since then I have remained between a  size 8 and a 10 even since! Which in my opinion is small.
I am hour glass shaped and very top heavy.  I will always be more curvy than skinny but I think that's
Sexy I'd rather be Kelly brook than Kate moss. 

I do a physical job and I need to be fit for it but the main reason I work out is it really affects my mood 
I get grumpy when I don't exercise. 

Now results with Lucy is set out with all different workout which you match together to make your own 
Targeted work out.  I love that you can pick and chose from a range of short videos and just repeat them 
Two or three times to make your workout harder. This also stops me getting bored as I try not to do the 
Same combination often. 

So for instance my work out yesterday was a warm up followed by two sets of cardio called sweat blast
 this is high impact circuit training and it what I love, working out hard and fast For short periods.
 I combined this with 2 sets of bye bye bingo wings. This is all about your arms, to tone them up using 
Weights. Then I added 2 sets of nice toned tummy. This is sit up based  And lastly my cool down this 
took about 40 mins to complete. 

You will need a couple of things if you plan on starting this program 
Water (hydrate to rejuvenate)
Weights (this is the only real must) 
Kettlebell (I still have to get this ) 
Step ( I need a better one)
Skipping rope (I need this too) 

Now I would recommend this program to any one. I feel muscle ache that I didn't know I had ! Which is a
Nice feeling as you know you have worked your ass off. 
Now my lovely fiancé has deleted my before photo but here is 3 weeks down the line doing this between 
3 to 4 times a week. I can for the first time in my life see definition I'm my tummy/ abs area. 

I really like this program and a hoping for more results. I will keep you all up a dated on my progress. 
Also I love playing spot the cute dogs in the back of Lucy and Cecilias work out. Plus is nice to see a celeb who
Is working out and you can tell Lucy does these work outs and has fun with them! Cecilla is a hard task master but 
It's all done in a fun way. 

Please leave me Any comments or question 

MissLJBeauty xoxo 



  1. To get from size 22 to an 8-10 is a great achievement. Lucy has an amazing form, and for £12.99 it's a no brainer if you're looking for a fun workout!
    I'm doing a post on my juicing efforts, so should be posting it either tomorrow or Thursday :o)

    Lots of love

    Nahid Aley at

  2. Oo can't wait to read your juicing blog ;)
    Tbh I can't really remember the old me it was a life time ago lol
    Yeah I think it's my biggest achievement xx

  3. I have been looking to join this programe! Do you still do it?
    What an amazing loss you have! You go girllll!!!

    H xox

    1. this program is so good and i will defo bedoing a hard core work out and blog my results but jump on bored and we can do it together xx