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E.L.F Haul and unboxing

Hi everyone,

Well I'm like at kid at Christmas. My lovely postie had my E.L.F order woop! And I have opened and tried everything so my 1st impressions will be listed below.

This is a run down on what I bought whilst the 60%off sale was on. 

1. Eyebrow treat & tame in the colour medium.£3.75  It has a light brown colour on one end and a clear gel on the other. £3.75 this is a thick gel constancy I have never tried anything like this before I like it but to be honest I should have bought the lighter colour. The clear gel seems to set really well.

2. Studio mascara primer.£ 3.75 This is very is a white mascara which seems to build on the lashes.

3. Flawless finish foundation in Buff. £ 6.75 This is a wee bit dark for me but I suspect the light would have been to light but ill by the other shade soon. The coverage is nice and buildable I have put on two layer just to test it out. This really has left me with flawless finish. The foundation is creamy and feels nice on the skin. 

4. High definition powder in shimmer. £6 This is a nice finishing powder and seals in the foundation well. 
I was worried that this would have to much shimmer but it is very slight And I actually love the finish this leaves. Very summery. 

5. Brightening eye colour in ethereal. £ 1.50 I really like this the has the right amount of pigment and apples really well to the eye. I think this will be living in my handbag for touch ups. 

6. Duo eye shadow cream in coffee & cream. £ 1.50 I used this as a base under the above eyeshadow. I have only just started buying cream shadow and I think this will be A good one for my collection 

7. Waterproof lengthen & volumise mascara in black. £3.75 I think the constancy of this mascara it apples well and does seem to add length. 

8. Minty lip gloss in Miami,  £2 I love this already the minty taste makes me want to keep applying this and it feel really nice on my lips!  What more could I ask for ? 

Please ignore the mat in the photos I had a bit of a powder accident. 

I love reading hauls so leave me links to yours. 
Leave me a comment and ill reply 

MissLJBeauty xoxo


  1. I'm always so skeptical about ELF products cause they're so cheap I doubt their quality, but this post has defiantly inspired me to go try some more out!

  2. Aw I was the same but when they do a 60%off sale I'm like there's nothing to lose and now I use a lot if there products

    They have 50%off there just now I was going to buy the foundation and eyebrow tamer in a lighter colour but they are sold out!

    Oo I have there bambo looking brushes and I love them use them daily now!

    Just adding ur blog ;)

  3. WOW, so much stuff. It's like all Christmas and birthdays rolled into one! I've never actually used Elf, I really must try some. Let me know how you get on with the range xx
    Heroine In Heels

  4. So far it's been hit and miss I think the foundation has broken me out :( and I normal only get on break out a month!
    Everything else has been great esp the minty lip gloss I could eat that all day lol