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The starting off project

Hay guys,

The lovely steph at is starting this amazing "starting off"project. 

A low down is 

That for 9 week us bloggers will come together as a group and all blog about a specific product for people 
who are starting the amazing Beauty journey. I.e a foundation. Highlighting what you love or hate and why. along 
with links to your must haves products And handy hints and or tips ! 

We all had to start Somewhere right ? Where were blogs and YouTube when I was younger! Gosh darn it! 
Hopefully helping people just starting out. This would have saved my tango orange face faze. 
! ( can't believe I just admitted that) ( ok pretend I didn't tell you that).

There is more information on the lovely stephs blog so please click over to her blog! And if you're a blogger jump aboard
(Ooo rrr matey) that was my pirate impression! 

The more involved is the better! I can't wait for the 1st one! 

MissLJBeauty xoxo