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TheSOproject week 1skincare

flat lay of skin care products from superdrug to nip fab

Well it's come round fast! Its week 1 of the Starting Off project started by the lovely Steph at

This week is skincare now I wish a post like this was about when I started out in the beauty world.
 1st thing 1st find out your skin type 

And always buy product for your skin type! I have normal skin which breaks out at that time in the
Month.  So the product I'm suggesting is what I use and is at the cheaper end of the budget 
As I know when I started out money was a issue. 

My morning routine is always the same. In the shower is use soap and glory peaches and clean £8 
But always on 3 for 2 at boots! 

I use this as a quick mask in the shower and rinse off. 

Then I use 

Loreal skin perfection 3 in 1 micellar solution £4.99 but was half
price when I got it and a face wipe I have let dry out. These are Primark twin pack £1 for 50. 
I like to cleanse my face with this just in case I still have any old product on my skin. 

Then it on to either naturally radiant brightening radiance balm £2.99 on half price at Superdrug ATM.

Or Garnier moisture match combination to oily skin £3.99 at boots it's on half price. 

Now I use the 1st one if I. Wanting more of a dewy look and the 2nd if I'm going matte.
I have to say the moisture match is a great primer for make up! 

Then I apply my make up and that's me until night time. 

I'm a Hugh believer in make up free when your at home and I think this is why my skin is in 
Pretty good condition. I take off my make up ASAP with 

Naturally radiant brightening hot cloth cleanser £4.99 £1 off at Superdrug just now. Now I find this a dupe for liz Earle I have to say I do favour liz Earle but this is a cheaper alternative  and it work just as 
Well so save your self £10 and get this. Plus it comes with a cloth to use with it. 

Now with this just wet your face, rub on a small amount of the cleanser all over your face. It won't 
Sting your eyes so don't worry. Place your cloth in hot water and squeeze it out and rub the product 
Off your face this will take a few times but its worth it. Bye bye evil panda eyes hello nice fresh skin. 

Then it's back to one of my moisturiser above and that me done! 

Now for that time of the month I call spot o'clock (grr) I wish I had found this little beauty before 
Nip+fab spot fix £9.95 at asos, after cleansing put a babb of this on your spot and the next day it's almost gone! And the redness that comes with it is gone too. It's a bit expensive but it last forever! 
Amazing amazing amazing !!! 

Can't wait to read everyone else posts. 

MissLJBeauty xoxo

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