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Birchbox August instyle edition

I got may birchbox today! 

The packaging is really nice and different. As always the birchbox mag is great and much superior to the glossybox left let !

This is what I got this month. 

1. Birchbox gel mask £10. Now this is weird because the last time I was in boots I pick one of these up and then though no I don't need it. So love this 

2. Philip Kingsley elasticizer 40ml mini size  (full size £27.50) I have been wanting to try one of these preshampoo hair treatments for ages. I have not had the chance as its just arrived. 

3. Garda Spillmann hydro pearls 10ml mini size (full size £30.) I like this I have just tried it and it smells very subtle which is great as you use this as a primer. It does seem to help make up apply 

4 Laqa & co lip pencil £14 ( I think this is full sized) colour is ring of fire. I really like this colour really vibrant and really pops. Can't comment on longevity yet but ill let you know 

5. Bluemandarines skinlife energetic cellular cream 10ml mini ( full size £35.) I like this moisturiser. It smells nice and fresh. It really feels moisturising and hydrating. 

6. Molton brown London 30ml mini (full size £18.) I like Milton brown but not to keen on this smell but its handy travel size to take on a getaway. 

7. Inner me supplements £35. I like taking supplements as I'm a fussy eater so it really helps me with energy levels so looking forward to trying these out ! 

I've had better boxes from birchbox but on the other hand I've had way worse! 
Let me know what you have got this month and what you think? 

MissLJBeauty xoxo

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