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Seche vite fast dry top coat

Now I am the first to admit I'm an advertisers dream and if it's beauty related ill jump on 
The band wagon for better or worse! 

I love nail polish! But I'm not aloud to wear it to work :( so every chance I get, I get my nail 
Polish on ! Nothing brightens my day like a good polish! 

Now I have tried a huge number of top coats and I've fallin in love with 

Yeah this is no shock to all you beauty bloggers out there but 

Where has seche vite dry fast top coat been all my life! I bought this on amazing for £5.30 bargain!

I am hard on my nails ! I was once told by a girl I worked with 

"nails are a jewel not a tool" 

Oophs my nails get a hard time! But this top coat not only drys in no time.  it makes my nail 
Unchippable ! Which Sally Hansen, Barry m and others just couldn't do! 

Now if I get time I do gel nails as I invested in a at home kit but I have to have more than a couple days off to justify the time it takes to do this to my nails. 

This top coat makes my nails last days without a retouch! 

Amazing ! 

Have you tried this? What did you think? 

MissLJBeauty Xoxo

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