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The SO project bronzer

 And this week on The SO Project 

It's all about bronzer! I love me some bronze action! 

Ok now remember bronzer should match you skin tone and please please remember that no one looks good with bronzer that's to dark for them!  Yeah I'm talking to you Jodie Marsh!!! 
Ooo I have to say when I was younger I did this and when i look at photo and want to cry! Why was this project not about then! It would have saved me !! 

The key I find to bronzer is think about it like this. When you get a tan where would the sun 
Hit your face ? A good way to test this is when you look at a mirror shine a torch on your face. Yeah crazy I know but it will give you a good idea where the sun hits your face everyone is different right? 

ok do this shine the torch up under your chin this will show you where the light hits! 
And remember to do this the opposite was from the top of your head down. This will show you the shadow on your face! You can also do this diagonally too check out all your angles ! 

Now the brush you use is important too. you need a brush that sweeps and covers evenly.
This is a elf brush! It was part of there bamboo set which I loved! This is by far the best bronzer brush I have. 

This is a great cheap bronzer its by Rimmel I got it on it was only £1.50 bargain 
It's defo for when my skin is lighter in the winter months its not as shimmery as you would think. 

Now this was my holy grail bronzer and I have to say writing this makes me want it again! £2.50 superdrug on offer at the mo! Get it get it! 

This is so nice on the skin and the colour is amazing! 

This is now my holy grail its mac bronzer! I love it and I can't live without it and I have to say this lasts me ages maybe too long ;). £20. Yeah it's expensive for a bronzer but my gosh its worth it 
This is so pigments and they colour really suits me with a tan. Now I have to say I tan really well and this is quite dark I can't pull it off when I'm not tanned! 

This is a mac tartan compact I got this a few Xmas ago and it's getting a mention as I can use this
All year round! As there is the lighter colour which is actually a blush but a more bronze colour. 
The other is darker and abit sparkley which I love gives you a healthy I've just been on holiday glow. 

I love Tuesday for this reason I can't wait to read everyone's blog 

Leave me any comments or questions you have ;)

MissLJBeauty Xoxo

Remeber to add the projects founder the lovely steph!


  1. Love the tip yo have to know where the sun hits your face! Never heard of! I will totally try it (to see if I'm doing it on the right way;) )

    Mirisweet! xX

    If you want to check my post on this topic take a look here

    1. Thanks huni! Yeah I was told that when doing stage make up and it's a
      Always stuck with me! Just going to add your blog ;)

  2. Great post! I don't know how I missed u, I'm part of #TheSoProject too! :-) xx


    1. Hi Louise thanks I've added your blog great A/W style ! I want a tartan item and love the boots ;)