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Vo5 Hollyoakshair

My postie arrived with a bit of a special treat today so I thought I'd share with you. 

I was very lucky to have won 2nd prize in the hollyoakshair comp run by the fab Vo5 and here is what came today! 

I received 8 cast signed cards and a signed script which I am delighted to have. I studied acting for years and I love hollyoaks so this is so appealing to me! In fact I have family staying with me just now and when they go home ;( I will be having what I call Oaks day (my catch up day) heaven. 

And now for the hair product goodies for vo5 

Revive me daily shampoo and conditioner 500ml each £3.99 in boots 
Pump it up back comb spray £3.89 
Pump it up weightless mousse £3.89
Smoothly does it serum £3,89

I will test the product and do a review post shortly! 

So exciting love 

MissLJBeauty Xoxo