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I buy too much nails polish and perfume

So today I nipped in to town for a wee while and shock horror I made a few purchases.

 Well Barry M is 3 for 2 in Superdrug so it would be rude not to top up my collection! 

I got nail confetti in bubblegum £3.99.  Jewel glitter nail paint in pink Sapphire and amethyst both   £2.99 but one was free ! Free is the best! They have a black and white one which is called liquorice that reminds me of the l'oreal nail confetti top coat which I love. 

And I got myself a wee treat I'm a Huge Britney perfume fan and I was watching FleurDeForce and she spoke about a new Britney fantasy island! I was very excited! I was going to buy the 50ml in boots as its on offer at £16.99 but in my local semichemi they had it for £11.99 if you have a rear by semichemi get down there. It's that nice my mother law bought this after smelling it on me! 

As soon as I sprayed this on my skin I was in love very fresh and sweet with an almost orangey smell. But when it settles its far more Devine lush sugar cane and freesia with watermeloney smell. At least this is my guess! I love all the fantasys and I can say this is amazing and ill defo rebuy! Plus I love the 
Bottles and keep the empties on my bathroom shelf!  

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MissLJBeauty xoxo