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Bomb cosmetics little hottie

Now if you read my blogs you will know I love me yankee candles. 

I discovered theses in a local shop and the idea is you fill a box with a mix of fragrance little hottie 
Wax melts for £6.99

Omg there are sooo many to choose from! I was in candle heaven! 
I am lucky that I have a expert packer in my fiancĂ© so he took over the job of packing whilst I picked my fragrances ! 

Now I have never had any kind of wax tart to burn and I have to say how did I live before I discovered 

They smell amazing and my whole house is fragranced! 

Now I pop 3 to 4 little hotties in my new yankee tart burner with a tea light underneath ! What I love is you can mix and match the smells to blend them to design your own perfect smell! 

Now the best thing I found about these they last for a very long time! In fact I couldn't believe 
How long they lasted ! 

This is 4 hotties ( melted together) which I have been burning for two weeks yeah I know! I was like when is this going to Run out! I actually had to take this out so I could try a new smell! And ill reuse this one again ! Now I though the fragrance would die out pretty fast but this one is still going strong! 

I have still got a full box of these so I will repurchase these again if I ever get to the end of my current box ! 

Let me know if you have tried them? 

MissLJBeauty Xoxo