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How I cope with depression and anxiety.

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I have always been honest with you all. I struggle with anxieties and depression. I have been going through a bad patch this last couple of weeks. People often suffer in silence but I have always vowed I would always keep you in the loop. The whole reason this site exists is in big part to my depression. If I had not gone through a very dark period. I would not have had to get my feelings out on here and Missljbeauty would not have been born. 

It is funny, How I have managed to make something out of one of the darkest times in my life. Both depression and anxiety have lots in common. There is no quick fit. No switch you can turn off to stop your brain from processing bad thoughts. I have had a couple issues and I felt my world begins to crumble around me again. I am and will always be an over thinker and I analyse everything. When I say that I mean everything. 

For example one woman, I hadn't seen in a long time said to me. You've lost weight. This went round and round in my head. I have for years, worked hard to keep my weight stable and I went through every possible spiralling bad thought, that I could possibly think about. This flippant comment she made to me just stuck with me for days. So when something bad happens I tear my mind apart with every possible bad outcome. 

I want to share my coping mechanisms with you in case, like me you are in need of a bit of help. 

I find this one helps a lot I tell my husband what is going on. I talk it out with him. I tell him my fears and explain what is going on in my brains. I recommend speaking to someone. It doesn't have to be in your family. You can contact a counsellor, the Samaritans in the UK on 116123 or breathing space.

headspace. Is a fantastic place to find meditation helps. I have used this for a long time. I really like the Meditation for anxiety. I find it grounds me and brings my thoughts back to a better place. It makes them less rushed and easier to focus on just one.  You can also find amazing meditation guides on youtube.

I find that writing really helps me. From writing a list of the what-ifs to writing what I have that is good in my life. I find it really helpful to get things on paper or on the computer. 

This one will be no shock but exercise really helps me. It gives me a chance to focus my mind on the physical things I can do. I can ride a bike. I can go to the gym. I can work out.  I can walk my dogs.  I find it can really clear my mind. I know that working out releases the good happy hormones but it is more than just that to me. If I am struggling with anxiety really bad. Sometimes I can't leave the house so I go on to youtube and do a home workout Or get on my turbo trainer. I find exercise really helps with anxiety

My dog. 
I have loved dogs since I can remember. As an adult, I did not have a dog until I was diagnosed with severe depression and anxiety. My husband decided that it was the best time to get a dog. We got Millie.  she was 18 months old and her family could no longer look after her. 

I credit Millie and my husband with me still being here. On my worst day If my husband was at work. Millie was there. No matter what I was going through in my head. I knew one fundamental thing Millie had to be looked after. She had to be feed,  She needed to be walked. At the time we lived in a flat. So she had to be taken on a lot of walks a day. This got me out of the house. Even though I was so scared and suffering.  Millie had to be looked after. She gave me all the love in the world. She would sit on my lap as I cried. She was my rock. If you don't believe in the power of dogs. Give me 10 minutes to convince you that Millie was sent from heaven to keep me in this world. 

I hope this has given you some help and let you know you are not alone.  I will always suffer from some form of Depression and anxiety. I am not going to sugar coat when I am struggling as I would not feel human anymore. Yes I use social media and we all portray our lives to be better than they are on there but I am real and I will share my struggles with you all. If you are struggling to contact your doctor for professional help. I have had great help from my doctor and I am on medication for my issues. The doctor is there to help you not judge you. Please contact your doctor or in case of emergency contact 101. Do not struggle in silence. 


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