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8 date night idea

Well the world is opening up now isn't it and things are slowly getting back to the new normal. There are so many more opportunities to get out and actually see people in real life. So dating is now a bit different. You can go out on dates again. Whether you are married or single dates are important. If you are in a committed relationship it is important to keep the spark alive and actually spend quality time together. If you are single it is good to meet new people and maybe find some love. 

Today we are going to talk about date nights ideas because we all need to get out again. 


I mean there are so many films being released in the next year but right now it's all about 007. With James Bond hitting our screens has there ever been a better time to head to your local cinema and watch a film. Let's face it the cinema could use our support after the last few years. If you can head to an independent cinema all the better and support local business. 

Meal out 

Yes, I went there. Why not head out to your favourite restaurant? How long has it been since you have had a nice meal out? This is also a great place for a first date. You can learn a lot about someone from meals out. I mean you want to find your other half, not someone who can't chew with their mouth closed right? 

I am all about safety so remember to text a friend your location and do check-in thought the night. You can never be too careful. Yes, you might have found your dream partner but it is also always good to be cautious. 


Why not go a bit old school and head out to the bowling alley. Who didn't love bowling when they were little. I mean can we take a minute for the fact I have seen shoes that look like bowling shoes on the runway? What is that about? This is a good place for finding out just how competitive your partner is. I know my husband loves a bit of bowling and it is always a winner in his eyes. 

Ice skating

While we are on retro what about an ice disco? I mean can there be anything more fun than trying to ice skate to disco music and try to remain cool. This will really show you their fun side and also show you their boring side if all they do is hug the side of the rink all night. If you cant have fun there then I am worried, get a few cocktails in and hit the ice dance floor. I mean who wants to go clubbing when you can go to an ice disco. 

Indoor ideas

Film night

Why not turn your living room into a cinema. Maybe you are not quite ready to leave the comfort of your own home and I get that. The world is a different place than it once was. Why not each pick out your favourite film and watch them. You can even do this weekly with a theme action one week, horror another? There is nothing better than snuggling up on the sofa with a bucket of popcorn is there? 


We all lead busy lives and our body can take the full force of it. Why not learn how to massage each other and be able to take the strain. I have trained in massage and I really enjoy giving massages I find it really relaxing. There is also something nice about causing people to pain for their own good. Yes, I know but if your other half has been annoying you there is nothing better than breaking down their scar tissue. I am of course kidding well kind of.

Ahem intimacy

There is nothing wrong with booking in some time for intimacy. It is easy in this fast-paced life to get into a rut and let it slip to the wayside. But it is an important part of your relationship and you need to make time for it in your lives. There are lots of things you can do to spice up your relationship from sex toys to games, to bondage there are items for everyone. 

Whilst researching this I have just accidentally clicked on male masturbators. WTF are these. I always thought this was some sort of joke item but apparently not. My little brain is blown. Well, who knew this was a thing I guess each to their own and all that. Who am I to judge. If you are as intrigued as I am. My eyes have been opened for sure. 

Cook together

It is after all bake-off time of year. Why not try your hand at cooking each other favourite cake or meal. I know this would be a winner in my eyes. I love sweet food and I love baking together I find it brings us closer together. Unless of course he licks the spoon and doesn't leave any for me. I mean that is unthinkable, right? But seriously why don't you try your hand and baking that really complicated dessert you love in your favourite restaurant? 

I hope this has given your plenty of ideas for a date night. Go out or stay in just enjoy each other company and have fun. 

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