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Cold and flu and comfy clothing.

It has been a little while since I have had a chatty post and a lot has gone on. I was away on holiday. more about that another time. Since I came home I have been so poorly. on saturday was the closest I have been to calling an ambulance for myself. I have chronic sinusitis and I developed a cold when we were away which my body took really badly. Today is the first day I am able to move around a bit more and I wanted to hop on and tell you all what is going on and share a little haul with you all. 

Unfortunately when I get a cold it really kicks my ass and developed quickly in to a chest infection and this weekend it developed so rapidly that I was a bit scared. I also have asthmas which never helps with chest infections. Yes I tested for covid and I am clear. I am hands down the fitness I have ever been. I work out and eat better than ever but when I get any form of illness my whole body takes a beating. My temperature has been up and down the last few days. I have been having quite a few cold baths. These really help to get my temp back down that cold and flu tablets. Just to add insult to injury. I coughed so hard I did something to my back. I have either pinched a nerve or pulled a muscle. I mean come on!

for the first time in forever, I wasn't even able to go online. That was weird for me. I am self-employed after all but I have realised my health must come first. I have been living in comfy clothes and I am going to share them with you. A few of my staples are in this haul. I haven't been on Instagram in a few days. I just can't do it just now being this ill. I will be back soon. 

 Anyways today I have a FEMME LUXE haul I need to show you. If you don't know about Femme Luxe, where have you been? They are an online fashion store that stock everything from Dresses to jeans to bikinis to loungewear. They really are your one-stop-shop for fashion. Oh did I mention they are super affordable too? Honestly, I love their clothes. Plus they do amazing sales and discount codes so keep your eye peeled for them. 

A bit about me if you are new here. I am a size 6/8 at the moment I am normally an 8 but I have been training a bit harder for my autumn holiday hopefully. My holidays are mountain biking so I need to be physically strong and fit for it. I am an hourglass shape. I hold my weight on my hips boobs and bum. I will tell you what size I have got so you can gauge the sizing.  These posts always photo heavy so let's get into it.

size 6. I saw this and yes I know it's not really loungewear but I knew I needed it. It is just so lovely. I was kinda thinking I could do something for Halloween with it like a Catwoman costume or something. It would look amazing dressed up with a belt and heels. It is on the tight side so if you like things a bit bigger just size up. 

This is the Coral Ribbed Side Split Tie Waist Long Sleeve Jumper & High Waisted Leggings Lounge Set - Darcie size S/M This is a cute little round the house number for me. I have been wearing it to death when I am ill. It is as comfy as pj but just looks like I actually put the effort into my look. I love that the top is so cover sizes and it doesn't cling to you and you know when your temperature is rising you do not want anything clinging. I love the colour. I think my camera is not doing it justice, to be honest it is even prettier in real life. 

This is the Sage Oversized Sleeveless Crop Top & Drawstring Waist Joggers Co-ord - Alisha size 6. I mean how cute is this. I am so happy with it. You can wear it as it is or additional a layer. It is so comfy and like the set above perfect if you are feeling a little under the weather. This has a nice warm lining and is so comfy and roomy. The crop top is on the bigger size so you can fit a bra under it if you like. 

These are the Pale Coral Cuffed Joggers - Lizzie size 6. Ok, so when I did this order coral was in my mind for sure. I love these. She says whilst wearing them right now. I love the colour and they are just so cosy and warm. Perfect for colder weather and winter. Like all the Femme Luxe joggers they are super comfy and so versatile you can pair them with anything from a baggy Shirt to a crop top. 

I hope you liked this little haul. 

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