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A trip in the mountains - Morzine

Today I want to talk about Morzine. If you have been a follower of mine for a while you might remember I traveled to morzine and Les gets. This was in 2016 and I have some very fond memories of my trip. This was a mountain biking trip and my first every trip to the Alps. I feel in love hard with the mountain there. There is a unquiet majesty to this wonderful part of the world. There is nowhere quite like Morzine and Les Gets for a mountain biker. If like me you're a biker you will know what I mean. Today I am entering a competition with AliKats called Dream of Mountains Challenge. 

Let me tell you about one of my favorite holiday. My husband, myself and our two best friends were looking for places for my first mountain biking adventure holiday. At this time I had not been biking long and was very eager and nervous to embark on my first alpine adventure. It just so happened our friends family chalet was available in Les Gets the two weeks we were available to travel. So accomodation was booked. 

It was decided we would drive all the way. This was for a number of reason but mostly we have so much mountain biking kit for four of us.  It would have been difficult to fly with all the kit. So it was time to plan the 1190 mile journey. The scottish highland to Morzine.  We set to planning and decided we could do it in two day with rotating drivers and booking the right ferry. We choose the Dover to Calais ferry.  Everything was going well on the planning front then bang our car broke down and we had to replace it two weeks before we traveled you could say the pressure was on. Luckily we replaced the car and away ago. 

I remember driving through the french mountains in the middle of the day. I am from the scottish highland and we have some mountain but I had never in my wildest dreams seen anything quite like the mountain we drove through. I mean some of the road in the french alps I thought were almost impossible to drive up. It was a beautiful eye opening sight and one i will cherish forever. 

The day we arrived was a beautiful sunny June day. At this time we could not have foresee that this would be the last full day of sun we would see on our trip. 2016 was one of the wettest french summer on record and the two weeks we had chosen were particular bad. 

I could spent the whole post talking about the bike parks and mountains in this area But I will give it a paragraph. The Portes du Soleil has 21 lifts with access to the world famous mountain biking tracks. There are every grade of trails from the beginner friendly greens to the expert level black and orange trails. There is everything you could ever want in biking in this area there is fast flowy blues to narly jump tracks. I can not remember the name of my favorite trail but It ends in Morzine and is very jumpy. I feel in love with bike parks on this trip. They are just so much fun and the added bonus of not needing to cycle up means you can do more of the fun downhill. Which is what I am in it for. 

If mountain biking is not for you I can promise you there will be an activity for you from hiking to enjoying the scenery to taking a couple hour to enjoy some of the best restaurants and cafes in europe. 

We spent our trip making full use of our bike park tickets and getting the chair lifts up to the trails and lapping them. I have to say the mud in this area is a different type of mud. We would come down covered from head to toe. Now a lot of people would not go out in these conditions but I am from the scottish highlands and us highlands never let a bit of water dampen our plans. We had the best time Morzine and I would love to travel back to the area and see how much has changed. A lot has changed for me I am now a more competent mountain biker and traveller and I credit this trip with my love for adventure holiday. Don't get me wrong I still have a love for luxury hotels and fine dining but I think there is a place in this world where both can collide and I think chalet-harmonie might be the answer. 

We spend had a wonderful holiday and the dream of mountains challenge has me reminiscing about our trip. Check out the link above for your chance to enter this amazing competition and share your stories. 

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