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How to look after your vagina.

Today we are talking about Vagina's, Fluffs, Vagines, Lady bits, Vajayjays, Muffs, Lady gardens, flowers. snatches, cupcake, Minges,  cookies. Whatever you call your vagina. Today we are talking about them. Is it just me or do you still feel a bit wrong about talking about a vagina? Which is crazy it's 2020. I have one, I am guessing you have one or are just interested in vaginas. But there is still a taboo in chatting about them. Well, not today I want to open a discussion about vaginas and what more how we keep our downstair healthy and clean. 

I was sent BETAFEM Feminine Wash and this got me really thinking about vaginas. I want to do a review of this wash for you and also explain a few things. 

First Lets talk about vaginas. Oh no did I just say that yes I did? The vagina is a wonderful thing not only is it the bringer of life but they are a medical marvel in my opinion. I mean what a feat of engineering went into them. Whether you believe in god or evolution they are a marvel how they were made. I mean their inner workings astound me. They bring life into the world and yet we have to say the word in hushed tones and feel embarrassed. NOT anymore. 

My vagina
Now I put my vagina through its paces. Not only an I a normal woman but I mountain bike and road bike. Which can be hours in the saddle in padded short and rubbing? Let alone the grit that can get up there. Sorry if this is TMI but its the truth. I spend a lot of hours on the saddle. This can, unfortunately, lead to all sorts of complications from thrush to UTIs. This is why I like to practise good vagina habits. Like finding the right Feminine wash to keep my downstair happy and healthy. If you have ever had thrush or a UTI you will know the pain this can cause. Unfortunately, it is the hazard of being a female cyclist. I could write a full post on what I do to prevent these but let's get to the review part of the post. 
BETAFEM feminine wash
BETAFEM Is new to the UK market and they have two types of feminine wash. The one I have and a foam. The foam one sound cool. Both products are mildly scented. This is a very mild scent indeed. They are dermatologically tested, colourant and soap-free. This meaning they are super sensitive for your lady bits. Which as we all know is the most sensitive area. The most important thing about any feminine wash is that it doesn't mess with your natural PH. Even the slightest irritant can really harm your natural PH and cause all kinds of issues. 
What BETAFEM says
Both our wash and foam products support your natural vaginal pH balance, helping to provide a healthy environment for beneficial bacteria to grow in. They can offer protection against a range of unwanted feminine discomforts, including irritation, excess discharge and unpleasant odours.

What makes BETAFEM special. 
Its all down to their Tri-care Formula. This includes three wonder ingredients starting with Immortelle. Which is a powerful antioxidant? This helps to keep our skin naturally moist. This is also an ingredient used in herbal medicine which treats skin inflammation. Next up we have  Syricalm which is derived from Phargmite and Poria cocos this helps to really sooth the skin. It is known to help relieve redness and itching. Lastly, we have Deoplex, this is a natural extract which helps to tackle any unpleasant odours. None of us wants a smelly downstairs. Both products contain Prebiotics which are designed to help protect your natural bacteria and growth of flora in your downstairs. 

I have put the product to the test and can say this is a great feminine wash. Everything feels super clean and healthy. No unpleasant side effects Just a nice clean vagina. I do feel that this is really nice to use after a long ride. When I have spent a long time in the saddle as it definitely has a cooling and anti-inflammatory effect on my bits. Which is a welcome relief? I would recommend this to any of you who are in the market for a good feminine wash. 

Let's all try to be less embarrassed by the word vagina or talking about our downstairs. We all have them!

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