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Review of Swisse Me Collagen

Today we are talking about fitness and beauty. I am as you may have guessed,  very into fitness. I workout on average 5 days a week. I try to mountain bike twice a week and Zwift three times a week and I also add in Pilates when I can. Summer is just around the corner and that means I get the weights back out. I keep fit for many reasons; there are of course the health benefits to my body and fitness helps my mental health too.

You may be reading my fitness program and thinking wow that is a lot. Yes, it is but it is also a passion of mine. One of the most important things, when you are on any kind of fitness journey, is to get the right nutrition.

As you all know I am also into beauty and I want the right nutrients for keeping my skin nice and healthy too. If only there was a product which combined both my loves and needs. So nutrition with let says a beauty boost. Wait there is? Enter Swisse Me with their amazing range of products with added Collagen. Did they read my mind or what?

Is it just me or is the modern world a super busy fast-paced and sometimes overwhelming place? One thing I try to not let slip is my nutrition and skincare. I know finding the right balance can be difficult and getting enough goodness in your body can be a challenge. Especially if you are new to it all. That is why I am so glad I have found Swisse Me Collagen Bundle.

Why do we need collagen?
Collagen is the biggest protein in our skin. Collagen makes up 80% of the protein of our skin. Collagen is what makes our skin plump and youthful. When collagen in our skin decreases, we get fine lines and sagging. Also, know as the signs of ageing. There are a number of different types of collagen but needless to say, it is super important in our fight against ageing to add more back into our bodies. So adding extra to our diet helps us fight off signs of ageing. It also helps our bones, teeth, gums and blood vessels and joints. Yes, it is important. So an extra boost is awesome.
I have received three different products from Swisse Me: Collagen Smoothies, Collagen Shots and Collagen Jelly Sticks.

The Boost Me Smoothies range is designed to be the pick me up we all need. Whether it's before a workout or when you are running to a meeting and need to conquer that mid-afternoon slump. This range is what has us covered when we need a boost and it has a hit of all-important collagen to keep us glowing inside and out. They can also help to keep your hands away from the sweet tin as they are a nice sweet treat. Depending on which item you choose. Each of the Boost Me collagen range are low in fat and have no added sugar.
Boost Me Collagen Smoothies
First, we have the nutritional Boost Me smoothies. I received 2 x Boost Me Pear Pouches, 2 x Boost Me Berry Pouches, 2 x Boost Me Mango Pouches, 2 x Boost Me Beetroot pouches. I find these are amazing as a pick me up before an afternoon workout. Each flavour is different. My personal favourite is Mango. It is a sweet and bitter taste and helps me curb my sweet tooth. These give me that extra boost to make me get through a hard workout. Here is what Swisse Me says about each product.
Boost Me Pear- 6.1g of protein per serving! Time to find out why powering up tastes so good with delicious pear, peach, apricot, collagen, basil seeds - a rich source of antioxidants and flavonoids - and magnesium to combat the post-workout dip.
Boost Me Beetroot- 6.2g of protein per serving! Get ready to power up your day with a fruity mix of beetroot, apple, strawberry and raspberry. We've also added collagen and magnesium to pack an extra special punch. 
Boost Me Mango- A tasty tropical concoction of mango, apple, carrot and turmeric blend, created as a healthy daytime snack in a convenient pouch, containing essential fruit and minerals as part of a balanced diet.  
Boost Me Berry - Tasty and berry good for you. This apple, banana, raspberry and date combo with collagen and magnesium is your BFF when it comes to a workout boost.
Why Magnesium?
You will notice these all contain Magnesium. Which is a great ingredient. Magnesium is so important to our bodies. It helps to regulate our muscle and nerve functions. Helps to regulate our blood sugar levels and it also helps to make protein in our body. So you could say it's pretty important we get enough of it.
Next up,
The Boost Me Collagen Jelly Sticks with Manuka Honey
These are awesome sticks in your handbag jellies. These are made with New Zealand Manuka honey and Aloe Vera. Interesting fact time. I don't like honey. Don't flame me I don't. When I first saw these I was very apprehensive. I have always wanted to like honey but I just can't. Which has always been super frustrating for me as the health benefit of honey is incredible. That could be a post in itself. Anyway being the all-rounded blogger and reviewer I knew I needed to give this a go. This is a long Jelly. Which is just fun to eat and I actually really like. Yes, I said it. This has honey in it and I really like it. I have finally found a way of getting honey in my diet. So that in itself is amazing. Let alone the fact that I can get my collagen in. These are only 26 calories too.
Boost Me Daily Collagen Beauty Shots with Blood Orange
This is a little drink which packs a punch. This has 5g of collagen per bottle. It has a really refreshing citrus blood orange taste. This is perfect for a quick fix. I actually pop mine in the fridge. I like it better served cold. These are Fat-free and delicious. 24 calories per bottle.
Now, this is not something I would normally mention but I feel it is my duty as a thorough blogger. I live in the north of Scotland and rely heavily on the postage of products. I really feel that Swisse Me has put a lot of thought into their packaging. I was very impressed with how all the items arrived and especially the Boost Me Daily Shots. Having these in this little bit of cardboard means they arrived in perfect condition. It really is a simple thing packaging but it makes such a difference. I also love the way the Smoothies are packaged. It’s the small things you notice as a blogger I tell you.

I hope you have enjoyed this review of Swisse Me's Collagen product range and do let me know if you try any.

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