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New in beauty February 2020

Let's talk about beauty. Oh yes, where this little blog started. I love all things beauty. From makeup to skincare and hair products. I thought it was about time I did a best in beauty post. These are a few of my favourite products. You may have seen them in a PR unboxing I did on youtube. Let dive in as I think this could be a long one. 

These are both from CODE Beautiful

CODE SSL Soft Smooth Lip Liner
I really like this formula. It is high pigment and it not only that but it has a plumping effect. It's easy to apply and you can be pretty precise with it if you wish which I like. It also wears well and has good staying power.  It doesn't feather when it wears which is awesome. 

CODE LIP Lip Intense Plumer
Oh wow, this is a nice product. Ever fancied that plump pout look but don't fancy the needle that goes with it? Me. Then this little gloss is your friend. Every other lip plumper I have tried It has actually really dried out my lips but this one is super nourishing and leaves my lips looking noticeably fuller. It is long-lasting and doesn't have that horrid stinging feeling other products have. It is infused with Hyaluronic acid to hydrate as it does it magic. You have to use the product daily to see the best results. It also gives a pretty glossy look. 

Sugar-coated is an ethical alternative to wax. It is super gentle in the skin and it smell amazing. This is 100% natural and made from sugar and water. It is super easy to use. I think it might be easier than normal wax. If you or ahem me. Drop any on your carpet you can remove it with ease as its water-soluble. You can also reuse the waxing strips you just need to was them and you can reuse. So that is great. I really liked this product. It left my legs super smooth and was easy to do. 
These are all from Skin academy. I love this brand it is all about quaility product at a low price point. Where to start. 

Skin academy moisturising hand gloves
I love these. You may know I spend a lot of time mountain biking and all that time outside in all weather really plays havoc with my skin and especially on my hands. These are super nourishing and made a huge difference to my hands. 

Skin Academy Tea Tree & Peppermint Exfoliating Foot Socks 
I have never done exfoliating socks before and it was an eye-opener. The application was nice you just pop your feet in the little socks and wait. Then you wash your feet and wait. Ok, this is the TMI bit. My feet started peeling after about 5 days. I mean really peeling. But after that was over my feet are left nice and soft. 

Skin Academy Collagen Gel Eye Patches
I love these they are so nice to use. I put mine in the fridge so they are cold. This is just such a nice treat. I find they help to get rid of dark circles and tired eyes. You also get a massive 4 treatments per pack which is awesome. 

Skin Academy Indulge Anti-Pollution Mud Mask
This is my favourite product. It smells like Calpol. which is delicious. This mask doe not mess about. 
It has lots of amazing ingredients. one of which is vitamin E. I find this really helps to calm my skin if I am having a bad skin day. Or winter as I am. It feels nice on the skin and my skin looks more hydrated and youthful after this treatment. 

Skin Academy Indulge Hydrating Serum Sheet Mask 
I love a sheet mask and this one is fantastic. I really like that the mask and serum are in separate compartments. This gives you the control of how much you want to use and you can use the leftover for another treatment. I pop mine in the fridge to use the next day. This is a really indulgent mask as the name suggests it is crammed packed with ingredients like coconut oil and shea butter to really get deep in your skin and hydrate it to the max. My skin looked plumper and hydrated after I sued this mask. I will be buying more. 
These are all from Guava and gold These to me are heaven. These all smell like paradise to me. Honestly the best smelling product I have at the moment. I am obsessed with them. 

Coral beach Hair conditioner.  
This is a super-rich Filled to the brim with luxury ingredients Coconuts, avocado and manuka oils. This leaves my hair so nourished and super soft and did I mention it smells like heaven in a bottle. This does not weight down my hair. My hair is thin but there is lots of it. I really love this product. 

Coco & Cherimoya body lotion. 
Again a super-luxury product. They all to be honest just feel and look Luxury. This is enriched with avocado oils, shea butter, grapeseed and vitamin e.  I use this all over my body. It has made a huge difference to my winter ravaged legs they almost loom summer-worthy and I am sure with a few more applications they will be. My skin feels hydrated and smooth. 

Paradise found Bath and shower gel. 
Can we take a minute for how beautiful this product looks in the bottle? It's so pretty I almost didn't want to use it. This one is enriched with avocado oil. It is lovely in the bath as well as a body wash. It smells amazing and leaves you bathroom smelling good too. 
This is Lipq liquorice balm. Which is my lip balm of choice at the moment? My lips have been a bit of winter ravaged. This is crammed packed with liquorice extract. It also protects you from cold sores with glycyrrhizic acid. It leaves your lips hydrated and feeling lovely. 

 These are from Nanogen. I really like this brand its all about thickening your hair and you know I am always looking to add volume to my hair. 

Nanogen 7-IN-1 Shampoo for Women 

I really like this shampoo. I have found using this has added volume to my hair and it looks clean and healthy. It really cleanses my hair and removes oil buildup. This is a shampoo which packs a punch. It is designed with making hair more beautiful in mind and it really does that. It doesn't lather up too much but it really does clean your hair. Its formula also helps to keep you scalp healthy and this is also optimum for getting volume into your hair. It all starts at the root right? 

Nanogen Hair Hydrator 
This one is unisex. I get my hair coloured so this one is right up my street. After years of bleach, my hair needs extra hydration. This has Hyaluronic acid gel which is amazing at hydrating fine hair like mine. This does not weigh my hair down. This was my first thought when I tried it but I am happy to report. It leaves your hair looking healthy and happy. This added volume from the root to the tips. It was easy to brush through and I am seeing a massive improvement in my hair with both these product. 

I hope you have enjoyed this little best in beauty post. 

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