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Planning a trip to London

We are heading to the bright lights of London town next month. Now for a little highland girl like me, this could not be more exciting. My husband grew up near Windsor and has been to London a lot. Whereas little old me has only been a hand full of times. I know what you are thinking. Wait, you are a blogger and you are not in London all the time. I am not. 

I do get invited to amazing events and things in London But let's put this in context. To drive from my house to London would be 11 hours non-stop. Getting the train would be about 15 hours. So you can imagine it would be an epic journey to attend an event. I am however blessed with my brother and sister-in-law still living nearby to where my husband grew up. So we are going to stay with them and hit the big city. So our London trip needs to be planned. 

Being a blogger I think people think I spend my time at glitz events and staying in hotels in London. Which is definitely possible but not as easy for us rural bloggers. So when I get the chance to hit the big city you know I am going to pack as much as physically possible into my day in London. 

My planning always started by booking a show. You may or may not know that I am a trained actress. Yes in my younger years I trained in acting and worked in theatres. I love the theatre. I have seen so many really good shows. But first, we must find out what is on. I always try to find the best ticket prices.

There are a few shows I fancy Waitress on at the Adelphi Theatre. It looks phenomenal! Six the musical on at Arts theatre. I love period dramas so anything of this era is so up my street then add in musical theatre and do we have a winner? I would love 9 to 5 but I can't see my hubby going for that one. Boo. There is always the lion king? too many choices. Also, do I buy the tickets so they all don't get a choice? Only kidding I will take a vote. 

After I have booked the theatre this will give me something to structure my action plan around. Normally we go for a 1930 show. We will head into London about 10am to avoid the commuters. Oh, my word I once got on one of those trains. I have to say I have never been so close to wanting to jump off at the next stop in my life. So missing them is a high priority for me. I like to fit in two tourist thing and a show. I also like to walkabout. Unfortunately, the Taylor swift song is nice but visiting the whole of London town in 24hours would be impossible. 

First I want to go to a museum. Yes, I am a geek I love history and Museum is one of my favourite places. I also like to go to castles and palaces. On my bucket list is The Victoria and Albert Museum in London. They have an amazing collection of everything from wedding dresses to photography. I have always wanted to go here. This may eat into my time as I am one of those people When I go to a museum I go and I read everything. Yes, I might be dyslexic but my need for knowledge is huge. So I will need to really sit down and see how long I should leave for this. 

Next up would be lunch somewhere or an afternoon tea. I love English afternoon tea. Give me a scone and cream and mini sandwiches and I am in heaven. I hear Harrods does a fab one. So this is something to look into. 

The London Eye
The last activity to schedule would be something that takes less time like the London eye. I have done this once before. When I did it I bought the fast-track entry and we hardly had to queue.  This is an option. Another interesting fact about me is. I am very very scared of small heights. So this terrifies me. So why do it? For the views. I love the views. It really is incredible what you can see up there. So the fear has to be pushed down to get up there. 

London doesn't need to be expensive either, you can travel to visit London on a budget with plenty of free activities in London.

What do you think of my plans? Do you like theatre as much as me? If so what show would you recommend?

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