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My hair free journey- Review of Sensilight PRO

Today we are talking hair removal. I have tried every form of hair removal From waxing to epilating I have tried it. Well, that is not quite true. I have just discovered laser hair removal. I have done so much research about this subject. Spend hours on youtube and website trying to find the right product to help me on my ulitmate quest to be hair-free. I am not one of those women who want to have hair. I am the complete opposite I want nobody's hair, I want to have silky smooth legs. 

I want to talk you thought my quest to become a hair-free woman. I live super rurally and I have thought about travelling to get salon IPL but it would be super time consuming and if I am honest this is where my research in to at home IPL started. But just so you know the nearest salon to me that does the IPL I wanted to get would be a 5-hour drive just to get there. 
So this is the Sensilight PRO. This is my weapon of choice for this journey. A bit about this at-home laser hair remover. This gives proven salon results at home. This is not ILP this is RPL which is Reactive Pulse Light This is a step further in at-home hair removal. Sensica has really done all the hard work and made the best and most user-friendly device for removing hair.

What the brand says 
Created to give you the same results as you’d get in a professional spa, and clinically-proven for at-home use, the Reactive Pulse Light (RPL™) technology inside every Sensilight PRO has been designed with both effectiveness and safety in mind. Thanks to a unique energy recommendation button, the device identifies the most suitable energy level for your specific skin, while built-in sensors ensure that the device only works on suitable skin tone, so you can carry out every treatment with complete confidence.
For ultimate accuracy, the device offers two treatment options. The 4.5cm2 window is suitable for use on large areas of the body, such as legs and arms. For small areas, like the upper lip, chin and jawline, a 2cm2 wide precision tip attachment with integrated UV filter has been especially designed to deliver gentle and precise treatment. 
What's in the box?
You get the Sensilight PRO Its self of course. It comes with two guide books. One is a quick start guide and then the full instructions. You get the charging cable and stowaway bag and the little adapter to make the treatment area smaller. How cute is the little bag? This is such a handy little extra. 
Product features:
  • Skin tone detection button – Identifies the best energy settings for your skin tone
  • Cordless – Enjoy the freedom of movement
  • 600 flashes between charges – So you can keep going for longer
  • Automatic gliding mode – Treat larger areas without holding down the trigger
  • Large treatment window (4.5cm2) – The largest available today, for faster treatments on larger areas
  • Small treatment window (2cm2) – Especially designed for small areas like the upper lip, chin, and jawline
  • 6 adjustable energy settings – Ensures gentle and effective treatment on every skin tone
  • High performance lamp – An integrated quartz lamp delivers unlimited flashes, covered by a lifetime warranty.
When it comes to hair removal, the only way to get truly long-lasting results is to disable hair regrowth from the source. Based on the kind of IPL technology commonly used in clinics today, Sensilight PRO emits a flash of light with each press of the trigger button, targeting the melanin in the hair shaft. The heat of the absorbed light then dissipates into the follicle, generating a thermal effect which causes a long-term reduction in hair growth.
First treatment.
I popped The Sensilight PRO on to charge overnight. It only takes about 2 and a half hours to charge to full. I read the instructions. Like everyone should. You have to shave the treatment area before you apply the Sensilight PRO.  You must also have dry skin free from any products. So no moisturiser or deodorant. Clean and dry skin is a must. You must do a patch test and wait 48 hours to make sure you have no reaction. I did this and waited and I was good to go. Please always do a patch test. 

Full disclaimer I watched a couple of YouTubes about other devices and I was very scared about how this was going to feel and the pain.
This is where the Sensilight PRO really stands out. You turn on the device. It has a little kind of fan sound. I have inserted a little diagram I made of the controls of the Sensilight PRO so you understand what I am talking about. You can control the device with the plus and minus control buttons or you can use the very clever skin detection button which does all the hard work for you. If you choose this button it will check your skin and pick the level which will work best to treat the area. You have the option of using the trigger or using Gilde mode. Glide mode is perfect for legs as you no longer need to hold down the trigger. To activate glide mode you hold the trigger down for 3 flashes and then glide mode will do the flashes for you.
On the back of the device there is a light strip this tells you when the device is ready to use. Green means you are good to go. There is a full guide to the different colours in your guide books. 

I use the device on the skin detection setting. At this stage,  as I said above I was really nervous as I had watched other devices reviews on youtube and was bracing for impact. You place the Sensilight PRO on your skin and press the trigger. The light flashes and a slight tick noise and you are done. This was a bit of an anti-climax as It was not painful at all. You then move the device to the next part of your body. In my case, I first tried my legs. Making sure I did not overlap the area. There was no pain on my legs at all. Nothing. The light is very bright but It is safe to use without any eye protection. It took me about 30 minutes I think to do my legs. I went on to do my underarms and bikini. There was a very slight not pain, not even discomfort but feeling we will go with on the more sensitive bikini areas. But by no way was it painful. 

So what I have seen so far with Sensilight PRO. It has been nearly a week since my first treatment. Now my leg hair has started to grow back but slower than normal. I can only think this is a good sign. Of course, this is a course of treatments. You have to redo the treatment every 2 weeks for up to 12  sessions. But according to the guide, I should start to see results after 4 sessions. But I am sure my hair has started to grow slower. I look forward to updating you all on how my journey is getting one and watch out for my youtube videos on the Sensilight PRO too. 


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