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Christmas 2021 gift guide for dogs

 Woof woof woof and merry Christmas. Now if like me you are a dog parent you will love this little guide to the best gifts for your furbaby this festive season. I love to spoil my dogs. I mean it doesn't have to be Christmas for them to be spoilt let's face it. But I do love to do it over the festive season. 

I have two willing testers for this gift guide. Millie is a 9 almost 10-year-old springador. She can be fussy and like what she likes. 

Then we have her brother Mylo he is a 7-year-old dalmatian. He lovely everyone and everything. He does have stomach issues so is on a more restricted diet. 

As with all these guides some items, I have bought some have been gifted, all will be received the same. 

First up Mylo would like to show you his new harness that he bought himself with his hard-earned pocket money. Bark and Ride Lewis Adventure Harness. This harness has been put through its paces by Mylo from little walks to bog diving, rolling in heather/bogs and following bikes this harness is amazing. It is designed perfectly for adventure dogs. It has an awesome grab handle on the back for easy control and long with so many design features I will let Bark and Ride explain. But before I do. I should mention this is not only a great product but it is a small Highland business too. They offer a range of gifts for your pooch this Christmas so check them out. 

Bark and ride Lewis adventure harness. 
A durable dog harness with a handle for more control when you need it. The harness will give all-day comfort for your active dog on everyday walks as well as gentler, shorter days biking.

Perfect for weekends away in the van or car and can be used as a dog harness for the car. The Lewis Adventure Harness has a soft, breathable inner which is comfortable, wicking, and durable.

100% Polyester Fabric
Durable harness with comfortable handle.
Great style for everyday wear.

 Here we have one of my favourite gifts. A blanket for your furbaby. I actually have has one of these made but ASDA photo but it is 57in x37in and I couldn't for the life of me get a photo of it. It is so stunning and cosy. You can personalise it with photos of your pooch and it is such a nice way for them to get snuggly. Pop it in their bed or pack it for cold car rides this is an awesome gift. 

Food and treats 

The gift of food for a pooch is always a good one but both my dog's love Burns dog food. Millies sampled the all the treats above and especially loved the ocean bites. 

Millie is also trying the Burns senior biscuits

A complete food that’s ideal for senior dogs​
Perfect for seniors needing extra support​​
Low fat to promote a healthy weight​
Promotes healthy joints​ and helps maintain cognitive function
Contains salmon oil, green tea extract and glucosamine.
Hypoallergenic and Wholegrain rice

Mylo is trying Grain-Free for Adults dogs

Developed by Veterinary Surgeon John Burns
Grain-free, gluten-free and dairy-free
Contains the nutrient-rich buckwheat
Contains vitamins which support all-round health
Added taurine for a healthy heart

Both dogs are loving their biscuits and treat from burns. 
Here we have Natural instinct Dog Christmas Feast. This is by a fantastic brand that offer premium raw pet food. The meals are all offering nutritionally balanced, complete meals for dogs and cats. All Natural Instinct meals include 100% British meats, with added fruits, vegetables and natural supplements to create wholesome and most importantly, healthy meals. The Christmas dinner sourced turkey with bone and liver, and essential vegetables and fruits including carrots, parsnip, spinach and apple. Not forgetting traditional festive flavours and nutrients, this year’s Christmas Feast also includes sage, cranberry powder, British flaxseed oil and sea kelp. Both my dog loved trying this I would recommend this for sure. 

Another favourite for my pups is Lilys kitchen. They loved the new festive treats. The meaty section was also a winner with me as it came in a lovely little tin. 

Show us one woofer who wouldn’t want to rummage through a meaty selection of delicious bites!
This tin includes Festive Turkey Jerky, Scrumptious Duck & Venison Sausages & Best Ever Beef Mini Burgers. 

The turkey jerky
Let your woofer join in the festive feast with our delicious Festive Turkey Jerky made with proper meat, for a proper treat. These tempting grain-free recipes are made with natural ingredients and without any added nasties – so your furry family can enjoy them throughout the festivities.

Must not forget one of my dogs favriote treat in this guide Vets Kitchen Little Stars. These are such good little treats to have with you on the go. They offer different varieties of Stars Treats for Smart Dogs, Active Dogs and Sensitive Dogs. These are suitable for dogs of all ages. 

I don't know where to start with these. w'zis is a new range and brand for the dogs to try. As you can imagine my dogs were a bit spoilt on the run-up to this guide but when the postie delivered this they were so excited and kept taking me to the box. It was like they were saying excuse me but this is for us so open it up. W'zis dog treats are all plant-based so can be enjoyed by dogs on a plant-based diet. 

Triple Tin Gift Box Our 100% natural, grain-free, plant-based treats have a deliberately firm texture and angular profile to prolong the eating time and promote teeth cleaning. But you can afford to be generous; these healthy morsels only contain 1 calorie per treat, perfect for training.

Postman & Roast
W’ZIS pooch Greta can’t get enough of postman and lives for Sunday roasts. You won’t find a whiff of a postman in here, more like something akin to smokey (vegan) bacon, or should that be smokey facon? The rest is all vegetable goodness; sweet potatoes, pea, tomato, pumpkin and sunflower seeds.

Slipper & Biscuit
Save your slippers and consume fewer biscuits — let our treat fill the void. Slipper & Biscuit’s green and yellow colours are flavoured with pooch favourite peanut butter. The contrasting green is the natural result of adding broccoli and breath freshening apple.

Lamp Post & Chips
After some consideration, we decided not to mirror the unique aroma of lamp posts. These have a more gentle flavour profile. The splendid blueberry colour comes from the inclusion of purple sweet potato.

W’ZIS Fang
 It’s the teeth of our identity, our bat signal, a call to arms to fight all dull, brownand bone-shaped treats. And its profile makes for an awesome dog chew — the Fang scrapes those gnashers and tickles their gums. The Fang is no kind of miserly dog chew — it’s a chunky little number prepared to put in the hard work of satiating the insatiable.

Dubya Lights
A longer-lasting chew with the added bonus of fillable holes. The Dubya can be chewed on its own or filled the holes with a paste of your choosing. Smear it with dog-friendly peanut butter or cream cheese for added pooch satisfaction. Available in two sizes for small and larger dogs.
Next up we have Arden Grange Tasty Liver Treat for cats and dog perfect for stuffing their favourite toys or if your dogs hate taking tablets. I promise with a little bit of this they will love taking their tablets.

With lots of fresh liver, our Tasty liver treat the perfect reward for your dog or cat. This irresistible paste is ideal for training and great for giving medication to your pet either mixed in with a crushed tablet or with liquid medications on a dish. This is a complementary food that does not contain any artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.

Both dogs loved this and started to beg for their tablets after using this for their medications. 

Another great brand Barking heads have a lovely range of dog treats. Barking Heads is a natural pet food brand. They have recently launched their new Tuck Shop Treats! Of course, every dog owner wants to treat their pups but the market is full of unhealthy treats. So Barking Heads have designed four completely natural recipes that offer customers a healthier way to treat their dogs. Barking Heads have a treat in the range for every occasion, bite-size, chews & long-dwell time! Each treat also has added health benefits.


Since we have covered food we need a nice new set of bowls to get the food in. These are the stunning 
Mason Cash Colour Mix Grey Set Of 2 Dog Bowls. They look lovely and are nice and heavy so they can't be knocked over. They really are a nice addition to your kitchen or utility room. 

The Mason Cash Colour Mix pet bowl range has a simplistic modern look and is available in 3 classic colours. Produced from stoneware, the 15cm x 4cm grey dog bowls with the embossed bone are durable, practical and difficult to top over.

This is vapur EZ-Lick portable dog water bottle. This is such a handy little water bottle. You might know this but our dogs come out with us when we are mountain biking and normally 
share our water but with one of these, they can have their own bottle. 

Introducing Vapur® EZ Lick™, the most convenient way on the planet to keep your dog hydrated. The foldable dog water bottle is the ultimate all-in-one solution for hydrating your pet without the mess or bulk of other bowls and gear.

Featuring the 700ml Wide Mouth bottle and the patented PupCap with Lick-Activated technology, the Ez Lick converts a wide mouth bottle into your new favourite way to keep your pooch hydrated while on the go!

This is the emergency dog walking kit - a handy survival tin with kit you hope you won't need to use but thank goodness you have it on you A popular gift for all dog owners and great with Christmas coming up
Contains an emergency dog lead in case yours breaks or is lost
A super bright LED torch for the dark
An emergency loud whistle to call for your dog, (if worried & out of sight)
scented doggy bags so you’re never caught out.
tweezers for ticks or thorns or worse
antiseptic wipes to avoid any infections,
waterproof sterile plasters for minor cuts & grazes. for the owner
Survival tin can be used water bowl. 

Perfect for any dog lover
Whilst you are treating your pooch this festive season why not think about giving a gift that also gives back the Royal British Legion has a lovely range of dog products to choose from. Plus your money will help a very important British charity. 

The stunning Haig collar, lead and bow tie
Marking 100 years of the Royal British Legion, we have created bespoke tartan from the national colours found in our core logo, supported by our secondary palette inspired by colours associated with British military ribbons. The silver-tone buckle is engraved with a simple poppy and the collar is finished with a ribbon tag. The tartan, named Haig, was designed and produced in Yorkshire Mills and the collars and leads assembled in Keighley, using cobalt blue genuine leather and the strongest metal buckles for your pet's comfort and safety.

Grey Poppy & Paw Adjustable Collar and bandana 
This fantastic grey collar is adjustable, strong and features a delightful poppy and paw design. All profits benefit the considerable work of the Royal British Legion in supporting the Armed Forces community.

The Waboba woofpack will make a lovely gift for any furry friend. 

At Waboba, we're on a mission to Keep Life Fun for us and our pets!

Raise the WOOF, take your dog out to play all day! Woofpack includes 3 tail-wagging retrieval toys for air, land and water play. Perfect for puppies and active dogs who love to retrieve! Howl yeah!


  • 1 Jetwag Disk: Soft rubber frisbee that flies far and high. Perfect for dogs of all sizes to retrieve at the beach, park, or garden.
  • 1 Tailwind Ball: A super bouncy and ultra-durable ball with a textured surface for extra grip. Perfect for high energy dogs. 
  • 1 Fetch Ball: The most fun retrieval toy for water-loving dogs! Bounces on water only. Perfect for playing fetch at the beach, lake, or river.

Bath and hair care

Mikki offer a great range of grooming product. This Mikki Bamboo Bristle Palm Brush is perfect for Mylo and his really short dalmatian hair. It really is nice and gentle and he loves to be brushed with it. It is super important to groom your pet. It is a great way to bond and check for any health concerns. 

Since we have just talked about grooming. Bathing your dog is important too. I love these Poochiful Products. They offer dog shampoo, no-rinse shampoo and even a perfect white shampoo to bring Mylos white colouring back out. Poocgiful is vegan-friendly, cruelty-free, pH balanced and made in the UK.

Mucky pup shampoo

With a focus on a deep but gentle clean, this super shampoo gets down to the job of removing muck from your pup! Our unique cleansing formulation is pH balanced with a deodorising action that effectively removes stubborn dirt and odours (even fox poo!) without stripping your dog skin of natural oils. Kind and gentle on the skin without stripping away your dog’s natural oils, leaving their coat super clean and smelling fresh.
Built-in conditioner, natural moisturiser and Pro-Vitamin B5 help to care for skin and coat.
Easy rinse formula to help reduce washing time.
Dermatologically tested* (*on humans)With a zesty fresh Grapefruit & Mint scent

Here we have some super cute and practical gifts from Kikkerland. I do love a practical gift. I think the 6 dog clips are really used fully for resealing dog treat bags to keep the freshness inside. 

Tick Tool is a travel-sized comb that conveniently attaches to your keychain, belt, or bag for on the spot tick removal. Kikkerland's Tick Tool is the perfect pup-shaped accessory to take anywhere. Features a gentle, easy-to-use comb for hooking ticks and other debris in your dog's fur. We have a lot of ticks here in the highlands and this will be super handy. 

I have used these Be:loved dog care products before and loved them. They have a range of pet shampoo bars which are so handy and good for people who perfect theses. 

This one is there Be:calm bar which is
Deeply conditioning and moisturising goats milk combined with calming scents of lavender and camomile ensure your pet’s skin retains moisture at bath time, resulting in softer skin, silkier coats and happier pets too! They do offer a vegan version of the shampoo bars too. 

Comforting & Cleaning
Our natural prebiotic spray will prolong a healthy, clean environment for you and your pet. This versatile product eliminates odours, cleans, kills germs, and contains active ingredients that get to work again if re-soiling occurs.

SPF15 Protection and Insect Repelling
Handmade with sensitive skin in mind, our sun protection balm for four-legged friends has been formulated using intensively nourishing ingredients. Perfect for pets that love to soak up the sun, whilst also repelling insects. With Mylo's short hair he has to use SPF in the summer so this is a must have. 

Millie has skin problems they think it might be an allergy to grass or pollen. 
I love the brand Anicura. If you are your precious pooch has a skin issue you need to try Anicure's dog products. 

The Shampoo and conditioner have been created to provide a natural alternative to the harsh and chemical shampoos that are on the market. The naturally active ingredients have been carefully selected for their bio-scientifically proven ability to support the maintenance of healthy skin. The Shampoo will work with your dog's skin instead of against it and will leave the skin and fur feeling nourished and moisturised. 

The gel Forms a soft layer over the skin to provide deep nourishment. Contains Apple Cider Vinegar to maintain healthy skin. Safe if accidentally ingested. Omega-rich formula for calming & soothing of the skin. Easy application for more sensitive areas like the face wrinkles & paws
The Gel is designed to encourage further soothing of the skin. The naturally active ingredients like Sea Buckthorn and Apple Cider Vinegar, have been carefully selected for their bio-scientifically proven ability to maintain healthy skin. The Gel will soothe and nourish the skin.

The Dog Spray was originally developed with the belief that the skin can overcome any problems when being given the right nutrients and care. Our Spray contains a multitude of natural oils that all aid the skin in becoming stronger and healthier. Think of ingredients Sea Buckthorn, rich in Omegas, Lavender to soothe the skin and Safflower as an antioxidant.

The Spray has two key functions, firstly immediately relief of itchiness and cooling, calming of the skin. Secondly, feeding the skin healthy nutrients to ensure it becomes stronger long-term and better able to fend of flare-ups or other allergic reactions, like redness and itchiness.

Another great option is the J.R.Liggett's Sensitive Dog Shampoo Bar. It leaves your dog's hair looking clean, feeling silky soft and smelling good. All thanks to the all natural ingredients, it won't irritate your dog's skin. Relives itching due to dry hair.
Relieves itching due to dry skin
Hypoallergenic & Antibacterial
Easy and economical to use
Extremely gentle and mild

I hope you have enjoyed this little guide as much as Millie and Mylo enjoyed testing all the products for you all. 

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