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How to keep warm this winter

Let's face it we can no longer pine for summer and have to fully embrace winter is here. The last week the weather has changed and we are being told to brace for a cold snap to come any day now. It is time to get prepared for winter and stop hiding from it. Winter is such a special season everything is just so different the trees are bare, the ground is bleaker and the storms are fiercer.  

I am one of those people who always run cold. I am the person in the group who is cold all the time. I can even be cold in the height of summer. I am just built this way. This might not sound the best but I have found lots of ways of staying warm and toasty so I am in a good position to help you all stay warm this winter season.

In your home

1. First things first how is your heating? Do you look after your boiler? When was the last time you had it checked and serviced? Or are you in need of a new boiler installation altogether in your home? It is so important to look after your boiler and it is equally important to replace an old boiler. I have actually had my old boiler replaced and I can not believe the difference in my house. It is so toasty and warm. Your boiler might not be the most exciting thing in your house but it is one of the most important things in your home so make sure you look after it and replace it when needed. 

2. Radiators are another thing that is overlooked in most houses. When was the last time you bleed your radiators? Or do you even know this is something you should be doing? You need to bleed your radiators to remove any trapped air in them to make them work better and more efficiently. You should be doing this once a year. If you haven't I bet you will feel a difference when you have done yours. 

Whilst we are on radiators. Make sure you are not blocking your radiators as this can block the heat from getting into your room.  You can also buy radiator covers which you place down the back of your radiates to help reflect the heat back into your room. 

3.  Your windows might be letting heat escape from your house. Having old and badly fitting windows is one of the main causes of heat loss in a home. I can confirm this. I had to have thermal imaging to test our window and the amount of heat that we are losing is incredible. It might be worth thinking about replacing your old window to save some heat. 

Adding curtains and blinds to windows can act as a buffer and help you keep heat in your home. It might be worth investing in good quality curtains and blinds to help to keep the warmth in your home. 

4. Let the sun do the work. If it is a nice day let the sunlight into your home. The sun will naturally warm up your home for you. Natural sunlight is not only warming but also has proven health benefits. So open those curtains. Just remember to close them when it gets dark. 


1. Wear suitable clothing. There is no point in complaining you are cold if you are wearing summer clothing. It is winter after all it is time to get your winter wardrobe out and get those cosy and comfy clothes on and get dressed for the season. 

2. Wear thick socks or slippers. When you get cold the first places to feel it is in our hands and our feet. There is nothing better than a nice cosy pair of socks or slippers to make you feel nice and warm. 

3. What about a blanket? Why not snuggle up on your sofa with a nice cosy blanket. I love mine I have a really thick blanket I pop on when I am cold. Well if my dogs let me that is. 

4. Dogs or pets. I am not saying to be warm buy a pet but if you have a dog or cat that like to sit on your knee. I promise you will never be cold again. My dogs both fight over cuddling me and I can promise you when they are sitting on me I am not cold. In case you didn't know one of my dogs is a dalmatian who is 35kg. 

5. Hot water bottle. I am a big fan of a hot water bottle. Yes, it's a bit old school but is there anything cosier than a hot water bottle to keep you warm. 

6. Hot drinks raise our body temperature and are a great way to get warm quickly. So reach for your favourite hot drink, be it tea, coffee or hot chocolate drinking something hot will help you warm up and be cosy quickly. 

It is really easy to complain about being cold but it is equally easy to sort the situation with some little tweaks. Winter comes every year lets make this one a nice and warm one for ourselves. I hope you have found these tips helpful. 

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