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How To Make Your Bedroom Cozy This Winter

Winter is fast approaching, and so are the cold weather months for snuggling under the covers with a cup of hot chocolate and a good movie or book. If the long cold winter days always get you down, it may be time to start making your house cozier.

Characterized by shorter days, you need to ensure that your bedroom is cozy enough before the chilly weather starts to hit. While putting up a fireplace in your bedroom might be unrealistic, there are many other ways for you to make your bedroom a source of warmth and comfort.

Here are some of the things you can do to warm up your bedroom this winter.

Switch out Your Lighting

Adjusting lighting might be something you least expected, but you will be surprised how this simple move can help make your bedroom cozy. Preparing for the winter months by switching to softer bulbs in your bedroom is a good starting point. Consider using warm white bulbs or any other option that has a warmer tone. A good pick should have at most 2,700 Kelvins for it to produce a warmer golden glow.

You can also choose to use dimmer switches so you can easily change up the ambiance of your lighting fixtures in the bedroom. Choosing to utilize lamps instead of overhead lights is another simple way to warm up your winter lighting. Unlike the unflattering light flickering fluorescent overhead fixtures, lamps can dramatically alter the mood in your bedroom and help make it cozier.

Invest in Rugs

Bare floor and wall surfaces are no fun during the cold winter months. They often make the house less weatherproof and contribute to loss of heat. But you can quickly fix this by layering rugs. These rugs will add style and color to your bedroom, changing its feel without painting the walls.

They will also help insulate bare bedroom surfaces, prevent heat loss, keep your cold feet toasty, and give your bedroom a cozy feel. It is the most efficient way to hold down your heating costs during winter. A mix of different rug textures and colors should go a long way in making your bedroom soft and cozy to hunker down during the cold months.

Change up Your Bedding

As temperatures begin to drop, it is time to swap out your light summer beddings for winter-ready options that will help add warmth and comfort to your bedroom during these dreary times.

When preparing for winter, layering multiple pieces is better than relying on one bulky blanket. If you want to create a cozy haven for the chilly days and nights ahead, shop Nolah Mattress now to find your winter essentials.

Keep in mind that the main goal is to find a comfortable mattress that fits all of your sleep requirements. A good pick will lay a cozy foundation for the cold winter nights and help keep your bed warm from the bottom up.

You can also make your bedroom space winter-proof by getting a warmer comforter. Depending on your preferences, you can choose to pair this up with a folded blanket at the end of the bed for an extra layer of warmth during frigid nights.

Top it all off by adding other bedding accessories like more pillows for extra warmth. Such layering allows you to adjust your beddings as necessary, meaning you can either cut back on the covers or add a throw as the temperatures fluctuate.

Utilize Textures

Different beddings and bedroom accessories will add softness and texture to your bedroom, giving it a cozy winter feel. It alters the appearance, and you can use it to make any space with a neutral color scheme more visibly appealing.

You can play around with different textual elements like sculptured bedroom décor, organic accessories, wall coverings, masonry elements, upholstered beddings, and various shades to make a neutral bedroom visually textural. For instance, you can use small wooden figurines to add texture to a shelf or use different layers of rugs and pillows to light up the neutral color scheme in your bedroom.

Make Cozy Fit Your Style

Winter is fast approaching, and the cold weather months can get pretty chilly after sunset. So it is best if you accessorize your bedroom and make it cozy as early as possible. Remember that you can use texture to give your bedroom a winter appearance, especially if it has a neutral color scheme. 

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