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How Can Opticians Provide Stylish Glasses And Frames For Their Customers: A How-To Guide

Whether you’re a clothes and accessories supplier or an optician, when it comes to providing glasses and frames for your customers you need to have a wide range of options. Every customer will be different and needs different practical, as well as style options to choose from. If you’re looking to increase the options you provide then take a look at the guide we’ve created below, so you can factor in all the aspects customers may be looking for.

Have A Wide Range Of Shapes

Different shape glasses complement and suit different face shapes better than others, and it’s likely your customers will be aware of this too. Make sure you’ve got plenty of options for them to choose from, so they can find something that’s right for them.

For example, oval faces may work well with a range of different frame shapes. Square faces may work well with a rounder frame shape to soften out sharper features. Customers with round faces may find that they suit large, angular, modern shaped frames that add length to the face.

By getting to know what shape frames could suit different face shapes, you’ll be able to better understand what your customers are looking for and be more likely to make a sale.

Have Different Styles For Different Age Groups

The age range of your customers can vary significantly, and different age groups will be looking for different characteristics in the glasses and frames they want. Make sure you’re keeping up with the latest trends so that customers that are fashion conscious have plenty of options to choose from. Particularly if you’re an optician, you need to make sure you offer a range of children’s frames and glasses too, perhaps featuring popular TV or film characters to make them stand out.

Make Sure Frames Are Stylish As Well As Practical

There needs to be a balance between the practical and style elements of frames you offer, as different customers may have different priorities. Lulu Guiness frames offer a range of modern, classic, and beautifully stylish opticians that your customers are bound to love.

Ensuring you have stock that meets practical and style needs will keep your customers happy, and ensure they continue coming back to your establishment. You never know; they could even recommend your services to friends and family too.

Frame Colours

When it comes to supplying glasses there should be a wide range of colour options. Some customers may like a bold, bright frame, whilst others prefer more neutral colours. You should also factor in different styles such as matt frames or metallic. Glasses, although worn for practical reasons, are another extension of an individual displaying their style. So, you need to allow them to find something that helps them express themselves and feel good wearing them.

Offering A Range Of Prices Some customers may see their glasses as a priority and important for their day-to-day style, and so may be willing to spend a larger sum of money on them. However, others may see them as purely a tool they need to use to get things done, and won’t be as willing to fork out a large amount of money on them. Due to this, you need to be able to understand you customers and what they want. Offer a range of prices as well as styles so that your customer can find something that’s right for them.

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