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The best jumper dresses this winter

I am so cold. I honestly feel like I can't get warm. I don't know if it's because I am ill or what but I am cold all the time. I am already looking at summer holiday destinations just to warm me up. I am just not too sure what is going to happen this festive season. There are so many rumours that a lockdown is possible. It feels like a game of whispers we used to play as children. 

I am so hopeful that we won't go into a full lockdown. This year we are at home as my other half is working but there are so many families that want to be together and so many children that are missing out on the festive season again if this is the case. I am really hoping that there will be some sort of festive season. Not just for the family but for all the businesses that depend on December to get through January. It really is all a bit concerning and like everyone I am clinging on to hope for moving forward with life and 2022 will be a more normal year. 

I miss travel and I miss seeing my friends and family. Most of my friends and family do not live nearby and I would love to be able to make plans and keep them for a change. I just want to get dressed up and go out, out ok is that too much to ask. I want to sit in a cafe the morning after the night before and laugh at how silly we all were. I want to wear pretty dress and feel normal again. 

Anyway, I know what will cheer me up a clothing haul! oh yes, it will.  Today is all about Jumper dresses I love jumper dresses they are comfy and look put together.  We have a FEMME LUXE haul I need to show you. If you don't know about Femme Luxe, where have you been? They are an online fashion store that stock everything from Dresses to jeans to bikinis to loungewear. They really are your one-stop-shop for fashion. Oh did I mention they are super affordable too? Honestly, I love their clothes. Plus they do amazing sales and discount codes so keep your eye peeled for them. 

A bit about me if you are new here. I am a size 6/8 at the moment I am normally an 8 but I have been training a bit harder for my holidays hopefully. My measurements are boobs 33in waist 25in and hip 33in. My holidays are mountain biking so I need to be physically strong and fit for it. I am an hourglass shape. I hold my weight on my hips boobs and bum. I will tell you what size I have got so you can gauge the sizing.  These posts always photo heavy so let's get into it.

This is the Rust Ribbed V Neck Midi Jumper Dress - Ivy size 8/10. Just Yes to the colour of this dress it is actually a lot more rust in real life. I love this colour with my blonde hair it really works on my colouring. I would team with some nice boot and hair down and minimal makeup and a nude lip. 

This is the Chocolate Ribbed Bardot Long Sleeve Stretch Bodycon Midi Dress - Rosita size 6/8. I mean this is such a lovely dress in a really nice winter colour. I love the neck on this dress you can wear it up like I have or pull it down for a bit more of a low neck sexy look. I really like the mid-length of this one. I would pair with winter boots and hair up. 

This is the Blue Acid Wash Oversized Long Sleeve Front Pocket Drawstring Hoodie - Niamh size 6. Why have I never had a denim looking jumper dress before? I love the look of this one. It is so unique It is also really lightweight and comfy. I love the length of where it hits on my legs. It just looks different and I am here for it. Comfort and style I would team with leggings and trainers. 

This is the Grey Knitted Bardot Long Sleeve Bodycon Midi Jumper Dress - Debbie size 6/8 I love this one it is really comfy to wear and it can be worn like I have heard or you can fold it over your shoulders. This is classic winter comfort but classic jumper dress. It looks good and keeps you cosy. I would team with boots and a waist belt and hair up. 

I hope you have enjoyed this little haul 

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