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Is Birmingham the best staycation spot to visit this December?

 Isn't December the most magical time of year? The Christmas lights are glistening and everywhere is bustling. I have been trying to plan a last-minute festive staycation and I have been looking at all the best Hotels in the UK to help make my choice and I have decided to head to Birmingham as there are so many great deals on hotels and so much to do in the city. 

I thought I would share with you my plans in case you too are looking at booking a festive trip to Birmingham. You know I am always looking for the best holiday package deals in the UK so I can share them with you and save you some money. 

Birmingham is packed full of great restaurants, shopping and of course theatre culture. It has some of the best staycation hotels in the UK along with bustling bars too. So I will be spoilt for choice. Birmingham is sometimes overlooked when it comes to staycations but it really is a stunning city with something for everyone from the avid foodie to the shopping enthusiast. I promise you would have a great time in Birmingham. 

Today I am going to tell you what I am going to be doing on my staycation in Birmingham in December. I will be using the VIP pass. You can check out more about this here. The VIP Pass gives you fantastic discounts on hotel and accommodation deals. I have read the VIP pass review and they are really good.  So I am excited to use them for this staycation. Let's get into why I am going to Birmingham this December. 

1. The Christmas market

I love the Christmas market and Birmingham has one of the best markets in the UK. When it comes to the Christmas markets, there is no better place than The Frankfurt Christmas Market. It has everything I could ever want in a Christmas market. It is brimming with Christmas stalls that sell amazing festive food and drinks along with traditional German handmade toys and other gifts. Being an avid traveller, I have travelled to Germany a few times. It is one of my favourite travel destinations. I enjoy their traditional food and drinks. I also can’t say no to a currywurst or two either. 

The Frankfurt Christmas market will have all my favourite German foods from spicy sausages to hot gluhwein. The food in itself will be worth the visit but there will also be a big wheel and an ice rink for some more festive fun too. 

2. Christmas shopping

I have had the pleasure of shopping in Birmingham before and I love the array of different shops. There is everything from high-end designers to high street stores. It even houses the biggest Primark in the world with its own Disney themed floor and cafe. I will be heading to that floor as I do love Disney at Christmas. Who doesn't want to go and have a look in the world's biggest Primark.

I of course will have to have a little look around Harvey Nichols and Selfridges as they stock the best designer goods. They are also the best places to be during a sale as you can find high-end items at discount prices. Harvey Nichols houses a wonderful bar that serves cocktails, champagne and whiskey. It also offers a treasure-trove of foodie delights which can be paired with a fabulous drink or too. 

But would it be a trip to Birmingham without heading to the famous Bullring shopping centre? It happens to be the biggest and best shopping centre in Birmingham. It is home to stores such as Hugo Boss, Coach, H&M, the Lego store to Pandora and Zara. There really is something for everyone. In December parking is free at the Bullring shopping centre. If you like a bit of a shopping spree you definitely need to take a trip to the Bullring. 

3. Birmingham Hippodrome

I have a passion for theatre and I am a trained actress so whenever I am in Birmingham I head straight to the Hippodrome and see what I can get tickets for. The Hippodrome is the best theatre in Birmingham and a must-do for any avid theatre-goer like myself. It has a full timetable of amazing shows from comedy, musicals to mysteries. No matter what type of theatre you like there will be a show for you to throw out the year. 

This year's festive pantomime is Goldilocks and the three bears.If you have never been to a pantomime imagine some light-hearted comedy with lots of musical numbers you will know and you can sing along to. Pantomime normally have celebrities playing main characters. This year it is Jason Donovan in a lead role.  Do you remember him from the 90’s show neighbours and also his song he did with Kylie? There is nothing quite like a British pantomime. I will get some tickets for that hopefully and immerse myself in Christmas cheer. Is there anything more festive than a Christmas pantomime?

If I can I would also like to see the Nutcracker ballet which is also being performed at the Hippodrome theatre. I absolutely adore ballet. There is something so majestic and beautiful about watching ballet dancers. If you were to only see one Ballet the nutcracker should be top of your list and performed by Birmingham Royal Ballet’s company of world-class dancers. They really are fabulous. 

4. Cadbury world 

As I am heading to Birmingham and I like chocolate I would be doing myself an injustice if I didn't head to the home of chocolate Cadburys world. I can tour the famous factory and see how my favourite chocolate is made. This is no ordinary factory tour. Not only are you able to have a guided tour of the chocolate factory but there are interactive games and the world's biggest Cadbury shop to explore. What sweet tooth wouldn't want to head to the famous Cadburys world. This will be a really fun way to spend a few hours for me and pick up extra gifts for the festive season. If, like me, you are a sweet tooth you need to book Cadburys world. 

5. Food

I am excited to try lots of different restaurants and foods. As you know I am a foodie and trying new places excites me. Birmingham has everything from high-end restaurants to cafes and diners. I will be looking forward to a couple champagne meals and some nice lunches.

 I have heard great things about the “food and drinks Adams” in their centre of the city. This has just received a Michelin star. It started out as a sandwich shop and grew from there to being one of the most prestigious eateries in Birmingham. I promise any food lover would enjoy a trip to Adams. 

If you like a festive lunch you need to head to Marco Pierre White Restaurant. This restaurant is owned by the world-famous chef and restaurateur, Marco Pierre White. The menu has been handcrafted to tantalise the pallet whilst also in keeping with traditional festive food. This restaurant is within the magnificent Cude hotel and offers panoramic views of the city.  This is not just a restaurant for awesome food but the view alone is worth the trip. It might also be worth checking VIP pass to see if they have a deal on this hotel. The Cude is luxurious, modern and has amazing views of the city.  

If you are planning your own staycation to Birmingham you need to check out The VIP pass for the best deals for your hotel or apartment stay. The Vip pass has the best and most sought after hotels on their site. Using the vip pass will help you to save money as they offer the best rates and is hassle-free. You really do need to check it out to make sure you get the best deal when staying in Birmingham. You can thank me later for introducing you to this amazing site. 

I hope you have enjoyed this guide to things to do in Birmingham this December and found some new exciting options for your next UK hotel staycation. 

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