Monday, 20 November 2017

Winter Warmth and your home

Hi everyone,

Winter has arrived, and the frost and cold weather is rolling in thick and fast. Our guide is going to take you through the best ways to keep warm this winter and to prevent that horrible chill from entering your home.

Your Flooring

It may surprise you to hear, but having warm colours in your home actually gives off the impression of warmth. Darker colours such as walnut, because we associate them with warmth, it tricks our minds and our bodies into actually feeling warm. If this sounds like something you’d like this winter, then walnut engineered wood flooring is perfect for you!

Engineered walnut also has the capability to have underfloor heating fitted underneath, and if you have a slightly extended budget is highly recommended. Solid wood, however, is not recommended to have underfloor heating fitted, as excess heat can cause the wood to expand, thus causing damage to the flooring.Don’t let that put you off solid wood though, due to its solid nature, it naturally stops cold from entering through any cracks. Engineered, however, due to its layered makeup won’t be affected by heat. Having the right underlay and flooring insulation also makes a big difference.

Warmth around the house

As well as ensuring your flooring is properly prepared, it’s important to make sure the rest of your house is fully ready. Draft excluders will be your new best friend and will ensure that heat doesn’t escape. You can buy them, but they are also incredibly easy to make a DIY draft excluder. Any material that can be used to wedge a space, along cushion or item of clothing will do the trick.

Thick curtains are also a great help. It’s also incredibly important to ensure that windows are shut properly and that all cracks are covered. If you have the budget as well, double glazed windows are always worth investing in, but it can be a costly investment.

Other more simple options are a jumper or two, and a nice warm fluffy blanket always do the trick! Ensuring little things like your radiator works properly are also very important factors. One of the more entertaining options is a pet, but it is important to remember that a pet is not just for Christmas!

We hope our guide has helped you somewhat to stay warm this winter.


Sunday, 12 November 2017

Winter Clothes Haul.

Hi everyone,

How are you all?

I have a bit of a haul for you today. Its winter so its time to stock up on winter staples. I am desperately in need of basic staple everyday winter clothes. I ordered from LOTD which is an amazing up and coming Manchester based online.  I got a bit obsessed with this store. It's not only affordable but the quality is amazing. I feel like I'm letting you in on a secret. I have had so many compliments on these items.

I am including a video of me trying on the outfits as The light at this time of year is awful and I couldn't get the light for the photos that I wanted. Got to love this dark and raining weather we are having. The Joy of UK life. Sorry for the lack of makeup but I just did a chemical peel and couldn't wear it for 24-48hrs and wanted to get this up for you.

This is a stunning t-shirt dress. Its lightweight and has a tie waist. £12
I really like it on. I think it really suits my figure and I can dress it up or down for the season. 

I really like the pattern of this dog tooth dress £12.  It really makes you look thinner than you are. 
The black panels are perfectly placed. to slim your body. I would team this with tights and boots. 

 I love this long sleeves sweater dress. In fact, I am wearing it right now. The fit is lovely and its super cosy. at £12 its a steal. you cant really tell but it has frayed sleeves which just adds the relaxed feel to it. 

I love a good hoodie and this longline knitted hoodie is right up my street. It is thin and fits the body really well. Plus the colour is this season. £10

There is nothing I like more than a cosy jumper and this one tick all the boxes. I love the dipped front and back detail and the larger knit. £18 I love this with jeans and boots. 

 How cute is the sleeve on this jumper? double frill sleeve jumper black £20 It an oversized fit but it really feel lovely on the skin and It's almost peplum hem adds that little extra detail.
This was my out there purchase. I have never really gone for the how velvet trend. but these
velvet flared trousers £12 are a lovely fit. they really are nice to wear and I really like how they look. I feel they are very festive too. 

I really like this site and wouldn't hesitate to put in my next order. The clothes are better than topshop and Zara but Primark prices whats not the love here?

Thursday, 9 November 2017

Ordering clothes for my Husband

Hi everyone, 

Well, its true winter is here. Its cold outside, dark and its time to do a clothing order. 
For me? You ask no not for me, for my husband. Does anyone else have to do their husbands clothes shopping? He just can think of nothing worse than going shopping. We are going away for Christmas and a few events he needs to dress nicely for. At the moment I am looking at rip t-shirt as the norm. No not in a fashion-forward way,  it's so old it's not even funny way. Yes, we all have clothes we should throw away but wear around the house. but his is trying to wear them out in public. 

My shop of choice is I thought it would be fun to share with you what I'm buying. the awesome thing about Jacamo is the postage has all ways been super fast and free returns. I have gone with four outfits which I am hoping he can mix and match. 

Lunch with the family 

Flintoff By Jacamo Polo RegularUnion Blues Loose Fit Jeans 33 InchJack Wolfskin Century 4 in 1 Jacket


Union Blue jeans black £25
Jack Wolfskin 4 in 1 jacket £280

The perfect outfit for lunch with the family and walking the dogs. The jacket is the best of both worlds waterproof. long lasting and warm. 

Bewley & Ritch Rover Check Shirt LongFarah Soft Touch Twill Trouser 3Leather Saddle Loafers Standard Fit
Bewley & Ritch Rover check shirt £50
Farah Soft Touch Twill trousers £32
Leather saddle loafers £45

I love this outfit. it's the right about of casual and put together for a theatre or a nice meal out with the family. 

Christmas day
Label J Snowman Xmas Knit LongSnowdonia Lightweight Training Pant 31inSanta
Christmas Jumper £30
Snowdonia lightweight joggers £22
some fun elf Christmas PJs. £28

Christmas is a low key day for us full of eating so there is nothing better than popping on some comfy clothes so you can eat your weight in food. 

Christmas Ball

Flintoff By Jacamo Slim Suit Jacket RFlintoff By Jacamo Slim Dinner Trouser RShirts
Flintoff by Jacamo suit Jacket £120
Flintoff by Jacamo Suit trousers £45
Raul Brook shirt and tie set £30

What do you think of my Order? I hope this will take him through the festive season. With no holes to be seen. 


Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Oxfam #KindnessChangesLives

Hi Everyone, 

I have been thinking a lot about how lucky we are in the UK. 
I spend my time blogging and mountain biking without much of a care in the world. 

Every day the news is full of evil things and I just watch it and think oh no. But do I really listen to what is going on?  The other day I was working online and my internet went down. I couldn't believe how annoyed I got at this. Sometimes I forget there are other people in the world who struggle to feed their family and suffer in ways, We in the western world can only imagine. 

I have been asked on numerous occasion what I would like for Christmas and don't get me wrong there are lots of things I want but what do I actually need in this life? 

I have a loving husband and a roof over my head. If I get injured or get ill, I have the NHS which will help me. If  I am hungry or thirsty I go to my fully stocked kitchen. We are all guilty of overindulging at this time of year. How many of us actually give back? I don't mean the odd charity tin donation.  I mean really give back?   We can all make thing better for other human beings why not start with a random act of kindness. Make a small swap of one of your indulgences for something that could benefit other people. 

Oxfam is running there #KindnessChangesLives campaign just now and I think this is a fantastic cause. 

Why not make one of the theses swapes? No matter what your budget. There is one for you. 

£1 chocolate bar = This could provide people in Vietnam clean water for a day. 
£5 Costa coffee = buys Buckets to transport clean drinking water. 
£8 cocktail =  buys 32 children textbooks to further their education.
£10 bottle of Wine. = buys 10 people clean and safe water. 
£18 lunch = 50 young woman can be educated about there rights within there community. 
£24 Manicure = Could get a family an allotment to grown there own food. 

If you would like to make a simple swap this festive season to help someone less fortunate click here 


Next years Holiday Thailand ?

Hi everyone, 

Is it me or is it getting colder every single day? It's that time when I start to plan next year big trip. This year didn't go to plan as we had lots of different commitments and my husband's job decided when he can have holidays. 

We always book last minute and this has left us in the lurch a few time so this time none of that for us. 

I have been searching the net long and hard for the perfect destination and decided on drum roll, please .....Thailand. 

Now we have a destination where to go? A quick google search of Thailand deals. I have always wanted to go to thailand. It just looks like a dream to me. So beautiful and unreal. 

Myself and my husband are not huge party animals.  When we are on holiday it all about good food relaxation and culture. My friends always joke that I have a high standard when I go on holiday and if I'm honest I do. I don't see the point in going abroad too not have a nice standard of accommodation to relax and enjoy. None of us works hard to settle for a basic life. Everyone strives to see more of the world. 

I think I have found the best of everything in one trip.  Every time I see Thailand I know I want to do a multi-centre trip. If I am going somewhere I want to crame in as much as I can. I really am of the opinion that life is too short to not live it. 

So Here is my Pick... 

3 nights Bangkok, 3 nights Chiang Mai and 8 nights Phuket. Destination2 Deals From 1099

3 nights in Bangkok. 
This giving us enough time to rest after a long flight from the UK and time to explore this amazing capital. 

5 things I want to do in Bangkok.
  • Temple of the Reclining Buddha
  • Temple of the Golden Buddha
  • The Grand Palace
  • Bangkok Dinner Cruise on the Chao Phraya River
  • Wachira Benchathat Park

3 nights  in Chiang Mai

5 thing I want to do in Chiang Mai 
  • Wat Chedi Luang Varavihara I love history can you tell? 
  • Historic Old Chiang Mai Bike tour as you know I am a mountain biker so this would be super fun for us. 
  • Elephant Rescue Park 
  • Khun Chang Khian
  • Bua Thong Waterfalls

8 nights in Phuket

This is the time to relax. For me, this is a welcome break from the city breaks. I love nothing more than reading a book whilst listening to the sea. I like great food, cocktails and this ticks all the boxes for me. My husband enjoys snorkelling and diving and this resort would be wonderful for that so as long as we have great food and a nice spa This would be the perfect place for us to recharge after the hustle and bustle of the last few days. 

Have you planned next years trip yet?

Saturday, 4 November 2017

I need a new logo - Logojoy review

Hi everyone,

I have been needing to get a new Blog logo for a long time and have put off getting one as it always seems time-consuming. and let's not pretend I am not the most creative person when it comes to graphics. 

I have gone with I have tried in the past to create one myself but it has never looked as professional as I would like. Missljbeauty has evolved over the years and its time to get a new creative logo that is a better fit for it.

I thought I would do a full review of my experiences in making my new logo.

When you go to Logojoy. The first thing you are asked is what is your business name. So far I like how simple this is keeping it for me. Then you go to a page where you choose the five styles of logos you like from a big selection. There really are lots to choose from with different fonts, colours and styles. I find it hard to pick. 

Next up colours. I pick the colours I like, again from the huge pallet. What I really like is that it gives you words associated with the colours. Like passion for the reds and royalty for the blues. I love this little touch and throughout my experience with Logojoy. I like that they have gone to this effort. It really makes them stand out as not just another logo design firm.  

You are asked for a slogan if you like. I choose not to have one. I can't really think of what to put. 

Would I like a symbol in my logo? They give you a symbol search engine. I type in blogger and lots appear from stars to computers.
I try a few descriptive words that I think my brand is represented by and there are hundreds of choices.

Next, this clever little site takes all your information and makes a personlised logos for you to choose from. There are so many I am struggling to choose one. Then like a glimmer of light in a dark place. I see the one. 

As you know I love mountain biking and a chainset, chainring has come up as a border of m logo. I would never have thought of this for my logo but I love it. Hearts are on my blog theme at the moment. So I choose a heart symbol.

You can edit everything from the font, to the colours, to the layout. You name it, You can edit it. I spent a long time playing with this.  Em I mean perfecting my logo. No this is work. It definitely is not fun.

I love my design. I have to say, I have never had so much fun making a logo before.

I can not believe they came up with the biking chainring. I love it so much. I have just customised a photo frame with these all around the outside for my husband's great uncles 100-mile cycling certificate that we were gifted. 
How could this clever site know I'd love this?

Logojoy was simple fuss-free and user-friendly. I loved how easy this is to use. I felt completely in control of my design throughout the whole process. The results are professional and amazing quality. I haven't seen a logo I like better if I am completely honest. 

What package to buy?

I choose the premium package which is $65 which is about £49. what do you get with Premium? 

High-resolution logo
Vector EPS and SVG files
Transparent background
Black/white versions
Lifetime phone support
Font names and colours
Full copyright ownership
Make changes and re-download
Print ready
Brand guidelines
Social media kit (extra)

You can have a basic package starting at $20 and an enterprise package at $165
  • Drum roll please....... 
  • Introducing my new logo? Click here to get your own. 

Winter sun swimwear Yes please

Hi everyone, 

How are you all? 

Well, I am sat here freezing. Yip winter is here. So It has me thinking about winter sun. On My goodness lets talk holidays and bikinis. 

My favourite winter sun destinations have to be Egypt, Cuda and the Dominican Republic.  To name a few.  My husband and I normally like to take our sunshine holiday in the winter time. I love planning a winter break. My favourite thing to do is to shop for designer swimwear. I can spend hours clicking through different styles. 

I am a big cupped girl with a small back and I struggle with finding great fitting bikinis. I wanted to share my top picks for a winter break. So you to can find some inspiration. 

Freya Spirit Underwire Bandless Halter Bikini Top - Black
freya spirit underwire bandless bikini - I love a good halterneck. I find it really flatters my chest without compromising on style. I find a side tie bottom is the best for me as it draws attention away from my legs and to my waist. I always pack a black bikini. I find I can mix and match it with other items giving me lots of choices. 

Roidal Comfort Pol Soft Cup Cossover One Piece - Red
Roidal pol soft cross over one piece. 
Who doesn't love a red swimsuit? Growing up in the shadow of Pamela Anderson. I have always seen this as the pinnacle of glamour. I am hourglass shaped and this suit is the perfect thing to compliment my figure with the crossing taking your eye to my narrow waist and away from my hips.
I like to pack a swimsuit for the days where I am either doing something like a waterpark or snorkelling. Less chance of slippage.   

Pour Moi Puerto Rico Boost Padded Plunge Underwired Top - Denim
Pour Moi Puerto Rico Padded plunge bikini 
This oozes sex appeal. I really like the denim blue colour and the padded cups. I always appreciate a good padded cup and extra support is welcome in my book.  What about this does not scream show stopper. 

Panache Anya Voyage Bandeau Bikini Top - Navy
Panache Anya voyage bandeau bikini 
I love a good bandeau to minimise the dreaded tan lines. I hate tan lines and I find if I can find a good strapless bikini and wear it for the first day this really stops them in there tracks. This one to me scream takes me on a yacht. it's so nautical.  I like Panache as they always take great can in creating bikini with great support and you know I like that. 

Have you booked a winter sunshine break? 


Thursday, 2 November 2017

Out of the box fitness? Scuba Diving anyone?

Hi everyone, 

How are you all? 

I have been thinking about out of the box ways to keep fit and active lately. I don't think I have ever spoken about this before. A great and fun way to get some fitness in whilst exploring the unknown world is scuba diving

Where I live in the north-west of Scotland a lot of people are employed to be scallop divers and it's a great way to keep your fitness up as well as the other benefits. I think in the UK people are less likely to do this sport then elsewhere. But nothing should stop you from seeing the wonder under own sea. 
Firstly invest in a good wetsuit. There is no point starting with a basic wetsuit as it will affect your dive so invest in a quality suit. My own is a 7mm one so it keeps me cosy even in the north sea. 

I was very lucky and when I lived in Nairn in the highlands I swan with the Moray Firth dolphins or rather the same and had a nosey at me when I was having a swim in the sea. I have to say I had a bit of a jaws moment when I felt something pushing past me. Believe me, they are a lot bigger than you could ever think. I was with my husband and they stayed with us for ages. In fact, we left them before they left us. It was an incredible experience. 

There are many health benefits in scuba diving, My 5 favourites are 

1. No shock here your fitness level will increase. Your muscle needs to work harder under water which in turn gives you a fantastic workout. 

2. Helps improve flexibility.  Your muscles will work differently underwater and this will stretch them in ways you have never stretched them before. The great thing about water is it stretches you in such a natural and easy way that you don't even notice it. Free yoga!

3. Saltwater in itself has many health benefits, think about when you get a cut if you put it in salt water it heals faster. Plus it always helps to clear my skin acting as a more natural cleanser. Your body needs salt to run what a great way to get in in your system. whilst seeing fish and sea life you have never seen before. 

4. Stress relief, there is nothing better than floating in the sea. I find this raises endorphins making me feel happy and relax. As you know I am a natural worrier and I find if I spend some time in the water I can centre myself easier then on land. I find it reminds me how small I am and there is a whole world outside of my head that is there if I am worrying or if I don't. 

5.  There have been numerous studies that say diving will reduce blood pressure. In this day and age there are a lot of people who suffer from high blood pressure. Anything we can do to combat this is great in my book. 

Have you ever tried scuba diving

Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Leanbean review – Reasons this fat burner works

Hi Everyone,

As followers of Miss L J beauty will know I’m a seasoned veteran when it comes to weight loss and burning fat. Having lost a fair amount of weight I know what’s needed to really change your figure for good.

Leanbean is a natural fat burner made by supplement specialist Ultimate Life, their main area of expertise is female fat burning products.

Leanbean isn’t a prescription fat burner, instead it capitalises on the power of natural ingredients which science has shown can be effective in some of the following areas;

  • Lowering belly fat & cellulite – Hardening up the soft parts of your body.
  • Raising stamina & Endurance– Giving you the energy to exercise for long periods with greater endurance in the gym.
  • Speeding Metabolism – Helping you burn extra calories whilst at rest.
  • Suppressing Appetite – Helping you cut cravings down to size and avoid cheating on your diet.
  • Inhibiting Aromatase – Preventing the build-up of certain hormones which are responsible for fat production.  
These are bold claims but unlike a lot of the other products out there - including many weight loss coffees and teas of this world - Leanbean offers a money back guarantee when you choose their 3-month program. So, if you’re looking to shred down you can try Leanbean with the comfort of knowing there’s a guarantee should you not see the benefits.   
What’s in it?
As I mentioned Leanbean isn’t a medication, it does however supplement your body with nutrients it’s likely already short on, nutrients that can help provide your body with the things it needs to burn fat.
To do this Leanbean includes a range of ingredients all with a slightly different purpose. For your metabolism, there’s healthy amounts of Green Tea and Green Coffee, both of which are regularly included in these kind of supplements.
Then for appetite control you have Cayenne Pepper and an ingredient I’ve only just learnt about called Glucomannan, this is a plant extract which helps you feel more satisfied after eating.
Finally, you’ve got a number of other ingredients chosen for their role in promoting good health. This includes Turmeric as well as Vitamins B6 & B12 which are known to effect fat burning in woman due to their influence on a substance called Aromatase.  
What about side effects/can you take whilst pregnant
It’s a fair question as fat burning supplements often work through their inclusion of Caffeine. Leanbean does include Caffeine, but not what I would say are silly amounts, I certainly didn’t experience anything resembling side effects whilst taking it, so for most people it should be fine.
If you’re trying to cut down before getting pregnant then Leanbean’s natural ingredients are a great way to supplement your hard work.
In terms of taking this product whilst you are pregnant it’s probably wise that you ask a doctor first, as like I said it does include some Caffeine.
How to take Leanbean
I’m not sure there’s any hard and fast rule with this although the makers recommend spacing out each Leanbean capsule so that you’re getting a regular hit of the ingredients all day long. The suggested servings are one tablet at a time, four times a day, so by my reckoning that’s one every three hours or so.
The only time it might be worth changing this up is if you’ve got a particularly hard work-out and you want an extra dose of energy, in this case some people might try two capsule right before exercise but that just comes down to personal preference.
Other info
You’d be surprised these days at how many fat burner manufacturers don’t give you the full breakdown of what’s included in their products. The most common problem with some supplements in this sector is something known as a proprietary blend – it’s where the makers simply include a big list of ingredients on the label but don’t tell you the amounts of each one. It’s something that’s quite common when buying pre-workout supplements too. As you’ve probably realised Leanbean doesn’t do this, which is great, as you can see each and every ingredient is clearly found on the label.
Final review

What I’ve come to learn with getting in shape is weight loss and fat burning are two different things. Weight can be effected by a whole host of things such as water retention and improved muscle mass.
The point of a good fat burner is that you’re more likely to see the difference in the mirror rather than on the scales.
This was definitely the case for me whilst taking Leanbean, as I’m quite an active person I used this product whilst working out in order to help create more definition and tone up. I was really happy with the results.
In terms of physical response, the reduced appetite is likely the thing you’ll be most aware of due to the Cayenne Pepper and Konjac fibre. When I’m on a diet I always find the hunger pangs the hardest thing to deal with but with Leanbean this wasn’t as noticeable.
The natural Caffeine in this product may also raise your temperature somewhat, if you take the product close to a training session it’s possible that you may perspire ever so slightly more too due to the Green Coffee and Green Tea. This isn’t anything to worry about though, If anything it just shows the product is working.
Whilst nothing will simply make your fat vanish overnight on its own, the point of Leanbean is to prime your body for fat burning by giving it the right ingredients, as long as you’re training hard and eating right then this supplement will do the rest.
You can buy Leanbean from

Friday, 27 October 2017

My fitness Journey back with results with lucy

Hi Everyone, 

How are you all? 

I have been back with Results with Lucy for Two Months. I Kinda feel off the fitness bandwagon after slipping a disc in my back.  I was given the all clear and It was time to get my Favourite fitness sensation in my life. As A blogger I get Offered lots of workout plans and programs but I always end up back with results with Lucy. I find for me there program just work. I think I will always be a #RWLFittie

There are loads of program and if you check my fitness section you will see I have done a lot of them. This time it was on Demand plus for me which is the plan with unlimited access to video workout and meal plans. There are also mini-series to follow from student days to a wedding planner. 

I love the results with Lucy ethos. Workout in your own home when you have time. Working out doesn't have to cost the earth. From as little as £14.99 a month you have all you need to achieve your goal and more. 

I love that with one demand you can choose what type of work out you do. If I was short on time I could pick a 20-minute session or if I needed an arm blast and HIIT Harder session. I could do that. 
I tried to fit in every second day. This to coincide with washing my hair. Does anyone else do that?

So I know you are thinking show me the results 

I don't work in weight only Inches. As I believe weight is so variable but Inches tell the full truth of any exercise and healthy eating You do. There no cheating the tape measure. 

My Inch loss

Arms-0.5 ins

Total Body Loss - 22 inches. OH MY GOSH! 

From this to this 

 from this to 

From this to 

 from this to 

From this to 

The end result. From a size 12 to a size 8-10 I got my waist back and I have to say I feel better than
ever. I got so many compliments on my figure at the wedding I was going to. For the first,  I felt confident in my skin and felt the hard work had paid off. I will never be the skinniest girl as I am Hourglass but I feel happy and healthy. 

Stay tuned for My next results with lucy update. 

Why not come join me with  RWL I love to motivate and make new workout friends. 
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