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10 unusual Things to check on your car

two vehicle car crash on motor way

Let's talk Cars. I know I might be a bit of an anomaly. Having been an Ex-police officer. But what is with people?  I have never understood why people don't check their cars before they use them.

My top 10 unusual Things to check on/in your car before it gets colder. 
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  1. Tyre tread. Do you know the legal limit? it's 1.6mm in the central 3/4 of the tyre circumference.  Your tyres are the main thing keeping your vehicle on the road. so why on earth do people not know how to check this? Need new tyres check out TyrePlus this is where I get my tyres from. They are running a great campaign too called #TestYourTreads (ill pop in the infographic at the bottom of the post.
  2. Your windscreen. If you have any chips or cracks get them checked and sorted. I have seen many smashed windscreens due to cold weather. 
  3. NEVER DRIVE WITHOUT BEING ABLE TO SEE. This is not only an offence but this is so dangerous. I was driving the other day and the car in front had two small comedy holes to see out of in his steamed-up window. ARE YOU CRAZY? You are not only endangering you but everyone around you.
  4. Light, Light will go out in the cold weather. especially going from hot to cold. It is so important at this time of year to have all working lights. This is how you see and be seen. if you don't have anyone to check these with you can do it in shop windows. Just double-check you have your lights. 
  5. winter tyres. Not needed for a lot of the UK but worth their weight in gold for the rest of us. Who has snow or ice? not the worst idea to have snow chains in your boot.  
  6.  Jump leads. Any can need a jump in cold weather and it's a great idea to have a pair in your car in case you need help or see someone who needs help. 
  7. Deer whistles. This is controversial some people find these work for them others think they can startle the deer more. If you don't know what they are. They are little bits of plastic that cause a high-frequency noise that is meant to keep deer away from your car when driving. There are lots of deer where I live, Can you tell? 
  8. Emergence supplies- First aid, blankets etc this is a really important thing to have up here. You could easily get stuck on a road due to a breakdown or closed snow gates. It is always a great idea to have things in case the worst happens. 
  9. Water, Not only for drinking in an emergency but it can also act as a screen wash if needed. 
  10. Check your paintwork. If there is any sign of rust get it seen to the sooner it is found the sooner it can be fixed and save you time and money in the long run.