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Getting Your Hands ready For Winter Season

Wintertime can wreak havoc with our hands and nails! The change in
temperature from the cold outside to central heating inside can make
our finger and palms really dry, and flakey. It's not great for keeping nails
and varnish on either. That is why you need to give your hand a
winter makeover, something you can find out how to by reading the post below.

Treat your hands

The first thing you need to do to keep your hand in shape for the winter season
is a moisturising treatment. One such treatment is a paraffin wax bath.
This is when you use a special device to gently warm and melt wax,
then place your hands into it.

The wax coats your hands and is a wonderful treatment for dryness, scaly skin,
and even aches and pain in the hand and wrist area. You can get all sort of
scented waxes to improve the experience as well, and this combined with
the warm temperature makes is a truly luxurious as well as restorative treat.

Natural nails

Next, the nails, and if you prefer a natural feel and look to acrylics or gels,
then you need to ensure that your own look their very best.
The first step to this is trimming your nails, so they are all of equal lengths.
Something you can sign out more about here.
Then file them off, so they are smooth and use a guide like this to help
you push your cuticles back.

After that, you can choose to paint your nails with home use products,
or you can use nail oil and a buffer to give them a natural shine.

False nails

However, many people prefer to wear false nails as own don't grow as they
would like. Happily, this is a beauty treatment that you can get fairly easily
on the high street, or you can do them in your own home with kits like these.

woman in salon having nail worked on

You can choose from more natural shapes, or go for on-trend styles like coffin
or stiletto nails too. Although, it best if these are done in gel as this is stronger,
so you are a lot less likely to lose one before your next appointment.

Nail art

hand with green nail art

The great thing about false nails is that they give you a wonderful canvas for
nail art. This is the tradition of decorating each nail by hand with things like
crystals, miniature painting, or even slices from polymer clay canes.
This can produce are a really dramatic and individual look for your hands,
one that you will be proud to show off at sites like Ms Mee,
where other nail enthusiasts can favourite them and use them as inspiration
for their work. You can even get some idea of what style you would like next
there too.

nail polish on mirrored table

Hand cream

Last of all, to maintain the excellent state of your hand and nails after all
that pampering, make sure that you always carry an intensive hand cream
in your handbag. Then you can apply this throughout the day, or when you
have just come in from the cold, and it will allow you to nail the art of keeping
your hands in the best condition during the winter.

woman applying hand cream to back of hand