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my travel bucket list

Its the time of year to unwind, pop those feet up and start to dream.
Today I am dreaming about my travel bucket list. So let do a bit of browsing of destination2 for inspiration. I have a bit of a need for some heat so they will all be warm countries I think. what I look for in these types of holidays is. I like my cities to have culture and lots of things to do. I like to learn about how the real people of these countries live. I want to experience the culture and food.
I love to snorkel and explore. Try new thing and most of all broaden my horizons. Not just relax on a beach with a cocktail in hand.

  1. Thailand You all know I am planning that already. (next years holiday thailand)
  2. Cambodia, Everything about this country sounds amazing from the landscape to the people to the food. 
  3. Vietnam. I want to do a multicentre here and see the cities and the countryside. I would probably do Vietnam and Cambodia in one trip. 
  4. Hong Kong the hustle, the bustle, the technologies this is an incredible place. 
  5. Bali. Wow I mean this would be just Wow. 
  6. Mexico. I have almost booked this so many times from the temples to the music this is a huge to do for me. 
  7. St Lucia. This for me looks like the perfect place to hide away and find some relaxation. 
  8. The Maldives. I really need to go here from the crystal blue waters to the never-ending beauty. 
  9. Dubai. I really like the look of Dubai this is the ultimate playland. 
  10. Abu Dhabi. This also looks like an amazing place full of culture and history. 
So this is My top ten Hot country Bucket list. I could go on and do My top 50 if I'm honest but I think you might stop reading. 

Where are your top ten Places to visit. 

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