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Festive finances

Is it me or has Christmas got more and more expensive?

I really cant decide if people are more giving or people expect more than they used to? When I was a kid gifts just didn't seem as expensive. One of my favorite gift I got was a big teddy and I loved him. I still have him. but now it Xboxs and Ipads.

Now I feel like the pressure with social media and one up man-ship is on us all we must buy the biggest and most extravagant gift. But why? I am the type of person I really value someone who put thought into gifts and I don't care if you spend $1 or $100 on me as long as there is thought behind the gift.

Everything in life has gotten bigger and better but really what do you love about Christmas? The gift? or spending the day with the ones you really love. I know what means more to me.

Is it me or if something is going to go wrong it is at this time of year too. Is it just me who has had to get extra help with a personal loans online before? Last year My boiler finally died. So It was time to replace it and I thank god there is a way that we can borrow money sensibly online now a days. Don't get me wrong I am not saying go out and get a loan for Christmas but for emergence this has saved me a few times.  I honestly don't know what I would have done with out this.

Gone are the days of face to face meeting with bank manager. Who we can not get an appointment with in time and the panic and worry that goes with that. There used to be a huge taboo behind borrowing money but I really think this is not longer an issue. I do not know anyone who has not borrowed money and as long as you are sensible and can afford the repayment why not? It is a very old fashioned point of you that borrowing is bad. We borrow money for our car or home and I am so glad we can and we have the control and security to do so.


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