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manic Monday featuring microwaves and dogs

Hi everyone,

How are you all?

Is it me or when your super busy. Things start going wrong just to annoy you? Yesterday I was having a super productive day. I was up early had a coffee. Checked my emails. Replied to the never ending emails. Did some really boring admin.Started to clean the house and then thought oh no I haven't eaten. Here is where my day started to go wrong.

I popped some soup on the microwave and boom nothing? What on earth. I know it must be the fuse in the the plug. At this point you should imagine me with full tool belt and safety gear, not in fact a knife out the kitchen drawer. I dismantle the plug thinking about how clever I am and Singing independent lady in my head. Everything back together and nope still no power to the stupid machine which has now monopolized my day.  Now comes the next mission buy new microwave. A quick search of cheap microwaves. My day is starting to look more productive  I have bought new microwave.

I hear the sound of my postie pulling up. I notice "oh no" its not my normally postie Billy. The next thing I know the postie has opened the gate and boom Mylo ( Dalmatian) is as fast as lighting and is now running round the road. With a catch me if you can look about him. Oh I should mention since my day concluded of me doing blogging work and cleaning I am in a full Christmas onesie. I take the second to look at my clothes and boom Millie my second dog has joined her brother in the game of get mummy out the house in the middle of the day in her onesie. While the postie looking shocked and helpless just looks at me. I am now running round our garden shouting the magic dog taming words of dentastix. I manage to heard the dog and postie in the garden before closing the gate.
Yes the local bus when passed at this moment.

It was at this point yesterday I decided to write off yesterday and chalk it up to a learning curve. I have learnt never to forget to dress properly. Never try to fix microwaves and just buy a new one and last but not least Never trust a new postie to know your dogs.

How was your day?


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