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what car should you buy next?

Hi everyone, 

I have been thinking a lot about the debate going on in the media about diesel cars? Should diesel car be charged more tax. In the 90's everyone was told to buy a diesel car as they are more economical and better for the environment.  How on earth were we taken in by this?

The more you think about it,  You can only come to one option. The future of vehicles as we know it is electricity.  I know the first thing your mind jumps to is all the old wife tails.  These cars can't make it far, They are too expensive.  But this is just not the case anyone.  Even in my small village in the north highlands of Scotland there is a communal charging point and  with NewMotion chargepoint giving you faster charging at home there really is no real excuse. 

Why are we all not driving electric cars. Yes I know there is a cost implication of buying the car but if these vehicles where the same price as your car could you really say no to it? I do think it is the governments responsibility to help the country buy electric vehicles. Could you imagine the reduction of air population in cites like London and Birmingham? Not only they environmental implications but the cost saving for your family would be amazing. wikipedia states that a Nissan Leaf (electric car) driving 500 miles per week is likely to cost $600 compared to $2300 per year. What could your family do with all that extra disposable income? I know I could use that saving. That would pay my council tax for the year! or buy a nice trip away. 

Yes electric cars are not known for speed but to me this is only a good thing. If my time in the police taught me anything it is that we could all go slower on the roads. To be honest We are all in a constant rush to get some where and would the odd minute added to you journey really matter. 
60mph is 1 mile a minute. half that and  30mph is 2 minutes per mile. A person hit at 30mhp is more likely to live than die. When you look at it like that does going fast really matter that much? Check out safespeed.org.uk this really is food for thought. 

It really is a old wife's tail that electric cars can't do long distant. Yes some can't but others can do 300miles+ it depends what type of car you buy. I know the isle of Eigg  has a Renault Twizy. They use on the island. I have spoken to resident of the island and they love it and say its the best car for the island. they say its reliable and most importantly for them Eco friendly. Eigg is a Eco friendly island of the west coast of Scotland, which you access via ferry from my village. 

With the advances in science daily electric cars will only get bigger, better and go further. I really think in ten years time we will all be driving these cars. 

What do you think would you buy an electric car? 


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