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The best men's winter Jacket

Hi everyone,

How are you all?

Today I want to talk about my ultimate struggle. My husband is a complete nightmare when it comes to shopping. I know this is quite normal but lately, it has become super annoying. Kinda the same pain as going to the dentist and waiting in a queue when someone has jumped in front of you.

He has been on the hunt for the perfect jacket for as long as I have known him and it is a never-ending trip to every outdoor shop in the world and we always need up back at the same one every single time. Which you ask? Blacks It is his shop of choice so I have no idea why we spend time looking at others.

Anyways I digress.
I want to talk to you about The North Face Men’s Trevail Hooded Down Jacket on sale for £180.
Let's talk about the checklist. Yes, my husband had a checklist. He makes quite a commitment to his jackets.

  1. Must be good quality
  2. Must be warm 
  3. Has to be lightweight and not bulky 
  4. Must be packable ( i.e must go into a very small area)
  5. Has to have hidden pocket for valuables. If biking it will keep things safe
  6. Can be worn for sports like biking and climbing and normal everyday use. 
  7. Has to have two hand pockets. 
  8. A hood (not negotiable) 
  9. It must regulate heat. ie keep you warm and not cling to you and make you sweat. 
  10. Have elasticated heam. 
  11. Must be reasonably priced. 
Honestly, I thought this jacket did not exist. We would joke when he tried on jackets does this match the tick list? and Finally, there is a jacket. Thanks gosh.

Enter The one and only The north face mens trevail hooded down jacket navy. Thank you, Blacks for stocking this and giving me back my shopping time. The tick list is completed and more I am told It has stood up to the odd shower and temperatures or minus -11. Yes, Last week in the highland.

To be fair to my husband we live in the north of Scotland and finding a jacket that lives up to our lifestyle and extreme temperatures is very hard. We can have snow and sun in the same week. Which is hard for one poor wee jacket but not this one.