MissLJBeauty: January 2017

Tuesday, 31 January 2017

is a Tattoo forever?

Hi Everyone, 

How are you? 

Lets talk tattoos shall we? I have recently been looking into getting a tattoo. As you know I am a sports masseuse. In my job I see clients tattoo's some are just stunning and I get a bit jealous.

Some client are ashamed of there tattoos and this has me thinking about weather my decision is being influenced by the negative people I speak to. My husband and some of my friends have tattoos. My problem is I haven't found a design that I wouldn't change my mind about within a few months. I love my husband but his tattoo is terrible! I mean really bad! 

In his younger days he was a white water kayaker and during a drunken trip to Norway he got a paddle on his back. It is awful. It looks more like a pair of glasses then a paddle. With age it has faded and really looks weird. 

Here comes my research into tattoo removal. With this I have decided that only laser tattoo removal would be an option the other seem a bit barbaric. 
there is Dermabrasion, Which is scrubbing off the skin layers No thanks. Ouch!
what about getting the tattoo cut out. yuk  or TCA this is an acid treatment which again removes the layers of skin. No thanks I like the layers of skin I have grown. So that's It there only one option left.  

Laser tattoo removal
tattoo removal londontattoo removal london
 I worked in a dental clinic which also did laser eye surgery and I have seen the wonderful result this has achieved so I am confident in laser treatments. 

Laser works by firing laser light in to the tattoo to brake down the ink partials. Your body will naturally attack these little partials and absorb them away. Thus not harming the skin like the other removal techniques. 

I have decided I would use Pulse Light Clinic London . Who have the newest techniques called Picosure & PicoWay laser tattoo removal. These work on all colours even the hardest to remove which is green and blue. They are less painful and require less sessions to get results. I'm sold. Check out this video. 

Oh my gosh how gorgeous are these two girls. Pulse light clinic is one of only two clinic which has this revolutionary Technics.   The average removal is between 3-8 sessions. Plus I feel reassured they are well established and have practiced for over 15 years. 

I now feel complete comfortable that if and when I decided to get a tattoo if I need it removed I know where I would go. 

Have you got a Tattoo? 
MissLJBeauty x

Make 2017 Your Year of Adventures with films

Hi Everyone, 

How are you all?

Can you believe its nearly February I have blinked and missed this year for sure. I am craving adventure at the moment there is something about January that always makes me think about life in this way. 

I have been having a bit of a filmathon this month and I thought I would share what I have been watching.  All available here
Displaying wb-escape-the-january-blues-bundle-a-(2).png

The Legend of Tarzan - This film is amazing and actually quite scary in parts. Tarzan returns to the Congo to become a trade ambassador for Parliament, after years living a a "normal" man with this wife Jane.  unbeknowing to him this is a big plot by the evil king of Belgium envoy.  This film is so beautiful the scenes are so intense and gripping you are on the edge of you seat the whole way through. I need to take a minute for Tarzan abs - HOW ARE THESE REAL. 

Pan- a peter pan story. Everyone knows the story of peter pan the boy who never grow up!
Peter is in an orphanage in London until one night he is whisked away to never land cue pirates and fairys and they world of unknown. peter go on a life changing journey to find his heritage. I think this is the closest to how I imagined peter pan as I grow up. 
Interstellar - This is a struggle to find man kind a new home after earth is ravaged by famine. A former nasa pilot turned farmer is head hunted to form part of a team to investigate a worm hole which has been discovered. You watch as he says goodbye to his daughter and son in law to investigate this new universe. I really dont want to spoil this one for you its so gipping. you have to watch it to find out. 

In The Heart of the Sea - You want action this has action! My dad is a deep sea fisher man one of the last up here and i'm not sure if that is why films like this grip me. I have never watched the perfect storm and I am sticking to this! This is a true story so I was a bit hesitant. I know you are thinking get a grip. We have technology now but anything with the sea and I'm a wimp!

A new England whaling ship called the Essex sets sail unknowing this will be the trip that will change there life's. they are attacked by a whale of massive proportions. This is where the story Moby dick originated. The remaining crew must do the unthinkable to stay alive. The first mate is set on killing the allusive whale. 

Mad Max - max is a loner who is just trying to stay alive. he is sweep up with a band of people fleeing the wasteland trying to stay safe form the crazy warlord. This one wasn't really for me if you like car chases then you should like this one. 

Wizard of Oz- the classic story of Dorothy who is swept up in a tornado in to a magical world of tin men lions and scare crows. Dorothy must find her way home.  How doesn't love this warm and fuzzy story and I love to pop this on when you need a little joy in your life. put it on and I better you will be singing along. 

What have you been watching this month? 


Monday, 30 January 2017

yt industries Jeffsy

Hi Everyone.

How are you all today.

As promised a first impressions on my new baby my yt-industries.com Jefffsy mountain bike.

This bike is so light compare to my old Boardman full suspension. I just love the look of this bike. He is a looker that is for sure. I know my bike is a good buy. Especially when my best friend who is way better on a bike than me tells me she is jealous of him.
Aw Listen to that clicky wheel. Just Yes!

Slowly learning how to use Jeff. I have found Like any new Bike I have to relearn how to do things I could do before. The difference in weight in this bike is extreme. I have made loads of improvements in climbing since having Jeffsy In my life. I am on a work out program so My fitness is improving but this bike was made not only for the up hills but for the down too.  I honestly can't recommend this bike enough for someone who like me is looking to improve there skills and take the next step in biking.
Sorry about the blurry photo the hubby isn't used to my new Iphone 7 yet. 

My new Bikes Spec








SUN RACE MX3 11-42 


140MM / 140MM












I have had a chain guard added and gone tubeless and have now switched out the seat which is worthy of its own post coming soon 

welcome to my new bike 

MissLJBeauty xox 

Wednesday, 25 January 2017

how to stop Smoking

Hi Everyone, 

its 2017 and I have been thinking a lot about health. When I was growing up everyone smoked and I was the the odd one out who never did it. I was the kid who would throw her parent cigarettes in the fire. Yes that was me. I still have never smoked and I have to say I don't really understand smoking. 

I know a lot of people its a new years resolution to quit smoking.  So I thought I would do some research in to how to help to quite smoking. 

  1. The top result seems to be to be to switch to vaping. I worked with one girl who swears by this and changed her habit to this and she says she has seen benefits for smoking cigarettes. NHS research says that two in every three people who try to quite smoking successfully do this with the help of vaping.  Check out eshish there is so much more choice with e-cigarettes you can have different flavors from rice pudding to menthol. that sounds so much more appealing than cigarettes to me. I know that having something to hold is a big thing. So this would help. Plus vaping is more socially acceptable. 
  2. Smoking like any addiction is hard to kick. it will be a long road to being smoke free. I know when I am trying to kick habits or make new goals. I like to make list of why I want to do it and stick it to the fridge and you can have a quick read to give you a boost in times of cravings. 
  3. DO NOT GO COLD TURKEY this will not work. You will fall of the wagon. slowly cut down. this will give you a better chance of sticking to your goal. 
  4. Gum. nicotine gum normal gum what ever detracts your mind. 
  5. Contact your doctor! Yes seems silly but they are health care professionals and will help you in the process. 
  6. Tell people. You need support. You will want to tell people when you need support and get crankie. Join a support group!
  7. Start something new. Join a gym. learn the guitar. start a book club. Whatever you can do to occupation your mind
  8. Be positive! Don't give your self a hard time if you  have a slip you are human you are aloud to fail. just dust your self off and try again. Do you really care if Dave in accounts did it with no slips and quit in 5 minutes. No one is perfect. Think yes I slipped but look how great I did before that!
  9. Have a lot of healthy food in your house, I know my friend put on weight trying to stop smoking. As she needed something to take the craving away. 
  10. Drink water. I know you are thinking what? But when you are dehydrated your brain can not function properly and everything is magnified and become worse. So grab that water!
Good Luck 

Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Healthy Bread?

Hi Everyone,

How are you all?

Its still January. Why is it such a long month? As you know I'm not really into the whole new years resolution thing  But one thing I have started to do Is try to be less wasteful. I was forever and a day throwing out half loafs of bread. I am not going to pretend I'm the healthiest person on this earth but I try hard with my diet. Yes I can have naughty days like anyone. Especially after a huge couple of days riding.

I was in the supermarket the other day and picked up a loaf why oh why is there so many ingredient in a loaf of bread???? I normally get my bread from an amazing local bakery but in January it is closed so Hence the supermarket shop. I was horrified. So promptly put the loaf back. This really played on my mind. Some times I wonder if all this advance in food ingredients are actually a good thing. 

Enter my new wish list item. A bread Maker. I know I am turning in to that person who has more machines in the kitchen than food. 

After a lot of googling and review reading. I have decided on Panasonic Automatic bread maker SD-ZB2512 At £189.99. Yes its not the cheapest on the market but I am one of those people who believes you pay for quality. 

Isn't he pretty? Not only can you make breads and my favorite sourdough but you can make scones. Yes SCONES I am a huge scone fan! What I am British.  My In laws live in Devon and My hubby's aunt and uncle live in Cornwall (Our favorite aunt and uncle) And I am always being told off by My Hubby and In Laws that I put the Jam and clotted cream on the Cornwall way! 

Back to my bread issue!

I found Bread machine recipes by Panasonic  Take one of my favorite breads to eat is Sweet potato bread. Panasonic's recipe has seven ingredient, Yip seven So how can the bread I buy in the super market have so many that I don't even understand! I was once told that some company even whiten bread. WHY?

There are so many bonuses in having this machine in my life. The smell of baking bread! Yum 
Not throwing away so many half eaten loafs. Knowing exactly what is in the food I'm eating. So many new fun and easy recipes to try. Also I can impress my friends next time they are round for dinner. Why yes Please try the olive bread I whipped up today! 

Have you got a bread maker?  Have you  looked at the loaf you and your family are eating? 


Monday, 16 January 2017

New year new Movies?

Hi Everyone, 

How are you all? 

I don't get in to the whole New year New me thing! But when I was approached to change the kind of films I watch. I was like finally a new Year New me I can get on board with. I love films and to get the opportunity to watch something new is awesome. I typically like modern RomComs and Action but I have never really got in to the whole classic action film thing, So it was time for some re education.  

The films I chose are 

This film is set as two friends a lawyer and business man take a holiday to a futuristic world here your dream of going back in time to your favorite era is a reality but with no danger. The friend choose west world which is the wild west. But the robots which are used in the recreation malfunction. The friends must find there way out of this life threading situation. 
I have never heard of this film. I'm excited to see it. 

Get Carter

A gangster returns home to find his brother murdered he goes on a epic murdering spree to get revenge and find out who killed his brother. starring the amazing Micheal Caine!
sounds good!


The ultimate gangster movie. The real life rise through the ranks of the mafia by Henry Hill. From under world gangster to police informant to the killing of the godfather. 
I cant wait to watch this/ I haven't seen it to my shame and its a classic. 

Dirty Harry

Everyone know the line "You've got to ask yourself, do I feel lucky? Well, do ya punk?"
Harry is a cop who don't mind bending the rules to get what he wants a criminal behind bars. When harry's enemy maniacal 'Scorpio Killer' is on the loose its time to track him down using his gun and bring him to justice by any means possible. 
Again I'm embarrassed to say I haven't seen this one either. 

Strangers on a Train

Two strangers have a chance meeting on a train. One a tennis pro, the other a mysterious sycophant. Some how they get tangled in each other problems and agree to a murder exchange getting rid of a problem person in each of there life. 
I went to drama collage how have I never seen this! One of hitchcocks epic films. 

All available to buy here

What would you watch ? 


Sunday, 15 January 2017

Monthly Faves

Hi Everyone. 

How are you all today? 

Lets talk monthly favorites today? 

My new skin savers from  www.amirose.com

Grace your face

Pore strips
I am a fully qualified facial therapist.  I am always on the hunt for new and up and coming brands and ranges and I love these pore stripes. I used to do these loads when I was younger and for some reason stopped doing them. I actually cleansed then steamed my face before using these. I left the strip on for about 15 minutes and they took out a lot of dirt and blackheads. Leaving my pores clean and tighten. Great product and only £4.50

Oil blotting tissues 
This is actually a new thing to me, yes I'm a make up artist but its just not something I grab. I never use product on my clients I haven't used on my own first and I like to really test products. I have oily skin this winter due to too much mountain biking. I love these. A quick blot and I'm shine free for hours. This is without moving my make up! I will be putting this in my kit the highest recommendation in my book. £2.99

Blemish Blitz Spot Reducer Gel
Saving the best for last. Due to a lot more exercise my skin has broken out more than normal. I was very hesitant when I opened this little pod. The gel has the consistency of jelly but very sticky. You pop this on a spot it drys from a clear jelly to a white patch which you leave on over night. it comes off like pvc glue and your spot is reduced by at least 80%. Instead of a spot lasting day I can get rid of bad ones in two days. This is an amazing product and will be ordering more. Plus it only £3.99 how can something this good be this cheap??

This months coffee mention goes to pactcoffee.com. This is actually a subscription service that sends you coffee each month. I signed up for £6.95 for my first month and received my free 
filtering cup. 

I actually picked my coffee and went for a nice light sweet blend. This is delicious and very moreish. My hubby who isn't a coffee fan even said this smells amazing, You can let Pact select a coffee for you but I wanted to pick mine. 
Sweet Treats
Naught but nice treats of this month goes to caprera.com. My goodness this fudge is heaven especially the salted caramel and they where packaged so nicely. The fudge its self is more like tablet to me. Which is a Scottish sweet treat. Which I like more than I like fudge. Tablet is more sweet then fudge and I think this fits the bill. 

This went down a storm in my house. I just checked out the other items that you can order. from meat to cake to salts. This is defo to be kept in mind for that hard to buy for birthday. 

Girlie items
As you know I'm a biker and as a female biker you need to find the right, Ahem girl products.
Especially something for the anti chaff ! What I really like  about in2mate products is its over 99% natural and works with your body, keeping your intimate area clean moisturized and healthy. I really like this and it saved me a lot of  discomfit in the saddle. You can get your hands on the full set Here for £14.95 bargain for the extra miles you can get. 

Whats your faves ? 

MissLJBeauty xo 

Friday, 6 January 2017

My Top tips to get a good nights sleep.

Hi Everyone.

How are you all?  I was chatting to my friends and found out they are all finding it hard to get to sleep. I thought I would do my top tips to getting a great and refreshing nights sleep.

  • Stay active! I always get the best sleep after a good biking session or if I have worked out! if you are physically tired your body wants to be asleep to renew. 
  • Drink water. Your body needs to be hydrated. Ever felt starving at bed time. I bet you are thirsty. Top up those fluids during the day!
  • Is your mind to busy? Try some mindfulness? Or relax put on some soothing music and switch that mind off. 
  • Is your bed right for you? This is a common problem. Old mattresses cause bad sleep. Its time to invest in a good quality bed! Have you seen Adjustamatic Orthopaedic Beds? these are amazing for your body especially your spine! check out this information video.

  • What about a nice warm bubble bath with Epson salts! I have said this 1 million time Epson salts are sent from the gods. If I am struggling with sore muscle then I have a long hot soak in a bath with a good helping of Epson salts.
  • Some people like pillow sprays but I have to say they are not for me. I am not a lavender fan and I just cant use them but I have friends who swear by them. 
  • What are you wearing to bed? Is your PJs a bit tight. You want your body to be a comfy as possible so why not treat your self to new PJs. 
  • When was the last time you replaced your pillows. I am a huge believer that this should be done often. I have a new set on my  bed today!
  • The biggest one TURN OFF THE TECHNOLOGY if you are constantly checking Facebook or Twitter your not relaxing! You won't be thankful you stayed up reading it. You will however feel better after a good sleep!
Whats are your Bed time tips? 


what does Family mean to me In 2017

Hi Everyone,

Over the festive period family was on my mind and I thought I would talk to you all about my situation. If you have read my blog for a while you will know I don't have contact with My Mother, Father and Sister.  There was a big family fall out and I was on the receiving end. Thanks goodness My Husband was with me at the time or I would completely blame myself. When for the first time in My life all I did was stand up for myself.

I find the festive period very hard. My Facebook feed is full of happy family photos smiling back at me but this is such a false image. There are so many different family's in the world and I feel that we should give credit, where credit is due. I have been so lucky my Husband, and Mother and Father in law are just wonderful people and treat me like the daughter they never had. Growing up for me was hard I always felt over looked and left out. Don't get me wrong I have some wonderful memory's but its hard to see past the bad ones.

A lot of my friends have divorced parents. I also have friends who are single mothers or fathers and they are better parents than some two parent family. 

 Why is there still the traditional image of what a family is? Why does family mean blood family or why is it a man and woman and children. Family come is all shapes and sizes. You don't have to be blood to be a good parent that is for sure. 

 I am part of the new generation where blood to me is not thicker than water. I value my friends more than my "Family" who I have no contact with and to my friend I am fiercely loyal. I would do any thing for them. So in 2017 Family to me means people I love and that is what I am taking into the New Year! I am no longer dwelling on the past and as cliche as it is looking to the future. 

Everyone is different and have different problems.
Who would I turn to if I needed legal help with family matters. For me it would be www.slatergordon.co.uk/family-and-personal-matters. Here is why?

We need to embrace that there are problems in relationships and some times it is better to get legal help than to live unhappy. I am a total people please but sometime you have to do what is right for you. We only live once, So why live unhappy? 

MissLJBeauty xo

Thursday, 5 January 2017

Results with Lucy HIIT Harder week 6 Review

Hi Everyone,

As you all know I have been getting my ass totally kicked by resultswithlucy.com HIIT Harder program. I have done a few of RWLs programs and I have to say this is my all time favorite. My announcement post

So what do you do? You log in everyday to RWL and you are given your work out and food plan for the day or told to have an all important rest day. I have just completed week 6. I am actually behind in the program as I got a bad chest infection and the doctor ordered me to rest as I have asthma.  So I can't push through with that even when I wanted to. But anyways I'm back in full swing now. I was worried after having two week off, If I would be able to catch up with the work outs but it was no problems at all. The first one back was killer but It was like my body just remembered what i wanted it to do! Bonus. 

Each day is different and I love you get a mix of HIIT, weights and even some dance workouts. The workouts last under an hour and They are very hard and I am sweating from places I didn't know exist but they are fun and what I really like is unlike another Celebrity workout DVD they are so varied.  They are little videos all pieced together to make your workout for the day. None of them are too long and they are all so fun. Plus there is modifications of the really hard moves in case you are not quite there yet. I know I use a few of them. 

It really feels like the trainers and Lucy are there with you and supporting you. I love it when they have a laugh in the video as It feels real. I have to say they are all fab at what they do and create content that motivates you and just pushes you on. 

I was going to put in before and after photos here but If I'm honest I really want the impact of the full program. 

My results 6 weeks in are as follows

Chest - no change
waist- 3 inches
Stomach- 3 inches
Hips -3 inches 
Bum -1 inch
Thighs -2 inches

Total 12 inches off my whole body!

I have not weighted my self as I believe this gives  you a very negative opinion of your self, 

My Results so far speak for them self. If you are looking for a really good way to get in to results with Lucy I would defo go and check out there newly launched class of 2017 program. This is unlike any thing I have even seen. Its more of a lifestyle than a program you either join for 6 month or a year. I would be on this one but I still have 6 weeks of HIIT and you have to join the new program by the end of January. Plus I am doing the next Extreme program next!

Have you done RWL? If you are doing results with Lucy and would like to add me do so on Facebook or twitter!


Monday, 2 January 2017

What I got for christmas

Hi Everyone, 

How are you? 

I love reading and watching what I got for Christmas posts and I thought I would post mine. 
I want to make it clear I was spoiled rotten and I am not bragging. 

If you follow me on Instagram you might just have noticed I got a very very nice gift from my hubby. There is a running joke I have with my hubby about the fact that I have a boardman mountain bike whilst he has many bikes to choose from. Now My boardman has serviced me well but I have wanted an upgrade for ages. Our friend Holt shared a post on Facebook that yt-industries had a cracking deal on there Jeffsy mountain bike, If was reduced from £1699.00 to £1299.00 before shipping and buying the travel box! I will do a full post on my bike but this was my main present Yes I was Spoilt

 I love sanctuary spa product. I got hot sugar scrub, salt scrub and bath foam. I was also given this amazing bomb cosmetics gift set. I love this set and I cant wait to have a bath with it. I am saving it for a special day. Do you do this with gift? 
 A stunning bracelet with my initial and birthstone. Some sausage dog PJ. (if you know me I am obsessed with them). 6 pairs of biking socks and some lovely fluffy ones. 
 Mac nut cracker sweet holiday collection lip kit, britney spears privet show perfume. you know I love Britney perfumes but this is defo my new fave. 
Vikor and Rolf Bonbon this perfume is devine. Just heaven in a bottle.
 yankee candle gift set. I love love love yankee. 
 Liz Earle hot cloth cleanser and eye cream. 
 My new diary is everything. This is one of my favorite photos of last year, Me and my two girls and my favorite little princess went on a day trip to Skye and my friend made it in to my year planner. 
The best mug in the world. as you know I have a Dalmatian I just love this thoughtful gift. 
STARBUCK coffee need I say more. The cutest little shower gel. This is going straight in my travel bag.

Altura biking gilet. I have wanted one of these for so long. Biking clothing choices can be trickle you just never know what to wear and this will give me the best of both worlds. 

 SKECHERS Keepsakes Leather-Esque boots I get a pair of these every year But I haven't managed to get some yet.So my hubby got me these I have never had this type before and i really like them they seem more waterproof then my normal keepsakes. 
My friend got me this sign it was gifted to me with my buisness name on it and I love it. 
my hubby decided he was funny and changed it to #teamtahnee. As I support Tahnee in mountain biking, 

my lovely mother in law made us this awesome stitched map of the highlands.

 she also gave us this cushion which I just love! 

As you can see I am very fortunate and have been given far to much and I am so thankful for all my gifts. I really feel very special. 

What did you get?