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Make 2017 Your Year of Adventures with films

Hi Everyone, 

How are you all?

Can you believe its nearly February I have blinked and missed this year for sure. I am craving adventure at the moment there is something about January that always makes me think about life in this way. 

I have been having a bit of a filmathon this month and I thought I would share what I have been watching.  

The Legend of Tarzan - This film is amazing and actually quite scary in parts. Tarzan returns to the Congo to become a trade ambassador for Parliament, after years living a a "normal" man with this wife Jane.  unbeknowing to him this is a big plot by the evil king of Belgium envoy.  This film is so beautiful the scenes are so intense and gripping you are on the edge of you seat the whole way through. I need to take a minute for Tarzan abs - HOW ARE THESE REAL. 

Pan- a peter pan story. Everyone knows the story of peter pan the boy who never grow up!
Peter is in an orphanage in London until one night he is whisked away to never land cue pirates and fairys and they world of unknown. peter go on a life changing journey to find his heritage. I think this is the closest to how I imagined peter pan as I grow up. 
Interstellar - This is a struggle to find man kind a new home after earth is ravaged by famine. A former nasa pilot turned farmer is head hunted to form part of a team to investigate a worm hole which has been discovered. You watch as he says goodbye to his daughter and son in law to investigate this new universe. I really dont want to spoil this one for you its so gipping. you have to watch it to find out. 

In The Heart of the Sea - You want action this has action! My dad is a deep sea fisher man one of the last up here and i'm not sure if that is why films like this grip me. I have never watched the perfect storm and I am sticking to this! This is a true story so I was a bit hesitant. I know you are thinking get a grip. We have technology now but anything with the sea and I'm a wimp!

A new England whaling ship called the Essex sets sail unknowing this will be the trip that will change there life's. they are attacked by a whale of massive proportions. This is where the story Moby dick originated. The remaining crew must do the unthinkable to stay alive. The first mate is set on killing the allusive whale. 

Mad Max - max is a loner who is just trying to stay alive. he is sweep up with a band of people fleeing the wasteland trying to stay safe form the crazy warlord. This one wasn't really for me if you like car chases then you should like this one. 

Wizard of Oz- the classic story of Dorothy who is swept up in a tornado in to a magical world of tin men lions and scare crows. Dorothy must find her way home.  How doesn't love this warm and fuzzy story and I love to pop this on when you need a little joy in your life. put it on and I better you will be singing along. 

What have you been watching this month?