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New year new Movies?

Hi Everyone, 

How are you all? 

I don't get in to the whole New year New me thing! But when I was approached to change the kind of films I watch. I was like finally a new Year New me I can get on board with. I love films and to get the opportunity to watch something new is awesome. I typically like modern RomComs and Action but I have never really got in to the whole classic action film thing, So it was time for some re education.  

The films I chose are 

This film is set as two friends a lawyer and business man take a holiday to a futuristic world here your dream of going back in time to your favorite era is a reality but with no danger. The friend choose west world which is the wild west. But the robots which are used in the recreation malfunction. The friends must find there way out of this life threading situation. 
I have never heard of this film. I'm excited to see it. 

Get Carter

A gangster returns home to find his brother murdered he goes on a epic murdering spree to get revenge and find out who killed his brother. starring the amazing Micheal Caine!
sounds good!


The ultimate gangster movie. The real life rise through the ranks of the mafia by Henry Hill. From under world gangster to police informant to the killing of the godfather. 
I cant wait to watch this/ I haven't seen it to my shame and its a classic. 

Dirty Harry

Everyone know the line "You've got to ask yourself, do I feel lucky? Well, do ya punk?"
Harry is a cop who don't mind bending the rules to get what he wants a criminal behind bars. When harry's enemy maniacal 'Scorpio Killer' is on the loose its time to track him down using his gun and bring him to justice by any means possible. 
Again I'm embarrassed to say I haven't seen this one either. 

Strangers on a Train

Two strangers have a chance meeting on a train. One a tennis pro, the other a mysterious sycophant. Some how they get tangled in each other problems and agree to a murder exchange getting rid of a problem person in each of there life. 
I went to drama collage how have I never seen this! One of hitchcocks epic films. 

What would you watch ?